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Pleas make this item, it's a cute idea.

yes, make it pleas 0.87477797513321 87.5% [ 985 ]
no, icky,I don't like life in a belly. 0.12522202486679 12.5% [ 141 ]
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This thread is a remake of an older petition that the owner just gave up on. I will try my best to not let this one die. even if it means bumping for pages on end.

the original can be found here:

We don't want a pregnancy system that forces GAIA to redraw every item twenty times.
We want a set of shirts, or an EI, or some such that gives the APPEARANCE of a bump, much like the fatty or wingding.

if you're going to sign, please go here and give the forum a cookie as well
proposal: Maternity item(s)

Table of Contents:
1: General idea
2: RULES <--- Follow them
3: Common Arguments (Don't make them, no wasting my time please)
4: Edits, specific ways to impliment, Quotes from posters
5: Thread mods, White List, Black List
6: Banners
7: Links & Affiliates
8: Signatures
9: Art gallery
10:freebie forum
11: comics
12+: RESERVED In case they're needed
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1: DO NOT PM ME UNLESS YOU WANT TO HELP WITH THE PETITION. This means do not PM me saying that you're signing!
2: Spam my thread, you get a warning, continue to do so is a black listing, not stopping will equal a report.
3: Do not say stuff like 'This is so stupid' and 'How dumb' or 'it's inappropriate' unless you have the balls to debate it.
4: No Page Streching OF ANY KIND!!!! THAT MEANS DO NOT QUOTE THE DAM SIGNERS LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5: NO ADVERTISING! That means, no posting links to other petitions! You want us to link to the petition? PM me and if I agree with it I'll put it in, but be warned, I'm a picky girl.
6: the art gallery has it's own little rules, scroll down and check them.
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Common Arguments:


Argument 1: Inappropriate for GAIA
I don't wanna hear the words NOT APPROPRIATE FOR GAIA in this thread unless you can explain it.
If Alruna is appropriate, so can pregnancy be. Debate this if you want, BUT GET SOME FACTS. Pregnant women appear in G rated movies, so it' COMPLETELY appropriate.

the whole PG-13 thing comes up, and truly... Her Alruna example is more than perfect... I mean, I saw this one avatar that I'm going to show you and it's way less than PG-13 compared to a baby bump.

User Image

How is this, in anyway WORSE than a baby bump?

Then the whole real life needs to stay in real life; your real, and someone elses real can be many different things

And to put this out there; I'm sixteen, and when I saw the edit I didn't go 'oh! It's on gaia so I should go and get pregnant!' No.
Believe it or not kids my age, and even younger don't sit around and do that. They'd probably need to see their idol doing it before they would.
And a lot of peoples reasoning for not wanting this baby bump is 'Because I don't like it!'
confused Well I don't really like the Fondue and Sweets companions because I don't like people standing next to my avatars but did that stop them from making them? No.
Personally this would be a awesome idea. Pregnancy is beautiful; and might I add movies don't hike up the rating if a pregnant woman is in it. truths.

20 Shades of Crazy
It's inappropriate.

Alurna's Rose will bend over for you after showing you her tits. Why aren't you asking for that to be gone?

Trivializing a life-altering occurrence as an item you can take on and off at will is a terrible idea.

How is it trivilizing pregnancy?
And why is it bad? You keep saying that, but all you have to support it is hot air.

I'm aware that Gaia=/=real life, but do you really want to encourage a young girl getting her life completely derailed by a child?

Do you really want a young girl to smoke and drink, like items on here?
Do you really want a young girl to think it's okay to run around with leaves over your private parts?
With pasties shaped as stars and calling them "porn stars"?
To wear corsets and show off her boobs?
To run around with swords and dangerous objects?

If Gaia promotes pregnancy, it's going to be taken as Gaia promotes unsafe sex.

Yes, just like it supports the other things I listed on here. You're being hypocritical.

Yes, yes, yes 'children are wonderful, pregnancy is beautiful'. Well I think kids suck, and pregnant women are bitchy (I've had experience with teachers, classmates, and family).

Things that you do to your avatar DO NOT HAPPEN TO YOU. I repeat: putting items on your avatar does not affect your physical body!
And you know what? If you don't want to have a pregnant avatar, then there's a simple, INCREDIBLY SIMPLE, way to avoid having one: do not equip the item.

And you show me one item. One single pose of one item, that shows sexual intercourse. Not some combo of items that if you turn your head and squint it'll look like a p***s; one. Single. Pose. It's not there.

And, pregnant women, you are as indecent as having sex. So, sorry, you can't go out in public. Because, ya know, you're SHOWING SEX. JUST BY BEING PREGNANT.
Which part of that sounds ridiculous?
All of it?
Then why on earth did you imply it? O:
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Edits, specific ways to impliment, Quotes from posters:

Edit by panoptes
User Image

They don't have to be actual pregnancy named items. They can be 'foam belly' or 'Mother Figure' or something equally amusing.


