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Although, I wouldn't mind a pose with you sitting down with your knees under your chin or like this.
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ninja I sign ninja
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I sign. I really like the awkward pose!
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-Thumbs up- Sign me up, missy :3
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we already have standard poses, but why not poses to reflect emotion?

hands behind your back (embarasssed)
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arms crossed (upset)
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hand on hip (flirty)
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hand behind neck (akward)
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EDIT: someone just pointed this out, i meant for these poses not to have items. just as poses to make gaia a bit more realistic.

Thanks for reading!

I'll sign. I'd also love to have a pose with clasped hands in prayer.

post one: ideas
post two: sponsered petitions
post three: signers

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ok, sadly nobody entered the banner contest, so i gave up and made one myself.

its what the people want...
#1 (credited to a creeper):
peace sign pose

#2 (credited to Twilight_Moon_Racer):
total customization by having our avatars move

#3 (credited to Leprechaun_Sean):
a better sitting position

#4 (credited to stevegresher):
a zombie pose

#5 (credited to Leprechaun_Sean):
the ability to put somthing under your arm

#6 (credited to Zaguidi):
a curtsy/bow

#7 (credited to TerrificTess):
a hyper pose

#8 (credited to Kcscooter):
chairs for avatars to sit on

#9 (credited to Dalileo):
both arms up

#10 (credited to XII_Desphilia_Lennox):
legs closer together
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I sign heart
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We'll you kinda gotta sign something like this rofl
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i sign yum_puddi

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