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What new game item addition would you like to see in Gaia Towns the most?

Rare Flower(s)/New Colors 0.10530679933665 10.5% [ 127 ]
Orchids 0.053067993366501 5.3% [ 64 ]
Lilies 0.030679933665008 3.1% [ 37 ]
Irises 0.014096185737977 1.4% [ 17 ]
Other Flower(s) - Please Post! 0.011608623548922 1.2% [ 14 ]
Tree Leaves 0.025704809286899 2.6% [ 31 ]
Caterpillars/Worms 0.033996683250415 3.4% [ 41 ]
Bees/Ladybugs/Praying Mantises/Aphids 0.071310116086235 7.1% [ 86 ]
Other Bug(s) - Please Post! 0.005804311774461 0.6% [ 7 ]
All of the Above 0.64842454394693 64.8% [ 782 ]
Total Votes:[ 1206 ]
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Dapper Man-Lover

WildOkapi's Petition to Add New Bugs and Flowers to Gaia Towns

Not to mention: Fruit, birds, trees, gardens, bracelets, clothing, etc. etc. etc.!
Gaians ROCK for new ideas!


Also, check to make sure you haven't signed already by using Ctrl+F and searching for your username : )


My other petition was met and finally set to make most users happy the 21st of August!

Table of Contents
yum_puddi 1. Rules/Introduction/Examples
3. Signatures
4. Black/White List
5. Banners and Other Game Item Related Petitions


1. Follow Gaia's TOS - I don't want any hate comments or irrelevant/random posts.
2. Do NOT, for any reason, quote the first 5 posts of the thread.
(I shouldn't even HAVE to put this here but apparently people don't read the Petition Forum rules thoroughly enough...)
4. Don't post why you DON'T like this petition. Post here to sign or leave.



After wandering through Towns and capturing the same three colors of butterflies, dragonflies, carnations, daffodils, daisies and the same old fireflies, grasshoppers, crickets, sunflowers and flies for so long, I've decided that I would like to see more bug and flower game items in Towns or at least a greater variation of colors.

If you have any other bugs, flowers, or other colors of existing flowers that you'd like to see in Towns, please post and I will add them to the list with your name.

Feel free to PM me with any questions.

UPDATE 11/1/2010: Well, since Gaia is planning on updating so much stuff - WHY NOT throw Towns in there?



Flower images made by Love in a Thunderstorm.

User Image

User Image

Unreleased flowers, master image thank to Zweizi Galon.

User Image
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Dapper Man-Lover


Some flower color additions (based on real colors):
Daisies - Green, Orange, Yellow, Dark Pink, Pink, Red
Daffodils - Green; White with Pink, Orange, Yellow or White Cup; Yellow with Orange Cup
Carnations - Red, Dark Purple

Flowers People Would Like To Have In Towns:

-Magician of Ice: Pansies! ("Who can resist these adorable flowers with faces?" wink
-iAdorable Dollie: Gardenias, lotuses, and amaryllises.
-YeenSilver: A great idea. I hope I can see hibiscus, balsam and maybe Rafflesia as a rare flower.
-CheeseCoveredPenguins: More pink EVERYTHING in Towns!
-Anei Nushi: A "rare" flower just like "rare" bugs and "rare" fish.
-GrafinGothicwar: Angel Trumpet flowers
-ilovebadboyz: snapdragons & bird of paradise
-JonasLuvr123: Corncockles and mole crickets - these things ARE real
-Xander Happyface: Poinsettias
-Caterfree10: Roses
-cherry god mother: Marigolds
-the_faces: Venus Flytraps
-Love in a Thunderstorm: Lupine
Orchids - Aya Kage: More than just bouquets!
-DevilsPrayer666: Black Orchids
-Ryo_Moto: Oriental Lilies
-Bloeduwedd: Daylilies hedges/gatherable Daylilies
Star-shaped Flowers
-Fairy_of_forest_celebii: Purple star-shaped flowers of some kind
-Fairy_of_forest_celebii: Bluebonnets
Chrysanthemums (Yellow, Pink, White, Red, Purple, Blue, Orange, etc.)
-Ryo_Moto: Flowers: Tulips, lilac, clover, mushrooms
-fallengoddess7: Flower crowns, with woven bracelets and anklets if they added hemp or something similar to make them with. <><>(w)(r)(w)<><>. Mixed bouquets.
-Teh Froggy Artist: hellebore and non-limited shamrocks!
Hydrangea (White, Blue, Pink or Purple)
-iiKatalyna: Spring: Mangolia trees and lilacs; Sunflowers*, hibiscus; Autumn: orange and red maple leaves; Winter: cherry petals
Various Tree Leaves (Oak, Maple, Ash, etc.)
-iiKatalyna: Spring: Any tree with blossoming flowers *fruit tree*; Summer: Oak or a tree with any good smelling wood; Autumn: Maple; Winter: Fir, Pine, Cherry.
-VampiricNature: Bleeding Hearts, Jannette Passions Flowers, cherry blossom trees (blossoms)