User Image
first one is a pukey face lol

second and third are shirts that change with pregnancy, you know they'll be a shirt for month 1,2,3,4,5,6, and so on. the belly on the shirt gets bigger as your belly does :] i also made it in blue and pink for if youre having a girl or boy, im also making a green one in case you dont know what you're having yet :]

Slick Southpaw
This OMG BAD INFLUENCE!!!(*&@()#&

Is making me sick. So I made edits on how it could be a cheap EI.
And if someone says that's this is promoting pregnancy, it screams ALIENZ!!
I call it:
Convention Shirt. Give it a better name, please. xd Click on the image to see it full view. I made it so damn big. D:
User Image

Estrogen SUKA
Back to the EI. Sorry, kind of been rolling it over in my mind.
What about "G-Corpaid"? Like an experimental sports drink with unknown side effects?
Such as swelling, gas, abdominal pain, and the slight chance of spontaneous birth?
Stay with me on this...

Stage One: G-Corpaid in a bottle. Poses such as
a.] Drinking
b.] Spitting the drink out. User Image
c.] An upset facial expression.User Image

Stage Two: Swollen.
Avatar is shown with a swollen abdomen...with or without a sickly expression User Image

Stage Three: Sweet Relief.
Avatar is shown with gaseous release.
Choice of burp or fart. [comic]. D:
Option of having clothes pin on the avatar's nose.

Stage Four: Gaseous Planet?
Something begins to form out of the gas...a clump of cells that represent a planet. The "planet" could be the first month of pregnancy, the embryo.
["planet" comes in varies colors]

Stage Five: Zomg! Alienz!
"Alien" can be the second month of pregnancy of what the embryo/baby looks like.
Again, various colors.

Stage Six: Lil Visitor.
The "alien" would be the full term version of a baby.
Avatar can now have facial expression of User Image and/or denial where the eyes are covered by cloth with mouth wide open.
Avatar can equip "alien" in arms or on the back."Alien" can also crawl on floor or grasp avatars leg like he/she is learning to walk.

Stage Seven: Visitor's Gifts.
The "alien" leaves gifts for it's birthing host.
Gifts may include booties [shoes], blankets, onesies, toys, and other items.

Stage Eight: All items wearable.

Sakura Takafumi
User Image
Heres an avi edit, for a simple and cheap EI.

Step four would be all one item, with the option to hold the baby on its own. Maybe the room could also have more of a hospital look to it.

Nisha Lan
Fertility/mother goddess. Ode to the female body. Madonna statue (the Holy mother, not the singer xp ). Or just simply a mother and housewife.

Nightmare in Waiting

A Life type of EI

starts off with a wedding dress for a female avi, tux for guys

next evolution: a companion for the avi (guy or girl)

next evolution: motherly glow, baby bump for female avis (although knowing how weird gaia is it could probably be for the male avis too

then so on and so forth till the baby is born.

That way gaia promotes sex/children after marriage.
That would be cute. Especially if it went on so you could have signs of aging for a more "life" kinda feel.

After he baby part, continuing into small to large wrinkles for your avi and such. Pants pulled up too high and light crochet shawls for the shoulders, hairstyles with expanding streaks of gray, maybe curved canes. And with each evolve into a different part of age the companion "spouse" would have poses of them as older and older. And some of the final poses can be being surrounded by the 'baby' as an adult with their own spouse and children running around and the spouse companion. Like a big "happy family" portrait.

Sundae's Treat and her companion item, Fondue and his companion item, Sentry Security: Darcy, Sentry Security: Franz,
Gimpi, Alrunas Rose, Alrunas Doll, Anurla Doll, Fallen Wish, Gambino Doll, Gift Of The Gods, Angelic Lace,
Nice Style For Work, Box Of Totally Innocent Objects, Sexy Present (Valentines Day 2k9), Demonic Anklets,
The Lusty Scoundrel, The Young Mrs. Claus Set, The Dancer Set, Suspenders (Female), Nightmare Bustier

Twenty three items that contain sexual or revealing poses are listed above. Twenty three.
In that list we have bondage paraphernalia, poses inferring oral intercourse, and scantily clad
minors. Gaia believed these twenty three items were suitable for a pg-13 site.

Maternity items are a drop in the bucket when it comes to appropriateness.

I don't understand the roman-theater mindset modern/western culture has adapted, where
watching someone dismember another person with a screwdriver or massacre
people in their basement is considered entertainment, and whereas two men holding
hands or a pregnant woman is deemed inappropriate... Its ridiculous.

I sign.

Cyanide Kittens
I sign.

I'm sick of people saying pregnancy isn't PG-13.

Juno - 2007
Baby Mama - 2008

I mean, really?
Your going to try to say something like that, with no proof?

It's normal, and it in no way promotes underage//unsafe sex.
If a little baby bump is so bad, I suppose all this is going to have to go as well:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.-----User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.-----User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.-----User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

So to everyone who is complaining, please, just stop.

M i L K c a n d y
I sign! They give you orphans you can use as kids, and changelings you can use as baby's so why not a bump? It doesn't make sense to skip every part or motherhood but the pregnancy. What, the baby just...Appears? Does Gaia think the stork brings it? talk2hand

Mizu Takishima
Found some avi's on tektek that're toooootally appropriate for 13 year olds XD

User Image User Image User Image User Image

Yup, nothin' for parents to worry about there! rofl

Mizu Takishima
I'm not into pregger stuff in general.

