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Sign me up too. I miss VJ so much it was a place to watch videos and hang out with friends simultaneously. Unfortunately what Kahlan_BrightBlade said is correct. Although, if they advertised it more effectively it may make an impact on the amount of Gaians using it. To avoid getting sued I think Gaia should allow us to stream Youtube videos instead, as somebody previously mentioned. You never know, Gaia may be working on an improved VJ as we speak but that's a minor possibility.
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Please sign me up
Definitely need to bring it back. It was awesome and people added a lot of different videos to watch. i miss it.
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Consider this signed! heart
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SIGN US UP PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!
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Not going to happen, this is a quote from an admin lead from the last ATA

They’ve already said in the last ask the admin that VJ is not coming back

Thanks for the question! Unfortunately, we will not be bringing VJ back. Sorry if this is unhappy news for you, but hope you can find other fun things to do on Gaia biggrin - Sisky
(signs) Bring back the cinema!
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Sign me up!
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Bring it back! I speak for both my sister and I.
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They should really bring it back. Count me in. smile
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Sign us up~
crying Its hard to talk to ppl on gaia..the videos where good icebreakers and brang users closer together....gaia is now deemed boring wit the entirety emo eek idea wahmbulance START A PARTITION! wahmbulance

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