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This petition is to get a small Virtual Space where you can try on items (and preview potions) that you don't have, and see how it looks when you move around with them.

No one else can be in the Virtual Space with you. Otherwise, you would have the ability to show off items you don't have, and there wouldn't be as much motivation to actually buy the item.

This would be useful for:

1. People who want to see what a Were-pose's animation looks like, so they can know whether to buy the Were-Item or not.

2. People who want to see what items remain visible when using a Were-pose, and whether the items will disappear if they move around.

3. People who want to see how they'll look after they drink a potion (there would be an option to try out the effects of potions in the room), and maybe see which clothes still work after you "drink" the potion.

4. People who want to see if there would be any glitches from the items or combination of items they chose, and if their items look normal/good when moving around in a Virtual Space.

If you also want a Virtual Preview Room, then please sign this petition!


1. Follow the Terms of Service and Petitions Forum Rules & Guidelines.
2. Don't try to sign more than once (such as posting your signature more than once, using extra Gaia accounts, etc.)
3. Don't say [other person's name] also signs. You can only sign for yourself.
4. If you want to sign, say "I sign" or at least make it clear you're signing.
5. Don't send me your signatures in a PM. Just sign in this thread.
6. Don't quote the Signatures List to sign. It doesn't count as signing, even if you "add your name" to it.

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Animal Shapeshifter


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Animal Shapeshifter


Kaneira the Great
I sign! and don't forget it can be useful for those strange background items to see if they just disappear when you walk or if they move with you^^

Good idea! Plus, it would be easier to see what items could go on IAM items as well. Some DO work and some don't.

I sign!

Kano Panther
This is an excellent idea, I get bummed out when I buy two items to wear together but when I finally get them they overlap or wont go together.

I sign.
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Animal Shapeshifter

Kangit's avatar

Animal Shapeshifter


[size=16][b][url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/t.79049407/]Petition for a Virtual Preview Room![/url][/b][/size]
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Animal Shapeshifter

This petition is now open.
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Unbeatable Soldier

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Animal Shapeshifter

Steel Crimson
I sign!

Thank you. cat_3nodding
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Unbeatable Soldier

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Devoted Kitten

I'll sign, pretty cool idea.
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Animal Shapeshifter

Summer Memory
I'll sign, pretty cool idea.

Thank you. cat_3nodding
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Devoted Kitten

Summer Memory
I'll sign, pretty cool idea.

Thank you. cat_3nodding
No problem. emotion_yatta
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Animal Shapeshifter

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Animal Shapeshifter

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I sign dear~

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