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This thread is to vote for whether you would like animated eyes to be sold in the Cash Shop.

We've considered making animated eye items in the past, since it's pretty much the first idea that comes up when talking about animated items. However, our current system has prevented us from doing so. Currently animated items can only layer in the extreme foreground or extreme background of the avatar; it cannot layer in between other items. This would mean any eyes that we'd make would have to layer above every other equipped item. In many cases it might look acceptable, but in other cases it will overlay items that it shouldn't, and not look very nice at all.

Examples, good and bad:
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We've been unwilling to make them in the past because of this flaw. Unfortunately the system cannot currently be modified to allow for proper layering. If you still feel like you would want to buy items like this despite the flaw, vote up this thread and we'll make it happen!

-Unfortunately making an item that makes your current eyes blink is not possible. It would have to be new styles.
-Different styles of eyes and different colors would definitely happen if we did this.
-Different animations would also be a given, and the timing would not be the same as the example (it's short between blinks so you can view the animation quickly; the actual thing would have a much longer pause between movements). Not every pair of eyes would have the desu sparkles emotion_kirakira
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cookied heart
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Cookie, there you go! I was surprised there're so few cookies, but then I saw the date this was made.

It depends on the price. $10. No way. Less than $5? Maybe. Less than $2.50? Yes.
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Honestly, I really don't like this idea, it would annoy me so much.
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Me gusta. emotion_dowant
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I dont think i'd like animated eyes
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~(*o*~) Cookie'd
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Do want...
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/gives cookie
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No need to ask, you have my cookie~! emotion_bigheart
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User ImageHey! Listen!

I love this idea! smile I can't cookie it, but I would if I could!

User Image
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