I just think it's Sexist that Gaia thinks that Pregnant Women are inappropriate for a 13 year old to see. Or any woman with a "different body type" for that matter.

Sure, our Gaia Avi's may have chubby arms and legs, and are even flat chested, but there are a lot of items that quote-unquote "enhance" the female avi. Skinnier legs. Smaller Feet. Smaller Waist. Bigger Boobs. Bigger Butts. Bigger Hips. Poutier lips. Bedroom Eyes. Sexy Abs.

Where guys can have Sexy Abs or run around like muscle-men, or they can wear a fatty shirt. The fatty shirt isn't even available to both sexes yet, and making it only available to guys is about the same as saying "It's okay for a dude to have a gut like that because nobody cares, if anything it's majestic and manly! But women aren't even allowed to look like that because fat chicks and pregnant women are just plain gross!!"

Sorry for the rant. I know Gaia isn't srs business and our Avi's can be whatever they want just for the fun, but I'd much rather not have Gaia dictate the standards of beauty for women when there are plenty of "gross" items for the lulz anyway ._. Plus Sexism & Shallow-ness are just plain some of my triggers.

This site is rated PG-13 for a reason.
Most 13 year olds should know about sex/safe sex/pregnancy, and all that jazz.
What most 13 year old's shouldn't know is murder, and crap like that. There are plenty of items on Gaia that have blood/gore.
If that's okay, Pregnancy should be okay. Sure, Pregnancy can get pretty nasty when it's happening but Gaia doesn't have be that extreme and actually show the process of birth.

There's nothing wrong with Pregnancy. Nothing.

I sign c:

Sakura Takafumi
I'd sign this. Gaia got close to an item like this with the changeling baby...but it changed in the wrong way...I was hoping that one would go from baby to kid, to teen ect.

also, might I add to the "inappropriate" argument; how much worst would an item like this be, from those pregnant dolls they have for little girls. (had one when I was little, and look I never got pregnant)

Also not everyone on gaia is 13+ I know a lot of women who are pregnant may want to show off on gaia too, much like how Gaia has bride and groom items, that alot of gaians wear when they are getting married in real life.

Unguarded Beauties
              I sign.

              I had a barbie when I was little that had magnetic pregnancy stomach, and it came with a newborn baby. I even found it on google, just for you guys.
              And also, who logically thinks "It's okay to have unsafe safe and get pregnant!!!" just because they see a baby bump on an avatar? It's not like the media doesn't already expose them to all of it beforehand.

              Oh, and if someone doesn't think the item is appropriate/doesn't like it... Then don't equip it. User Image

I sign enitrly.
Also in accordance to the Arguments. There is ONE ITEM that implies sexually explicit things.
Box of Totally Innocent Objects

heres an example:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

I know its supposed to be a ho tdog on a prong roaster. But the roaster is barely seen. and I didn't think innocently the first time i saw it. and the item she is wearing is also totally innocent.

I'm sorry but I take extreme offense to this and I hope gaia never supports this cause. It's alright to be a pregnant mother, and I'm not saying anything about the beautiful process but in no way should it be put on display as some normal every day thing. The difference between the sexual items and the items you wish to have created is they're not life altering in real life. You will not walk down the street and see alruna giving some stranger a blow job, but you could go to your local super market and see a pregnant woman. Which is more tolerable to society? Which is easier to get away with? Which is more practical on an impressionable child?

There's a huge difference between the two that proud mothers can't grasp, under the age of 21 you can not legally acquire alcohol like items on this site allow you to have, and you can not smoke under the age of 18. Since these things are hard to get they aren't appealing. Sex on the other hand isn't a hard thing to get, but due to today's constant negativity of pregnancy at a young age, children are doing a fairly good job at avoiding it. To promote an item like this would be to promote kids having kids, to instill into a child's mind that being pregnant at a young age is just as okay as having sex, smoking, or drinking. It's not, it is not something I would like to see projected to an audience under the age of 18. Sure drinking is bad, underage sex is bad (though the items are sexual, they lack any real sex or anything above a pg 13 level), smoking is bad, but these are things people in life don't avoid, everyone's going to try a cigarette, everyone's going to take a sip of wine, and everyone's going to ********.

NO ONE SHOULD HAVE A CHILD. At least not until you've grown out of being a child yourself, not until you can financially sustain yourself and that extra life you have so selfishly brought into this world. Supporting an item like this is supporting a 15 year old girl to have unprotected sex, because you're making the idea appealing to her. With or without the internet, she'd smoke, she'd drink, peer pressure is everywhere. She doesn't need your g rated mommy bellies or dollar store pregnancy test items to encourage her to ruin her life anymore than she's going to.

You can recover from a drunken night running about being a kid, but you can't recover from 18 years of forced parent hood because you thought it was a good idea since you got to pretend you were pregnant online.

