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Welcome to my first petition! Im making this petition in order to bring us the Coveted Angel and Demonic Wings! I tried searching for one, so please let me know if this is a double so I can get the thread deleted. Anyhooooo Read on if you're still interested!!!!

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Don't quote anything on the first page
Please see the forum sticky to know how to properly sign the thread
If you're not sure if you've signed, use Ctrl+F and search your user name
Please don't flame/troll, I'll Respect your boundaries if your respect mine.
If you want to trade links, pm, but please dont advertise.
Please keep conversations down to a real minimum, I want this strictly for signing.


Im adding this is in because I know its coming. Yes, we have (A/D items specifically) wings for the ears, feet, shoulders, ankles etc, however we do NOT have them for the back! Yes we have the Angel and Demon bows, but why can't we have the actual item instead of something that just LOOKS like wings. We also have mini wings, tattoos, and all that fun stuff, but we do NOT have the real item!
Im aware that gaia has mentioned wings in the past, but I've been apart of gaia since 2004 and Im still waiting for them! I dont care how they issue them (EI, MC, GOLD ITEM, Event item) just give them to us! Please don't scrap this because it's been "answered" because it hasnt! We're still lacking the item while gaia continues to give us items like the peelunger and recolors like the Mercury's Moon! Why not just give us what we want? I know this is an item a lot of people are waiting for, so why make it SO complex? If Gaia plans to issue them in the furture, this is here to help motivate so they can get in gear!
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Pm me your own and I'll happily post it!
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xxxxI'll sign! I can't believe Gaia hasn't realized the need for these, with all the angelic and demonic avis out there. They even made a 'angelic' and 'demonic' pack! (Even thought it was really weird) I mean, come on. This is a basic thing that is in high demand.

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[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/petitions/give-us-the-ultimate-angelic-demonic-items-wings/t.48399231/][img]http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn81/Nightmare_in_Waiting/Profile Codes/kljnk.jpg[/img][/url]

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1. Pock3y
2. RavenWildangel
3. akatsukigirl63
4. Anfinity
5. xXGrace_Like_RainXx
6. darkfighter2008
7. kammycool
8. sosnoel
10. - OX Sweet_Insanity XO -
11. Ame no Yanagi
12. Anabelle
13. rel_zodiac
14. DJ Techell
15. Sorrow_Mirage
16. Electro patch
17. Emma Jane-Chan
18. Gothberry Torte
19. Nightmare in Waiting
20. Rhyea
21. Rayvnn Fever
23. Faded Crayon
24. NekoAngelHeaven
25. Stein and Spirits Fate
26. Maya Lizette
27. Hieilover69
28. Lester_S129
29. Haruka_Black
30. Living-CORPSE
31. hiucanimoka777
32. Skitty-san
33. BrightxEyed
34. GoddessOfTheDream
35. Zolaga Ramora
36. SweetLittlePrincessSerena
37. Blasphemy in the Library
38. PandaStar420
39. Zeshara
40. Gorobei-Katayama-
41. Zetsumei Negai
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