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Deen's Potion FINALLY HERE!!!!!

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On June 26, 2010, there was an EI Bundle #4, in this bundle is a bonus item relating to Gimpi called Mona's Potion. Because of the release of the Mona's Potion, users started to wonder if there will be any alter ego for the item, which is the Deen's Potion. (they are the star protagonist (Deen) and antagonist (Mona) characters of the Gimpi Evolving Item) Though majority of users thinks that the creation oh Deen's Potion is unnecessary since most of the related items to him are already available in the Gimpi EI and Deen's hair available on his SDPlus doll still there are alot of ideas that can be put in this petition. To all Deen lovers, I dedicate this awesome Petition to all of you!
Item Content Petitions

There are so many items that gaians anticipate this item to have:
♥ The Blue Tied-Ribbon Vial or Heavenly Blue Vial Potion
♥ Deen's Crystal Blue Eyes (there should be 2 types)
♥ Deen's Heavenly Eyes (reference picture above)
♥ Deen's Facial Emotes (originally from Gimpi & SDPlus Doll)
♥ Deen's Potion skin
♥ Deen's Potion "I Am Deen"
♥ Deen's Potion "You are Angel Imp" Pose
♥ A Pixelated Censor (since Embarrassed Dream already had the black censor)
♥ NPC Rina being a companion hugging an Angel Imp (read the gaia manga #25: Catfish [x])
♥ Rufus chasing Angel Imp pose (supports the manga story #25: Catfish)
♥ Ster Academy Badge
♥ Ster Academy Clothes (additional garments)
♥ Ster Academy Angemonic Accessories
♥ Ster Academy Weapons (swords, guns, etc.)
♥ Angel Imp Accessories (mini wings, golden tail, blush)
♥ Angel Imp Skin Dye

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List of Deen's Potion Supporters

1) Eugene-sama
2) Gem2niki heart
3) Tamcsi
4) x-Brokenn
5) OMG Dragon
6) Haruhi Fujioka Hitachiin
7) Krizzie Cruz
8] XxBlushing-PandaxX
10) Rikku_Eclipes

11) 4dreamersonly
12) Suikoden V_Master
13) Chatan Cho
14) Kitsune Michiyo
15) sailor silver star1
16) SongwriterPatries
17) xXTristesaXx
18] YourShadowedDestiny
19) mona 15
20) Terrible Storm Coming

21) B A B Y C O C K
23) SirRadChip
24) Nyadriel
25) Lamoth
26) [ Stupidity Defined ]
27) nanieru
28] CurseofDark
29) WhisperInMyGhost
30) Okage-chan

31) Akira Matsumo
32) Azura Cantarella
33) KotaGrey
34) inochans
35) PrincessDarthLeeah
36) Mokumoku Naito
37) Phoenixkins
38] Sexual Karma
39) Ungoliath
40) CodyTheUke

41) FlowerCape
42) Mitsumi-chan
43) Ping of Death
44) Someone-Me
45) Sleepy Heroine
46) Masako Uchiha
47) SassyTheDragongirl
48] Pip Li Pip
49) Sexaro
50) Lil sHob0_mAkEs0mEn0iSe

51) lenden
52) Odd Cinderella
53) Ayigto
54) SH0TA Len Kagamine

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55) Matthew Jason Foxx
56) ChrisyTopher
57) lanie100
58] Tasteless Pie
59) starlightlynn30
60) Arch Angel Neko

61) Sakura-Misaoki
62) White Flag Idiot
63) FreakyYesIAm
65) Vinchenzo The Jackal
66) silentgrace7
67) Twinky Dave
68] Waaurufu Private Eye
69) Andalitegirl
70) frozen crystal ice

71) Belladona beso
72) thedenomerator
73) Drath_Heizen
74) Sleep Isabella
75) Yoru Hoenin
76) agnikai
77) Minerva de Sade
78] Ran For My Life
79) Personal Monstrosity
80) TDA_Dashin_Sentient

81) Wyscol
82) missfadingobsession
83) Dexigone
84) Kokuryuu
85) Tetsuwan Leotsu
86) silentgrace7
87) Horace von Sterling
88] Eviant
89) RoxyChick2003
90) Mr Suk N Pops

