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Of course I'll sign~~~
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hell yeah *sign*
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Why didn't I see this petition before?
Sign me up~!
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Can I sign up? I am interested of seeing the Touhou items and happily to wear them. biggrin
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Count me in! I love Touhou. heart I'm even cosplaying as Meiling at AWA this year.
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Names up to this point have been added.
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My hands shake, our minds race from the thought of love,


Momiji's little hat would be adorable, too. >w<

Yet we curb our speech, because words are not enough
To etch this instant, burn this moment into our memory
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      I totally sign.
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very cute.

I sign this petition.
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        I sign! <333
        It's about time someone gets a Touhou petition started!
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Also, Nue's wing-tail thingys would be pretty awesome.
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Signage. I've only played Imperishable Night, but that game is so intense.
You have my support and signature. Why not also have Kanako's shimenawa and/or faith pillars? And also, the Satori sisters' third eye accessories?
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