I can't hold an item accountable for stupidity, but I can damn well refuse it's existence. This thread is nothing but selfish, all you pregnant woman should be ashamed, wanting to express your female pride as a mother who can hold her own shouldn't lead to a disregard for those on this site who shouldn't have a child. Think about the mind set this item will produce, at least the troll item with the baby boy and baby girl wasn't THAT obvious and incriminating.

Really? We should be ashamed of ourselves? For what exactly? The last time I checked, "a mother who can hold her own" wasn't something women usually got bashed for. The last time I checked, "showing female pride" wasn't something we should be denied. And the last time I checked, "the mind set this item will produce" wasn't something taken into consideration when items like Alruna's Rose or Sexy Presents make it to the marketplace. How are these items more acceptable just because they don't show any actual sex? You're telling me that sexyish items like that will have absolutely no affect on a girl's desire to wear as little clothing as possible to turn heads? What does that lead to, eh? Or that the alchoholic items on this site aren't going to encourage kids to experiment with alcohol? Future AA members, no? And even the objects promoting smoking...how does that not allow a teenager to get their foot through the door and want to start tokin' on some ciggies?

"You can recover from a drunken night running about being a kid, but you can't recover from 18 years of forced parent hood because you thought it was a good idea since you got to pretend you were pregnant online." But you CAN'T recover from the fact that a drunken night is all it takes for a girl to slip up and get pregnant. If she thought it was a good idea to pretend she was pregnany online what a GREAT idea pretending to drink was.

If you can't hold an item accountable for stupidity, why are you doing exactly that? No one's saying "Here's a preggo item, Dear Gaians! Go forth and multiply." Honestly? It's fine if you hold the younger females of our society in such low regard that they'd go off and get a bun in the oven at the first site of a baby bump on this site, but you shouldn't go around telling women they should be ashamed of their pregnancy and their desire to express that. It's not your place to decide whether or not it's inappropriate just because you think it's intolerable to society. How selfish is that? I think booty shorts and mini skirts are intolerable, but I'm not going around telling people their selfish for wanting to "express" their "feminine beauty."

I'll SIGN please

Dee -- Lamour interdit
I'll sign.
Being a teenage girl I can utterly show the point that seeing pregnant women doesn't mean I want to be pregnant.

Reason 1- I saw Juno so many times when it first came out that I, no joke, knew the first half of the movie off by heart. Did I want to have a baby? Nope. I saw the movie because it was good.

Reason 2- Looking at my avatar doesn't make me think," Oh, I'm dressed as a mysterious woman who's holding a bloodied sword and is missing an eye. I know! I'll go kill someone and poke out my eye to look like that!" That would be plain stupid. My avatar is more threatening and less pg than a baby bump! As others have said, some items on gaia seriously aren't pg13 in any respect.

Reason 3- Pregnancy is a beautiful thing that many gaians are in fact going through. Is it not right to let them show it on here? Such a beautiful process should be greeted with joy and respected with just a small item. Why deny the beauty in order to keep gaia a pg 13 site? If we're going to disallow baby bumps then delete all the sexual items on here! Because, in all honesty, sexual items are more dangerous than baby bumps could ever be. If we're going to think that EVERY SINGLE TEENAGER is going to copy our avatars then is it not worse to advertise the sexually explicit items than a mere baby bump?

Reason 4- Let's face it, if you think that kids are going to copy a pixel drawing there isn't much hope for them. They'll probably go get pregnant anyway after seeing the glamorous, though I use the term loosely, mothers in LA. A pixel doll won't change that.

Thank you for your time,

User Image User Image User Image User Image

The layer order is the order in which gaia makes theitem layer. On this avatar im talking about, a Chickie hat went on top of a ghost sheet which made it look like the male part. When Gaia caught wind of it, they changed the layer order of them items, so now the chickie hat goes on UNDER the ghost sheet to prevent the avatar from being created again.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

This avatar, but it was turned around so you couldnt see the eye holes or the chickie face. You get the idea...

Xx Lady Sanguine xX
Wow, never knew how many sexists were on this site stare

i sign!

im 15. i want a kid. Not necessarily at this age, but i still want a kid. Im not even sure i can have kids. My sister cant and i'v been on a Birth Control Shot for over 2 years now. (And just sayin, im on this Birth control shot is so i dont get my period any more, not because im tryin to not have a baby... Just had to clarify that.) So i'v been wondering about it multiple times.

This item would be awesome to have on Gaia. I'd be proud to wear such a thing. I'd rather look at a pregnant woman everyday when i log on instead of something like:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
(Not saying i'd have an avi like that, just using it as an example.)

There are items that have your avi smoking, Drinking and even gore. To the people who think the maternity items are wrong, your complaining about a BABY BUMP. Lets think about this for a sec, 'kay? Knowing Gaia, they wont even show the whole "Giving Birth" part. If this becomes an item, it'll probably have the avi's stomach getting bigger, facial expressions and all that other stuff but it will skip to after the child is born.

I mean really now? When hasnt the internet influenced something? Like this would really make a difference? And plus, you dont HAVE to equip the item rolleyes

If mules can count, I'd like to sign!
I was hoping it would be alright to put one of your banners in my BG Glow Bump Thread Post here but just say the word and I'll remove it.