91) sgkat
92) catro
93) vampiresskitteh
94) Emerald Elyon
95) Treacherous Hat
96) gaBberGeneTic
97) XAngelic_MistX
98] XxBiohazardous LovexX
99) x m i k k i t a n
100) Senor Troll v2

101) evangelist2010
102) Hidakei

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Thoughts of Petition Owner

First of all I would like to thank every supporter who keeps the Deen's Potion Petition Thread continuing and alive. Last September 30,2010 I made a former Deen's Potion Petition Thread but sadly it didn't meet the rules (It is my 1st time to made a thread) so it was moved to chatterbox. Now I made an Official thread for Deen's Potion here Petition Forums to keep the vision live and continuously in progress. There are so many things to suggest and even the artist behind Gimpi and Mona's Potion (Gem2niki) supports the idea and would make it possible (at last!) in the future! Thank you very much Sir Gen2niki for the time replying my concerns! Please do subscribe, suggest and support this petition so that someday we shall see it coming and finally on our own hands! heart And oh don't forget to vote the poll!!!!!! 3nodding

I would like to encourage Gaians who have great ideas to generously contribute your creative ideas by posting here in this petition thread make yourself comfy! For those Gaians who wants to make banner(s) for Deen and applying Assistants please feel free to pm me or rather quote me attaching it on your post to get my attention. Fan arts will be appreciated as well! blaugh


Petition Thread Personnel

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gem2niki (Item Artist)

User Image
Eugene-sama (Petition Creator)

User Image
Nyadriel (Petition Assistant)

User Image
Twinky Dave (Petition Assistant)

News and Updates

January 26, 2011 (Wednesday)
Good day sir Gem2niki. I just want to send you this Petition for the creation of the Deen's Potion. I hope you can have a free time to see the thread and I'm looking forward to be aware of it's creation. Thank you very much for reading and have a great day! Happy New Year! heart

I do want to make one. I've posted this on my journal for more peeps who are interested in contributing ideas.

June 25, 2011 (Saturday)
Good day to you sir! I would like to ask if the Deen's Potion will still be a possible item in Gaia? I had enough suggestion in my Petition thread but unfortunately I do not have much supporters sweatdrop but still I am willing to wait since I love to have Deen's crystal blue eyes lol. I would also like to suggest if it can be a candidate to be an EI (classic/rapid) for I believe it has a potential to be an Evolving Item! A good story about Deen his development from being an Imp to an Angel would be cool! If you are open for more suggestion pls feel free to reply on my pm. Thank you! 3nodding

Hello I've been on a long break from gaia....Once I return to work, it could still be possible to make.
Deen's Potion Petition Link(s)

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Suggestions / Ideas from Deen's Supporters

I will definitely sign.

We need Deen's potion to go along side as the opposite to Mona's potion. We definitely need the skin and the tail at the very least. As well as the Angel Imp and "I am Angel Imp" that was depicted before Deen evolved. Been wanting these ever since the Manga first came out.

Existential Existence
OOMMGGG I have some suggestions!!!!!User Image
It would be really cool if the old imp feet could be brought back in a Deen item though! That would make some people really happy.
Hope your plans for a Deen mirror item go well!

A user pointed this post about making a Deen's Potion.
I do feel a lot of the items you can find in existing item. So if you want to help out with brainstorm and come up with more ideas, feel free to contribute here biggrin

I'd love this item, even if it was just to make the set complete~

as for idea's of possible poses:

Younger Deen poses like little Gimpi~ or perhaps a Deen colored scarf or 2~

oh oh oh and a bigger imp pose (not sure if its an imp though but like the gimpi (pain) pose)

Mostly of the ideas are great.
But how about if we have deen's expression also?

Open and shorten eyes.


Kurenai Haze

Mokumoku Naito
I TOTALLY 100000000000000000% SIGN!!!!! i think this is awesome and then its a complete set of gimpi, mona, and dean! plus YAY MORE GEM!!!!

An aura or casual clothes set for Deen would also be cool. :3

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