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Welcome to my baby petition! heart This is my first petition, so feel free to offer suggestions of all sorts. mrgreen

We've got a lot of great petitions here, especially those for using trash, bugs, flowers, etc in a better way. That's what this is about, kind of. I was going through daily chance, and I got a yellow daffodil. My first reaction: "egh, what am I gonna do with this?" crying

And then I thought: it'd sure be nice to have something OTHER than making pricey bouquets from these things. How about a garden? We have an aquarium already, so why not a garden feature? It could give Rina's shop more prominence and use while at the same time doing something interesting and productive with these flowers we can find in Towns or DC.

I imagine it would be a little bit like the aquarium. You water it, maybe give it some food or fertilizer, and the health of the overall garden increases, so your flowers do better/don't die. In the end, we could add all kinds of things to this garden; maybe it would even be like a little ecosystem, with frogs and fairies and things like this.

Not being a big supporter of gaia cash, I'd vote for the items to be (at least mostly) available for gold.

Like I said before, you're welcome to offer any suggestions, criticism, or questions. This is mostly just an idea for now, but I hope that it can become a fully fleshed-out reality.

Rules (boo....) Yeah, but we might need them! Just to be clear:

1. feel free to PM me with any suggestions about this,
but if you're signing, please sign in this thread ONLY.
PM signatures will not be counted.

2. Be nice to others. Don't flame, troll,
or advertise in my thread. These posts will be deleted.

3. Follow Gaia's TOS. This should be a given,
but if you don't, I'll report you.

4. Respect PiercedPixie2, she's great. If you're feeling it, give her some cookies! 3nodding

I'll add some more rules as I see fit....
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U n H 3 r d
It would be cool if they had a little game for it too.. You know kind of like booty grab..
Maybe a bug catching game? Everyone wants inks so bad these days, it might make it a little more fun to catch bugs..

Inks are in high demand, so this sounds like a good idea.

I think something similar to Aquarium available in gold at Rina's Flowershoppe would be the best. I'd love to have this option for our Homes in Towns.

This is what I had in mind--wouldn't have to add a new shop or anything.

Tabitha the Maiden

I hate to bring this up, but since we all love gaia and want it to stay on the internet... why don't we have seeds for sale in Gaia Cash?
It'd be better if we grow the flowers ourselves, right?
And we could finally put those shovels to use.

I love the idea about the bug-catching game.
Perhaps it could offer gold, too, like the aquariums?
And maybe have the flowers and bugs be seasonal...

I agree with this, but I'm not really a big fan of gaia cash. I would prefer to have at least some (possibly mediocre) options for gold. I'm not saying I'm against the idea of offering "deluxe" type items for GC and not gold, but I think that the aquarium being GC only is rather limiting.

And...yes! that's what I definitely intended to write in there, haha, having seeds as well as those flowers from Towns and DC.

So....this is basically what I had in mind, but in a convenient "you don't have to read my mind like Kokeshi did" format.

The Kokeshi
So, what if gaia gardens were like Aquarium? Whit plants and trees ofc.
Paint consept of the Gardens:

[[Picture is on page 8]]

Over all happiness: Same as Health in aquarium.
Bloom points: More happy your garden is more points you get. You can also get bloom points by spending more time on your gardens (Only 5 points/day), Planting new plants/trees, taking care of your plants and playing game : Plant protection.
Time: Some plants only bloom at night time. Also, some rare bugs can be find only at night! (Time changes by gaias own time)
Bugs: Tired of running around town to try to catch that house fly? Now you can do it in your garden!
Surprise gnome/ Mr. mystery Gnome : Mystery gnome spawns randomly at your garden. If you give him some items he asks for (Only shop items), he will take care of your garden for one day. Mystery gnome can also catch rare bugs and find seeds. Surprise gnome spawns daily and gives you random reward, just like overseer in aquariums.
Fruits: Collect fruits and get yourself some cool fruit themed items from new Gardes shop!
Bloom points reward. Every time you gain new bloom level, you get leafy giftbox. (Its covered leaves) You get seeds that are equal for your bloom level.
Planting seeds: You cant plant seeds out of your BL (Bloom level). This is why you woud have to work for your garden and not buy rare seeds from MP and have super awesome garden without any work at all.
Plant protection: Like booty grab, but instead you have to terminate all the snails and other harmful bugs from other users garden. As a price you get bugs you terminated (They can be exchanged for super large butterfly net, wich has better chanse to get more rare bugs from garden, also butterflys will never escape from you again), gold and BL.
(Bloom points can be changed to Garden points, I was tired when i made this picture)

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yay signing! This is not the worst idea on Gaia. It's confirmed! mrgreen
It would be cool if they had a little game for it too.. You know kind of like booty grab..
Maybe a bug catching game? Everyone wants inks so bad these days, it might make it a little more fun to catch bugs..

__[ signs ]
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surprised What if you could put your garden in your aquarium???

I'll sign :3
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A hyper-spaz named iPeridot Says:

That's the best idea I've heard in a long time biggrin I sign

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Questing a Fallen Wish. Donations get avi arts =]:
@ iPeridot: that's really flattering. I kinda thought I was shooting in the dark xd

@Magical: that's amazing. We already have aquarium flowers, so maybe we could tend to them from tiny sprouts!

@ Unh3rd: that would be cool. I'm going to add that to the first post.
Bump heart
That would be a cool Idea.

Ill sign this for you :3
Bump heart
I like the idea
Bump heart
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Shameless Seeker

Im signing just cause I can. And plus it would be awesome to have a garden in gaia, since in real life my gardens dies the very next day User Image


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