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heart heart
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Good I dea! Here, Have a COOKIE.
wish I could give more then one cookie
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Cookie given. I really like the idea of being able to soul-bind items to yourself. I personally would love to be able to soul-bind my werewolf skin to my avatar because it's not something I want to ever be gone. Even if I ended up being hacked that is one thing I would want to remain.
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I find it kind of aggravating that they can charge us a .02 interest fee for shopping in the marketplace, but they wont allow us to have interest for banks. How is that fair? That is just my opinion on the matter.

Otherwise, love the idea wish I could give more cookies.
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-gives cookie- ^_^
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i've been waiting for a bank since a month after i signed up to gaia. you get my vote/cookies/i signed - whatever. would love to have a bank. heart
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I like the PIN idea :3
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heart emotion_yatta
Wicked awesome idea.
When I 1st joined Gaia, I was thinking, "Wait, we have our own house, our own car, trade with others, sell/buy from the marketplace... yet we don't have bank accounts?! That takes lame to a whole 'nother degree.
So I'm praying that they'll add this. They already added so many games to this site that (in my opinion, of which I am entitled to have) arn't needed; Add something useful for once!
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I hope they'll add this soon! 4laugh

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