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Our last fantasy update included Elven attire, and it came off as a huge success, because it catered to people who had their roots deep in fantasy and otherworldly races, which was what Gaia started off as, when the site was young. Now, I'd like to see the artists venture away from elves, and bring a glorious GS update that revolved around mages and magic, to the table.

There's a a lot can be done with this theme; from both simple and complex magician robes and staffs, to grimiores, elemental magics, and various charms and trinkets, and elemental imbued robes (wind, water, fire, earth). Maybe even small dragon companions that we could use as familiars.

This petition is to gather the community and raise our voices, share our opinions and ideas, and get the artists to whip out their spellbook and conjur up a decent Mage and magic update.

1: Blaqk Fringe
2: Soprano Mochi Kitty
3: Ayane Chaolan
4: Ame no Yanagi
5: My Distortion
6: Anne Packrat
7: Ping of Death
8: Jessie Raine
9: Ruby_MISSFortune
10: iAdorable Dollie
11: Yillie
12: Mandy Allison
13: DracoxisDiamond
14: ChrisyTopher
15: The Cosplay Kid
16: Rachel Celest
17: Shahal Rainrix
18: noobeit
19: PrincessDarthLeeah
20: Eat your Toast
21: Symphonic Maiden
22: Goddess SpiritWolf
23: Suzaku911
24: Xx Lady Sanguine xX
25: cloudedguardian
26: -X-Draconic Assassin-X-
27: magickgirl
28: Darkangel70002
29: Marinda H
30: Hell_Tutor
31: itachi-sense
32: Zhane_Nox
34: GS Sailor Dione
35: awhongkong
36: Chouryou
37: Sher!ock
38: day dream2
39: Stars in a Shoebox
40: omega_thunderstorm
41: Belladona beso
42: Hetalia England
43: Hello Kisty
44; Indigo Kitsune
45: Tempest_Blackthornes
46: ganchroi
47: Shigahiro
48: WizardOfDisco
49: SplendiferousMoments
50: Orihime Inoue_ OuO
51: Eternal Wind Spirit
52: meep12345
53: xXRainbow_TwilightXx
54: Fairy-Liin
55: Belladona beso
56: Psionic Diamond
57: Infinite_Randomness
58: CumbrianRedFox
59: DeidaraLover196
60: The_Joker_Hinamori_Amu
61: Oceanrabbits
62: Yuki Shinjuro
63: Wolf-keybearer
64: luc5126
65: shezeu
66: Albruna
67: II Shroomie II
68: Dramatica Holmes
69: Ravia_Windrunner
70: Knight Selene
71: magiju
72: WolfdeHeartless
73: Yamaichi-sama
74: epc-cy
75: Vercheil
76: Pnk_Panda_3
77: BaybeeBloodRed
78: TheBoneLady
79: Skyailia
80: The Caged Doll
81: dizziedobsession
82: Vanna1994
83: x Aka Kira x
84: LyTao
85: kanau_alone
86: Flavee
87: allooutrick
88: X_Gokai-Okuzuko_X
89: Hillbilly Hikari
90: Akemi Mercuraki
91: Airi Valentine
92: Renkon Root
93: Yokies
94: VenetianTemper
95: sollitarius
96: Pseudopathogen
97: Benii B
98: Link_to_Your_Destiny
99: FantasyKitty
100: Xevra
101: ll Lifeless ll
102: Pessa
103: Kez Mani
104: Kolkirin
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Soprano Mochi Kitty

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Desirable Shapeshifter

Ooooh I'll sign ;D I want what the girl has on in the second picture.
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User Image

If the picture doesn't appear: "Ame no Yanagi signs this petition!"

Blinkie courtesy of Hikari_Sango. ありがとう! ♥

User Image
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Scurvy Winner

I sign. We need more staffs and arcane. heart
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I'll sign! I want more magical floating things similar to the Red Diamond item. Hell, even recolors of the Red Diamond would be good for a GS update.
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Anne Packrat
I'll sign! I want more magical floating things similar to the Red Diamond item. Hell, even recolors of the Red Diamond would be good for a GS update.
don't think they've ever made a sponsor item into a GS item, once it's already been released, or made recolors into it, but here's hoping. Never too late to start.
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yesh! i sign! more magic pwnage!!

oh and i shall include designs like Palutena from Kid iCarus.

and shall we add magical effects as well? those look cool. like the holy spell and the flood spell.

why not just add in new forms? like you can have the regular avatars and ghost like versions of weird creatures like esper and na'vi.

your idea is cool!

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