I love this idea, because I have 2 teens and they started on Gaia at age 13 and 14 - now they have 5 friends here. Not that this applies to them (not yet) but being a mom, I know it happens (hearing from them) and I do NOT believe it should be frowned upon if it happens. Once it happens - it happens and then we deal with it. I support Life and many forms - keeping, adoption, foster, etc. Children are blessings and if someone wants to let the world know, we should have classy, gaia, avatar items to show - nothing like an ogre or whatever those baby EI's are. I am proud of my 2 teens and wanted to show them off (you can look at my main's profile and see I had someone do an avi art for me with them as babies - because they are practically grown almost now) and that empty nest syndrome is setting in.

I would love to have more maternity and baby items that supports the worthiness of Love and having a baby - not some ogre, cartoon, such. Thanks for this Petition!!

User Image


I sign!

Also, I believe [[Embarassed Dream]] could fall under the "Inappropriate" category seeing as how ones avatar can be completely naked except for the black bars and THE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS imply one of someone having a "wet dream."

I seen this avatar on tektek some months ago, TOTAL inappropriateness someone can make with items with Fallen Wish, The Nightmare, and Lusty:: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

('-' ) (._. ) (._.) ( ._.) ( '-') Oh, I'm sorry.. I'm just looking for a F U C K to give.

Wow! I can't believe there's actually a DEBATE over it. What's with all these people who thinks it's so bad..? I never would have imagined!

Pregnancy is where we all started, isn't it? It's a completely G-Rated symbol of new life, shown around hundreds of different topics of all different beliefs and ratings. For most of us, it brings feelings of warmth and happiness.

I have NEVER known A SINGLE SOUL who's been "corrupted", "misled", or "derailed" by the sight of a pregnant woman. If that were the case---if it were truly so influential on young girls as to make them all go out and get pregnant because they saw it (especially a pixelated version)---then I doubt any girl above the age of 12 wouldn't be pregnant (or at least trying).

Am I the only one who's seen the joy and wonder on a young girl's face as she felt her mother's stomach kick with her baby brother/sister? The images of sex and pregnancy may be directly related, but our minds do not always make this connection unless we try, especially at a young age (which is the group that seems to be in question of visually protecting).

Gaia is a PG-13 site anyway, right? We show vampire sisters being seduced and Pete's a** being flashed in the official manga. We have an array of stripper, hooker, pimp, and ecchi items. Cursing may be bleeped depending on your settings, but it's allowed, as is romantic roleplay. If you take a quick look into the CB, you'll find tons of discussion that, to be honest, even makes me feel awkward. Dozens of blood, weaponry, and wound items are also available. It seems like everything else around criminal acts, sexuality, drug/alcohol use, and death are not only allowed, but already official items on the site. Pregnancy hardly seems like a leap.

As for the image of pregnancy condoning unprotected sex, I think that's really up to the viewing user to interpret. Of course, if you want to have a baby you're probably not going to use protection, but like I noted above, how fast (or whether you do it at all) you make the connection between sex and pregnancy depends on your own mind-set. If you're old enough to be like "Oh, pregnancy, that must mean somebody had sex!" chances are you're also old enough not to have any problems with preggo avatars (don't tell me you're really going to be mentally and visually scarred at the sight of a fat pixel belly, or suddenly go out and wish yourself pregnant as well). There's an age-restriction to babies and incredibly young viewers on Gaia to start with, hence the PG-13. Soo, we're really going to this sort of length to protect.. teenagers?

Just like any other item, how the idea is conveyed is also the responsibility of the user wearing the piece. I see most people using it in a gentle and clean way, but for those few filthy trolls who would try to make it look like a drunk whore got knocked up by a llama and is having a miscarriage in the bathroom or something, I believe that would just fall under the same moderator judgement as any other risque theme.

At the end of the day, even if you were to give me your best argument against the cleanliness/morality/appropriateness of pregnant avatars, all anyone can really do is look over at the rest of Gaia and shrug. If you honestly have a beef with something as beautiful and vital to the human race as pregnancy, how has your head not already exploded from every other image on the site, and what are your poor, sensitive eyes doing logging into Gaia at all?

(I am a guy, btw. And I love this idea *signs* 3nodding sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes.)

( Thankies for the link, Jackson >3> )

If we're allowed to buy art of our avatars pregnant, why not have pregnant avatars...? It just seems silly that we already allow images, text, and portrayals of pregnant women on Gaia, and yet there are so many people flaming an item of it like it's going to morally corrupt us all.

The item doesn't even need to imply sex being cause of impregnation (Gift from insert supernatural event here?), or show a natural birth (you can pretty much skip that scene all together and not mess up the idea o.o).

The suggestions of how to make the item seem to be well in order of what Gaia allows on this site so far. We have vomit, baby, and tentacle items already. In fact, we have items for just about every risque theme possible on Gaia. Heck, as far as Timmy goes, I think we can even add child abuse to the list of things allowed on Gaia. Are a few more pixels around the gut really going to kill us?

