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No 0.010752688172043 1.1% [ 1 ]
Unsure 0.10752688172043 10.8% [ 10 ]
Total Votes:[ 93 ]
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Chatty Smoker

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Lol I know, I realized after posting that that people actually do get stuff like that--and worse. gonk

But, yes, the nicer tattoos are in items which are usually obtained from cash. We need some in the actual shop that are bigger, look realistic, and use multiple colors. I think Skin Tyte and that place that sells furniture(I can't even think of the name of it) need major updates, since they're probably the two that haven't had an update in the longest amount of time.
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Shy Gaian

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Gaia, listen.... you know I spend a lot of money on this site, and I would spend a lot more money on something like this! Please, make more body modification items!!!! heart

Oh, yeah.... I sign xd
I sign ^-^
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Sparkly Fatcat

Please I want to sign this 4ever~
Akatsuki_Dei-Chan_Fuuma's avatar

Romantic Werewolf

I will gladly sign this petition.

~ Akatsuki_Dei-Chan_Fuuma
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Thieving Rogue

        signatures are up to date.
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Dapper Pirate

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I sign. yum_puddi
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Invisible Lunatic

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Rainbow Feeder

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Nimble Nerd

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I'll sign. This needs to happen!!
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Thieving Rogue

        All signatures are up to date.
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Bleachy signs.
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Precious Powerhouse

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I sign I sign I sign! emotion_c8
Murdoc Betelgeuse's avatar


Sign me up. There isn't enough facial hair mods, especially in the salon hair colors. What about us gingers?

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