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i sign i like the pale kitten
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I sign again! X3
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/signs forever
I sign o.o A red heartstring would look nice on my Alucard avi.
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Berry Signs smile
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User Image

I can make it brighter or yellower.

User Image

Also, I'm still not sure what you meant about the fox tail, but here's a couple I did:

User Image

the yellow on the heartbreaker is a tad ti light and it needs a touch more white but its fairly close,
the fox tail/fox ear recolors are perfect especialy the white one.
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i sign i sign
I sign blaugh
Boring stuff:[Hmmm

BUSTIERS & CINCHERS: I don't like the vibrant edits as I much prefer faded colors for bustiers, but I adore the darker colors and the black with colored laces idea ^_^

Vests: Love this Idea, but I think we can come up with more colors than that ^_~ At least I think the blue should be more of a royal blue than a Navy/Denim shade imo

Toxic Kitten: I think that as long as the colors stay very vibrant and "neon" like the current then this is a great idea. I'd be all over an orange variation

Other items arent my style or I don't have a big opinion on them, but I totally sign the petition for more of everything.

Umm I also want to add, maybe we could have more colors of some of the cheaper dresses available? I like some of the styles they have, but the colors of my favorites kinda suck >.>
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I sign!

Also, have you noticed that the quartz jewelry doesn't have an orange or a blue set?
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I have many recolours I've done also, I'll submit some of the better ones! (thankyou for continuing to credit the bustier recolours I submitted!)

No problem! I would never take some one else's much deserved credit. They seemed very difficult to do!

Actually... I've learned a lot doing them I've refined my technique and could probably provide better edits in future. If you have any particular item requests for recolours (or simple edits), please don't hesitate to ask and I can provide you with them relatively rapidly.

(some recolours are slightly more taxing... such as changing black to white with any real detail retained) It's possible though, so if you have any items you'd really like to see recoloured, let me know what they are and how you'd like to see them changed!
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