On both of those notes, it doesn't even need to be a pregnancy item, really. Let's say, to finally be fair to people of weight as well (there are practically no items for plus-size people, male or female), we could even make some sort of item that adds places of chubbiness, sort of like the gro-gain added hair. A double chin here, some beefy arms there, and in the mix we could throw in one or more poses for a big belly. We could easily use these items for what we're trying to convey, finally having that preggo look we've been dying for, and Gaia doesn't need to claim it as a reference to pregnancy/sex/etc.

Of course, it might be nicer for the sake of the effort in this thread to have an item entirely devoted to the idea of pregnancy, but just in case, that's my variation of an alternative solution .w.

I SIGN. Good luck to this thread~

with he crap they got here you could do Satans b*tch/blood orgy/murder of the husband for satan

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

and they say pregnancy isn't pg13

Commander Supah
You know Gaia neglects to realize something too..

The generation that first started playing Gaia (hell when it was GO-GAIA and you had to scroll around a damn minimap to get to shops) .. Hasn't compleatly gone away yet.. People like me who origionally started in 03 back when I was a teenager.. Am still playing 9 years later... I am now the mother of two.. And have gone and moved up in my life but you know I still am young at heart and still love to play on gaia..

What about people like me? Who have and love their kids to death and would like to see Maternity items on here? Not just catering to the young people. They should cater to all the people that make Gaia as a whole.. I pay for gaia cash and have donated MANY times in the past for donation items.. I'd really like to see this not as a donation item but an item in general. Hell even a pregnant NPC would make me feel like they cared (I've been on and off for years I'm not sure if there has been an instance of this.. I'm not aware).

To me GAIA shouldn't be teaching your children anything... Its the freaking internet people. If paren'ts aren't capable of teaching children its NOT GAIA's FAULT. So I love all the people harping on here that thats going to teach teenagers its okay to go and get pregnant, where the hell were their parent's when it was time to discuss sex education? Maybe even the pregnant npc could play into this.. Make teenagers realize pregnancy isn't all it's cracked up to be.. Trust me by the end of my second pregnancy I was begging to give birth I was so uncomfortable in my own skin...

I'm just putting my little point's here and I'd like to SIGN your petition.

Has. This. NOT. Been. Done. YET?!

Gaia. What the hell is your problem? I almost guarantee you have pregnant co-workers SOMEWHERE in your system. Pregnant family members, you've met pregnant gaia users at conventions (And I KNOW you have, because I've seen the photo in a user's signature of her hugging one while she was PREGNANT!)

Were you ashamed of her? Of them? Did you find them inappropriate to be walking around in public because they're pregnant? What about catastrophe with the cat-n** pose. The high eyes and bag of n**? NO. ONE. Is using that pose for cat-n**, hate to break it to you. I've seen so many drug using avatars it's not even funny. You tried banning cigarettes and cigars to make a point, but unfortunately gaia, cigarettes and cigars are legal. Porn is not, and how many gaia items have you made that deviates into sexual nature? It's all been plastered on the first page of this petition for you to see quite obviously. So, you want to get rid of legal things and call human nature inappropriate but you wish to condone and freely flaunt sex in a PG-13 site. That makes complete sense. rolleyes

Yes. Gaia users will most likely use and abuse the poses to continue creating questionable avatars. But EVERY item you pretty much make so far is questionable since your artists are throwing cleavage in at every angle...so why are you being fussy? Hmm? Little bit two faced are we?

I sign.
Gaia needs to grow up.

Bump, and I've already signed.

You know, Gaia has basically lost ALL RIGHTS to argue why this isn't being made.

Gaia ALREADY has inappropriate items.
I had a pregnant BARBIE DOLL when I was little.
The wife of one of the characters (I forget his name) in The Emperors New Groove was pregnant at the beginning and was seen with a baby at the end.
The movie Spirit starts with Spirit's mother giving birth to him.
In Cadet Kelly, Kelly's mom became pregnant part way through and was shown with a baby bump in later scenes.
In Rugratz, Tommy's mother became pregnant, and we even got to see a glimpse of her in the delivery room with the doctors telling her to push.
And I could go on and on, I've barely scratched the surface. (BTW, all the above examples are PG)

Encourages unsafe sex? It does not, don't even try to kid yourself.
I'm a part of a thread where ALL WE DO is get each other pregnant (in non-sexuals ways). I'm 16, and have I EVER thought "I should go get pregnant"? NO.
Besides, if everyone thinks that way, then Gaia's already encouraged drugs, bondage, violence, and murder a hundred times over AT LEAST.

Awkward? That very argument is used against cross-dressers and transexuals. Guess what Gaian's can do?

Anymore arguments that I missed?

