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yea i remember... and i realized that everything i like alot seems to get taken away so im forced to like something new and not even as good. i'd definitely like to see VJ back.

I sign ;3
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wahmbulance Want cinemas back! wahmbulance
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Not bringing VJ back just because the majority didn't use it is silly. For one thing, I'm apart of that "minority" spoken of, and if Gaia can't provide something for everyone, not just the majority, then why am I here? The 'minority' of people who liked VJ and the Cinemas are left to find something else to idle their time, while the majorty doesn't even notice it left, let alone knew it was ever there. So, I say bring it back and make it smaller than it was, to suit the 'minority' and whether it's here or not wouldn't affect the majority anyway, so why not?

Plus, if Gaia got the proper licensing for VJ then they could bring it back, orrr, make changes to it in order to keep them out of trouble, no?

So yah, I sign!
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I sign!
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Cinema should be returned! I loved the cinemas when I first used hem, and they were pretty popular! Signature: Nayoku-san
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Sign me up.

Gaia, y'all could totally hire moderators to make sure nothing sketchy is being uploaded to VJ. A lotta people would probably do it for free.
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I can't believe Gaia removed such an amazing feature of the site! I've been here for 4 years and I remember being so excited to watch those promotional movie trailers in Gaia Cinema @ the Gaia homepage and I make sure to finish it in order to collect the free items it'll give afterwards. Maybe I am a part of that minority but I treasure the Gaia cinemas. I understand that copyrights matter in this site but removing the totality of the feature is totally sad. I hope it'll come to a possibility of returning soon!

So I sign! 3nodding
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Here i met alot of friends eventhough i didnt see the videos... i would like to see it come back to gaia!! crying crying
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Weekend Nachos

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