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So very often I find myself having designed an avatar I love, but there's just something missing on the top of my head. There are lots of pretty hair clips and ribbons to add, but I don't always make girly avatars and it is very difficult for male avatars to cover their heads.

Especially hats that follow a certain theme seem to be lacking, when the rest of the outfits are available to us.

1. Sailor hat

Although we have many sailor uniforms in the gold shop, as an EI, and in alchemy, we sadly don't have real sailor hats to go with them. This is just an example, the hat could be tilted or of a different design:

User Image

2. Cloche hat

The 20s were such a remarkable decade in fashion, and I find it a pity that we have a very restricted selection of cloche hats available. An example of what they could look like, matching the Ritzy outfits:

User Image

3. Earflap hat

The earflap hats we have so far are brightly colored and very difficult to match to long coats. They also often make the head look either very large, or flattened (in the case of Russian Winter). Here is an example of how the hats could sit more comfortably on heads:

User Image

User Image
(I only pixeled the male version, but it should be unisex of course)

Best of all (in my opinion) would be a combination of more winter hats and coats, like the ones I suggest in my More Long/Winter Coats petition:

User Image

Thank you for your support!

Have more ideas on what hats Gaia is still missing? I will add them here!

Your hat suggestions:
Signature List:

1. Korra - Water Tribe
2. TAVKR Admiral Kuznetsov
3. Tycja
4. Tsuki_Kirkland
5. Ira Ligre Xanxus
6. Anaria Kuruba-no-imoto
7. Legit Aya Drevis
8. theplayer423
I sign. ~ <3

Sailor, Winter and heart CLOCHE heart hats please! ; u ;
I sign~ sailor hats plz
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I love the idea of Gaia getting some of those hats, especially the cloche hat. I sign!
Do want, i sign :v
Sign. I like those earflap hats.
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Magical Wolf

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I'll sign blaugh
With the new Seafarer items from the advertisement gift grant, I crave sailor hats even more now. They would help complete Edwardian-type outfits as well as nautical ones.
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