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Barton Reveler

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Please add my name to the list!

I think an EI (perhaps even a massive multi-pose/item one like CoP whee hey, we can wish!) would be great!
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Dangerous Friend

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heart I sign heart
MeloNeko's avatar

Fuzzy Exhibitionist

I Sign!

As an evolving Item, this has PHENOMENAL potential! I would most certainly buy it!

Also, here's what I have to add to it.

I know this is a bit macabre, but things like removing (or partially removing) legs and arms (whether just one or both with the ability to chose which side if just one) (By "fully" I mean up to the shoulder or hip. and "partially" would mean more towards the elbow/knee)

I know the Katawa shoujo Cos-players that want to be accurate would be very happy. And those who wish to give the illusion that the wings on their backs are their arms (without using the Kachina dancer wings, because those only cover and not actually replace or give the illusion of replaced) for things like Harpies. (I especially want this~ It would be wonderful to look more like a true harpy) or just those who wish to have a limb missing/partially missing.

Will make an edit example soon to show exactly what I mean (using the "Harpy" reference)

EDIT: Here it is~ The Harpy example.

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Distinct Shapeshifter

Yes please! *signs

Heehee, just looking for the thread and stumbled upon this. whee
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Formal Ladykiller

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I Sign heart

also corset piercing gauges and suspension would be nice.
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Kawaii Kitten

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Love love love this. I sign shoot I'd buy 3 prob even more for hoards Gaia would eat this up especially if they made a version of the agape scissors but a little longer love some of the cuts other cuts look slightly too manly LOL prob good for boys tho
Kluddes's avatar

Distinct Hunter

It'd be interesting to have an EI based on body mods alone, and I like some of the ideas/suggestions you give. Sign.
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Ruthless Gatekeeper

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Gracious Ladykiller

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+1 sign heart
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Feral Wolf

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Malevolent Inquisitor

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Original Ladykiller

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