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ill sign

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I will sign! It's the one of the things I would like to complete my avi.
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i sign.


the angelic/demonic wings have been requested by users since i started in 04. there have been numerous petitions.

i think they enjoy watching us beg for them.

i am not hopeful that it will happen soon.
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Gambino Gaian

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I'm trying to make an angel avi, and there are no good wings for what I want, so I'll sign in on this
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Kat Sensei signs
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ancient over-re-done petition is ancient.

Gaian's have been promised back wings since gaia was www.go-gaia.com, adding yet another petiton to it's many made (and failed... they all sort of just.. fade away) is kinda pointless.

so.. here's a free bump just to speak my mind, but I'm keeping my signature.
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Ruthless Wench

Alice in Mordland does hereby sign!

I just hope that if they do eventually create these items that they're not a rare item from a RIG. I mean, who has the 15+ mil that they'll go for on the market? I know I don't.
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I'll do it~ heart

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