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Sign me up (:
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Dapper Phantom

Thanks! <3
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Bashful Bookworm

Sounds logical.

I sign.
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Inquisitive Bookworm

I'll sign!
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Signed. c:
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Mega Glitch

Clever. I sign.
There are apparently other ways for people who are banned to stalk you. Let me link you to the Spring Cleaning thread: [Link]
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I sign~ emotion_bigheart
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Personally I think if you block/ignore someone, they shouldn't be able to see your posts in the same way that you can't see theirs.

I want them to vanish, but I don't want them to be able to comment or even read anything I post. I think it's a way to stop drama.
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IRL Kitten

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Your cute so I'll sign ;o
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AGREED I SIGN emotion_yatta
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Fluffy Bunny

i sign. heart
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Kawaii Senshi

I sign ( don't want any more people who sexually harass me ;_; )

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