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I'll sign, it would actually make it easier. I do alot of 11's and it's a pain to sort through the OOC for other R.P.'s and other such threads. I think having their own forum would increase both.

((Signs it))
Signing ; )
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I do agree, and sign.

As I've said in one of my roleplays in the past, this would help the onexone roleplayers a lot, even more so if it was split into fandom/original plots&settings, but going that far isn't as much needed as a pure onexone subforum itself.
The only minor issue I can see is those who have a search thread that also doubles up as a group hunt, most likely they'd have to make two threads and bump both as group roleplayers most likely won't be looking in the onexone section.
With that there's also the matter of bumping both threads if applicable, but my ideas for a goldsink bumping system are not at place in this thread. sweatdrop
I'll sign c:
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I very happily sign! A subforum for onexone searches would be absolutely divine.
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There is Only ZUUL has signed this.
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Thank you. I was hoping this would happen.
yum_cupcake Signed ~ yum_cupcake
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I'll sign it!

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