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Awesomely Creative
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o yea and kinda another thing, get like a lot of banners leading to this page, and after thats done, get people to advertise your business! I honestly think this is the best idea involving the towns and houses! one of the best i've seen even! i can also bump occasionally if you can remind me of it and help you advertise! for one gaia will like it and two its a fun idea! biggrin gaia needs more of this stuff!

I've been meaning to vamp this topic thread up with picture and such. I need to get on the ball with that. So I should have a banner soon, all I got right now is a text link. As for the bumping you can bump if you want.
yay cat_3nodding i like bumping! o yea dont count on me for banners i suck at editing crap cat_redface

lol don't worry, I can make my own banners, I just been Lazy
ok and lazy.... like me in school cat_biggrin

lol, I actual have banners up now. Now this tread is a little prettier
i putted one of the links in my signature and i post somewhat often in cb if i can find anything that catches my eye so expect more signers! ^-^
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it sounds nice. Plus maybe they'll do a house items update. Its been while.
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This would be awesome

I sign.

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