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Hello there and welcome to my petition!
This is the first petition that I have ever made, so if I leave something out or if I'm not addressing something please shoot me a pm so that I may resolve it in a timely manner, thank you.

I am kindly asking for a change in the guild invite settings.
See my problem is that I run a guild and I am a vice captain in another.
My job is to look for members and send out invites to help the guilds grow, however it is really tough to remember who you have invited and who you have not. It's a problem I frequently run into as being a, vice captain and captain of different guilds. It's impossible to easily monitor who you've invited to your guilds. I'm constantly getting hate mail from people I invite because they don't want to join but I can't tell if I invited them before.
So I propose a new guild setting to prevent a guild from sending invites to users who have already denied that guild's invite once. And if that user changes their mind they can request to join by themselves. This is to prevent people from feeling too pressured from guilds that target a popular forum and keep guild crews from being threatened by harassment reports for doing their jobs.

1. Follow the TOS
2. If you wish to sign, you must post "I Sign" or I will not add you to the list.
3. Do not use Mule accounts to make signatures.
4. Do not PM me with signatures.
5. Do not spam.
6. Do not quote any posts from the first page.

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The Dark Closet Rebellion
I sign this awesome petition. emotion_awesome
Totally agree, we are human after all, and it would be nice if something would help remind that we added some folks before and if they don't want any part of the fun in our guilds, tis fine, no pressure.
That's just how we roll emotion_dealwithit
*stamps with signed and approved stamper*

Sunny Iridescence
This is truly a lovely idea! I cookied it before I even finished reading. Being the leader of a new, slowly growing guild myself, I've had to do a lot of inviting. I also have people who do recruiting too, but we have a hard time communicating when it comes to who we have and have not invited. This is because:
1.) It involves mass-invitations which can be very hard to keep track of if you don't start making a list of invitations right away.
2.) If someone has declined the invitation, we have no idea if they declined or simply haven't been on.
3.) Even if one does make a list of people they've already invited/people who declined (if they can somehow get a hold of that information), there is no guarantee the crew will take the time to read through the list!
I think that in scenarios like these, this would really help us out.
I know getting 5,000 cookies can be tough considering less than 5,000 gaians visit this thread monthly. =.="

Spider London
Signed. I understand how tough it is to remember who you invited and declined. Now if they add it it will help me as a guild captain to know.

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Sister Thread
I have a proposal asking for the same thing, I ask that you go there and dish out some cookies if you support the cause.
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[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/petitions/petition-edit-guild-invite-settings/t.77168027_1/#12][IMG]http://i773.photobucket.com/albums/yy15/brittnaywhite/Decorated images/Colorful.jpg[/IMG][/url]

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BUMP scream

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Mirage Seraph
I sign.
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First signature!

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Subliminal Aftermath
Mirage Seraph
I sign.
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First signature!

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Do I win anything? If not, then I demand explanation.
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I'll sign but this time with my own writing.

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