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Dear thread owner:

I come on behalf of the Gaia Magazine guild Gaian Illustrator. We would like to request an affiliation with your thread. We would like to exchange banners and place yours in our affiliates thread in GI and you place the provided banner in your affiliates post of this thread. smile I am afraid, however, that we only accept 200/width x 40/height banners. They look the best and fit the best in the post. We would love to affiliate with you and are very much looking forward to getting your response! heart

Please quote me back for responding to this request so that I will receive your response! cool
Also, please make sure you supply the 200x40 banner for us to use in our affiliates thread. wink

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I sign emotion_dealwithit
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I Sign! cat_3nodding
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I would gladly pay x amount of dollars to see ZOMG 1+ Sign ^^
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