Pegasaurus Rex
I recently had a child, (he's 4 months!) and I would've loved to have items that could show off my pregnancy. I was married. I was 21. Gaia should support ALL it's users. We've got (and we love them all): smokers, crazies, drinkers, skanks, emo kids, cross-dressers, bisexuals, beach bums, trolls and everything else--including pregnant women. Gaia has showed all of them support by creating their type of item--except pregnant women.
Some of the bloody items I've seen can hardly be rated "PG-13". I mean, they even scare me an I'm not an "impressionable teenager". In America you can show movies like The Dark Knight, where pencils and bombs are shoved into people, but it is frowned upon to breastfeed in public. Where do our priorities lie? It's sad.
I've been on Gaia since '07 and have only watched the maturity level rise higher and higher until characters can be almost completely nude. In most cases on Gaia, the almost nude is much worse than if the avatar were actually naked!
If Gaia will make items that allow people to have sexual avatars but will NOT make items portraying pregnancy, they are essentially saying you can have sex without consequences. 'Cause, man, if you're having sex, you're GONNA get pregnant. If anything, maternity items can serve as a reminder that it's not just fun and games--it's the art of creating life. And if a kid is as impressionable as everyone thinks, sees a pregnant avatar and says, "I'm going to have a baby!" man, I'd honestly rather hear that than a kid saying, "I'm going to kill someone!" after seeing a blood-spattered avatar.

-Pegasaurus Rex

Monako SM
I'm going to be perfectly honest, the idea of a pregnant belly doesn't really catch my interest ALONE. However I think it's incredibly funny that women can't have different body weights. That Gaia is so keen on presenting the sexual aspects of a human body but not the body for what it is in itself. Everyone tries using the Alruna's Rose as an example of how bad it can get but they forget the biggest detail. Alruna's Rose is an item about a succubus. A sex demon that alone without even seeing the item should be a key aspect as to how much Gaia gives a damn about what they expose teenagers to. What about items like Lawful Master? Which shows references to things like Panty and Stocking?

We live in an incredibly messed up time where pregnancy and having a child is bad but sex in itself is okay. How does that work? Why is it okay for us to express that lust, sex and so forth is okay but becoming a mother isn't? I understand how bad it is for teenage parents but the biggest mistake is that we as a society try to deter teenagers from pregnancy without deterring them away from sex. Because lets face it, people don't seem to care at all that STD's exist and that sex was once meant to be seen as something special instead of a trivial activity. I don't mind us promoting that desire is alright but it just doesn't make sense to promote sex, smoking, alcohol, bondage,blood and so forth without caring about weight of pregnancy. I don't mind to much about this either but the fact is Gaia encourages a lot of negativity. With all the boob alterations, the hairstyles, the makeup and so forth there has to be a few people out there who are feeling kind of crappy. Like maybe they themselves don't fit society's standards.

I think the whole baby bump thing shouldn't be getting any hat. People haven't made pregnancy a negative thing until recently. Having a baby, having a toy doll, having Barbie dolls with a house and Ken, Marriage toy sets and so forth were once okay at one point and still are as long as people stop worrying about the gender specific and role specific crap.

