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Looks cute wink
You should make an animated item that has a burning city * u *
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surprised want.
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And what if the eyes they release aren't to peoples liking?

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We were told about the layering in advance so I hope noone raises a fit about it.

*cookies Reaper*
aw they look so cute, but I would definitely buy c:
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depend on price
if they go for more than 5 bucks, it'd be ridiculous.
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that would be awesome 4laugh
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make evil non-desu looking ones and you got yourself a cookie
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love the Idea! thank you reapersun!
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/Feeds cookie
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It might be a little annoying to find a combination of items that makes it look right but...I'm sure some people would still like to see these eyes....depending on the price of course XD
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    I could deal with eyes layering over hair, it'd be very anime-ish, but for eyes to layer over masks and other items..that's just wonky.
    I'd love to have blinking eyes, but I just don't think this is what I wanted, so unless it can be fixed, I just can't bring myself to vote for it. Sorry >:

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