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O.G. Gaian

Depends on the price/selection. The layering is a minor problem.

I'd assume distribution for something with a standard animation and slight differences would be much like the recent Astra wings?
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All out of cookies for today, but you'll bet I add mine tomorrow!
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Blessed Pumpkin

not really that great
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Thank you for explaining the flaws!
I do think it would be a great addition regardless of layering issues.
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Cookie and bump
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they can always do more...thoues shown are Examples after all.
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yes! its a must want! heart
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Welcoming Gaian

As much as I would love this idea, I'd like the Staff to work for a way to make them layer properly. As the system is now, I think it wouldn't be as successful as it could be.
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Anxious Cat

I would vote for animated eyes for the *gold* shop.
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yum_shrimp yum_tamago yum_tuna yum_salmon
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I'm all for it. I just hope you would be willing to make them different colors as well.
You know how people are around here, they'll find any reason to complain.

I love animated items. <3

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i like them! i would buy some!! biggrin
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I am ok with this!
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i would love to have this

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I feel like the only real way to make this work is if each set of eyes contains three poses: left eye, right eye, both eyes.

That way, if you have something covering one eye or the other, you can equip the single eye pose. I feel that might solve some of the limitations regarding the eyes layering over things--not all the limitations, but some of the more obvious ones at the very least. I'm going to cookie this, but again, I'd like to see poses to equip just one eye or the other, if possible, that way it opens up the diversity of the animated eyes, just a little. =)

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