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Pleas make this item, it's a cute idea.

yes, make it pleas 0.87477797513321 87.5% [ 985 ]
no, icky,I don't like life in a belly. 0.12522202486679 12.5% [ 141 ]
Total Votes:[ 1126 ]
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I sign

Pregnancy is lovely, it's new life. Also, in a way, symbolic of the love shared between two people
Or a drunken mistake BUT MOSTLY LOVE. emotion_donotwant

But anyway, I'd love to see some pregnancy items around here. Get some women taking pride in
being a mother

Also, I think it'd be nice to include the gentlemen with this
Maybe some " World's Best Daddy." T-Shirts
or " We're expecting" something along those lines.
It'd be quite...cute.
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I sign

If you ever need recolors i will do them! such as the stages in pregnancy



User Image

My recolor:

User Image
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I'll sign!! Good luck!
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I'm signing! Pregnancy itself isn't bad! It's a lack of abstinence that's bad. Pregnancy does not promote sex! In fact, quite a few cases, mothers will tell you being pregnant is a scary thing. While it may be scary, it's also beautiful. Having a baby is further proof that two people have become one. It is the most literal sense. Has anyone here ever seen their mom pregnant with their sibling? It's wonderful! Also, I will stand by this, but there are quite a few people on this site over their teens by now. Therefore having a baby, especially within matrimony is quite acceptable. If you exclude pregnant items because of children and teens, you're also excluding it from adults, which is highly unfair.

Also, a belly would be good for a site when society highly emphasizes skinny people and associates them with beauty. It could help to change society's status quo of what is considered beautiful. If society sees us embracing not just skinny figures, but those with a belly as well, eventually they will begin to do the same.
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list updated
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I sign!
ok I'll add you
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People think a pregnancy bump is inappropriate?
I just spent a little time looking at the front page, and the avatars I saw made me sick.
Pregnancy is a part of everyday life, you see it all the time. People argue that it isn't appropriate for a thirteen+ environment? Okay, so an eighteen+? Twenty+? Y'know, I have a better idea. Lock all the pregnant women away until they give birth.
A lot of people have younger siblings, and they saw their mothers pregnant. Heck, they probably waited in the hospital's waiting room while they gave birth. Did that encourage young girls to go and get pregnant? I mean we are most influenced by our parents and older siblings. No, it didn't. The argument going on is illogical and stupid. If an item showing a pregnant woman is going to encourage girls to get pregnant, what about seeing pregnant women all the time? It's horrible that you view making another human being in such a light.

I sign.

Side note: If they make a pregnant effect, perhaps they could put it into a potion.
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I got a laugh from some of the comments by a couple users. emotion_awesome

I sign,pregnancy is a beautiful thing.

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I sign!

I have an oc who is pregnant, and I'd love to be able to dress her up like she is.
But, it's impossible, because Fatty is a male only item (why?!). The closest I can get is with an apron to make it LOOK like she's pregnant, or some larger dresses. Those don't quite cut it, though...
so I sign i sign sign~~

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