These things aren't bad. We aren't pressuring kids to have babies. We aren't pressuring them to get married. We are just showing that it can all be positive. That it doesn't have to be a bad thing same with being bigger or smaller or having different body shapes. That's why I'm also going to sign this petition.
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907:Smoothie Delight
908:Spandex Bunny Muncher
909: bloopblahblurp
910:Kupo V2
911:Chellie isForever Nirvana
913:Viper 9000
915: Shigahiro
916:Witch of the Wild
917: l2ainbow x Dash
919:queen mula
920:La Cantarella
921:Vikz Soubi
922:Collect Rupees
924:This Devil Wears Converse
926: LyTao
927: ManClitoris
930: Pencil Thin Gentleman
931: DemonicBabe3
935: 3animefancat3
936:Lorie Bluteau
937: Snuffy Plushy
938:Rave Rabbit
939: Vigilia
940:Synria Frahy
941:izumi hiroko
942: xXKaikaHanaXx
944: Classical Colours
946: Xevra
947:Sosha Love
948: spank my quaffle
948: Elektel
949: Creeporeon
950:ll Fatal Charades ll
951: Black Lust Perfume
952:Rebellious Revelry
954:a n t i - m a g g i e
959:Acidic Kisses
960: Lovely Lolita Love
962: BallisticBunBun
963: l Diamond l
964: iAmYourSeduction
965: Acidic Kisses
966: SuicidalxDolly
967: fin600
970: Patty Lovegood
971:Himemiya Neko
972:Commander Supah
973: Deadly Spermicide
974: Passion not Perfection
975:Sailor Peridot
976: Anthro Chi
977: ll_Karl_Fei_Ong_ll
979: Bathroom Disco
980: Irina96
982: 3BlackPaperMoon3
983: together we will shine
986: banicula
987: Persistent Alchemist
988: Adorkable Creeper
989: Bee Honing
992:Chef Zeke LeDeltrie
993:The bunny ate my homework
994: x-SonicRainBoom-x
996: Our Little Miracle
997: Cassie Monster
998: babyboo17forever
999: Doc_Brown
1000: Blood Fox101
1001: water my melons
1002:Fantasy Futa Aria
1004: Classic Example
1005: TVXQ Saranghae
1006:Majix the Insane
1007: xX_Broken Insainty_Xx
1008:Ume Momiji
1009: Savverz
1010: XxLostMemories86xX
1012: Arse of the Internet
1013:Hisoka Suzuki
1014: narelen
1015:Melancholy Messenger
1016: Attackofthepiggys
1017: Jesus Ate My Sharpie
1018: Hidakei
1019: Princess Mi Amore Cadenza
1020: Pnk_Panda_3
1021: Eternal werewolf
1022: BaybeeBloodRed
1023: Put The Sun Into The Sea
1025:Amaki Mikashi
1026: Darsh Engel Will
1027: Nykromantyk
1028: Idonna
1029:Crystalized Wolf Demon
1031: Phrensiedom
1035: Kimiko Doll
1037: Chibi-Chibi Sorami
1038:Asinine Dreams
1039:Effervescent Dreams
1040: suishohatake
1041: Princess from Mars
1042: ChamomiIe
1043:A s t o r i a Edition
1044: ll shroomie ll
1045: Attablu
1046: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.(Serene Sky)
1048: Chozlit
1049: CrispyChickenStrips
1051: Wolf Ookami Woof
1053: xxCardia
1056:Kisa Luv
1059: Black Dawn Rose
1060:Vani Rose
1061:Guardian Olypsa Of Hyrule
1063:derp n dots
1065: xOrenji-Jusux
1067:Isis in Paris
1071: IJack BezariusI
1073: Pidgeons Go Meow X3
1074:al infinito
1075:Valkyrie Gauge
1076:magnet people
1080:Kari Twilight Mist
1082:Nevv Jersey
1084:Rave Cow
1085: Spandex Bunny Muncher
1088: Id Fap That
1089:Pegasaurus Rex
1091:Sae Insanity
1093: Channercorn
1094: Link_to_Your_Destiny
1095:falling downn
1096:Queen Kianra
1098: Octopi Alibi
1099: OdrionnaShay
1100:Alyssa Autopsy 2
1105:Lady Chelle
1111: Optiphoria
1114:Phail Ninja
1115: O_o-Dimensia_Juice-x_X
1117:Lady ButterCream
1118: Pia Austin
1119: Cupid-loves-GreenArrow
1122: xScenodollx
1123:Queen Alliyena IX
1124: Pitch The Nightmare King
1125: doctor_victoria_mortea
1126: Pugnacious Peace
1127:Monako SM
1130:Estelle Dawn
1131: Shevari
1133: Neuneu
1135: xxx_AlleraBats_xxx
1136:My Bunny Love
1137:TlRA MlSU
1138:Ima Catfish
1139: Slick Romance
1140: delilah723
1141:Ninja kyuubi13
1142:Flowing Icicles
1144:Nyx Xyan
1148:Rei Torano
1149:Heartless Mina
1150:Lovely Witch Nioda
1151:Ayreonauts Only
1152 razz hoenix Sandra
1154:The Royal Beast
1158: x Avino x
1159: Maternal Muffin
1161: pyroyale
1162: Princess_Of_All_Love
1163:Chawklet Thundah
1165:Mr Gaddess
1166: Daxios
1167: P i m p - S e n s e i
1168:hippo crit
1170: Pandora Hearts Freak
1171:Mezo Panda
1172:Aeris The Angel of Chaos
1173: Scobre
1176: Philippa May Regnard
1178: Rainy Arcadia
1179: Erholung
1182: Sailor Bunnyhime
1184: Pinxterbloom
1187: 0DelicateBalance0
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Art Gallery

I will put relevant avi art here. While I my self have several I will only be posting one. The people who sign can add to this gallery if they want, and if you've already signed and want to add to it, feel free to do so.All avi art must be pregnant, whether it be a slight, but still obvious, bump to full term. Whether it's an avi of a friend or one from tekek, just provide the avi reference as proof.

User Image
avi reference used: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
art by: IxYukixI
user art is of:zerodeoxys

User Image
avi reference used: User Image
art made by: IxYukixl
user art is of: Teryx Jurai
(replaced at request of the original submitter)

User Image
Avi reference: User Image
art made by: not metioned
user art is of: (assuming) Vikz Soubi
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how to get a free preggy art from:
User Image

you can only fill this out if you're signature number ends in 00 or 50, I'll also quote you to let you know. Keep in mind that her orders take priority over the freeb.

[align=center][u][size=18]I EARNED A FREEB~![/size][/u][/align]

[color=red][u]Name: [/u]
[u]Reference Image: [/u]
[u]Eye Color: [/u]
[u]Line Art Color: [/u]
[u]Page I signed: [/u]
[u]Signature number: [/u][/color]
[u]I came from:[/u](put one of the banners here.)
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you can submit a comic, but it has to be relevant in some way to this forum

By zerodeoxys
Babies just poof
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I sign!

I, for one, am glad to see this back up!

Some of us choose to have our avatars to reflect our personal lives, others don't. If you're a mother to be, why shouldn't you be able to have the option to show it on Gaia as well? We're not all thirteen year old children out here. I see plenty of threads with pregnancy issues being discussed in an open and helpful fashion.

And its from my understanding that this site used to cater to the adult side before this 13 and older nonsense began. Even now, with an age limit set, it doesn't mean that all these kiddos are gonna want to play by the rules as seen by the example avatars.
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