Other Insects/Bugs/Creepy Crawlies For Towns:
-Im Betsy^^: Mosquitoes
-iiKatalyna: Birds!! [not very creepy or crawly but AWESOME]
-fallengoddess7: Silver moths
-luv4manga: June bugs
-VampiricNature: Maggots, mealworms, earthworms with different ratings
-Wahya: Moths (especially Luna Moths)
-Ryo_Moto: Grubs, centipedes, millipedes, stink bugs, snails, wasps
-Frauline Five: Bees (how could I forget those?)
- Yami Takashi mentioned this: Spiders
- Tobi is NOT a good boy: small animals like snakes
- Me: Ants (Again, how could I forget those?)
- Teh Froggy Artist: Frogs!
Praying Mantises
Worms - Perhaps they could become a part of Fishing in which they are used as bait?
-ilovebadboyz: When you collect enough of them [worms] you get an apple with a worm sticking out of it
-Dweezal: hibiscus, butterfly bush, balloon flowers, phlox, clematis, cleome, cosmos, columbine, peony, fox glove, hyacinth; special tulips, daffodils, lilies and hyacinths around Easter, zinnias
-what a finale: Walking Sticks
-Sky Blue Faerie: Vases to put my flowers in so I can decorate my house with them. Or I would love to be able to stick a flower behind my ear of turn it into a crown! The ability to replant the flowers on either side of the stoop out side your door.



I don't care about towns 2. I want some spice in the original towns!

I support new flowers and bugs being made and I also agree (and have had the same thoughts myself for a number of years) that Gaia should make game/town items more useful, rather than spamming us with a million useless things like sunflowers that can only be used to make one item, and with only ONE sunflower. I also agree that it would be nice to tie towns into fishing with those bug items. Makes the features seem more connected and apart of the whole.

I like this idea. I believe though that just adding more bugs, trash, and flowers right now just doesn't make any sense until the gaia creators decide to update the usefulness of said items. That being said I would propose, and forgive me if I am repeating that which was already said, that in the case of the bugs other then inks, which are still 'fairly' useful we could use them in fishing as personalized bait... many fishermen do this. As items for our houses such as lightning bug lanterns, or some other more versatile way.
Trash can be recycled into, this I know was already said, clothing or housing items, what about special items to go in the fish tanks. I was also thinking that if the creators could 'attach' a garden to our houses then the trash could be recycled into garden items such as statues or water fountains. The biodegradable items such as the paper could even be 'composted' for the flowers that of course we could grow in the gardens.
The flowers, like the bugs and trash, could be made into housing items, avi items, fish tank items. Although personally I would like to plant them in a garden... if we ever got one ^^'

Violently Blissful
Also, It'd be awesome if say, you could make new kinds of ink from the flowers for once... and then, in conjunction with another proposal/thread, use the dyes for hair color!

Just a lil idea i had while reading,maybe adding a chance flower? Like how they do daily chance but a flower you can find like maybe a dandelion that your avi blows and a random flower/bug/paper appears in your invo? Or something along those lines ><

Aiyoku Tenma
I also think they should make white bugs, gold bugs, and all those other colors of inks they have.

RavEr MachiNe
Crickets at Night and make it so you can hear them.

ahmayzin sam
I really like the idea of new trash. Also, I think it'd be great if there were more options to use the flowers/trash for. For example, instead of the useless bouquets no one uses they'd can be turned into some sort of decoration for our homes -since those are pretty useless, as well. Or they could be turned into "eco-friendly" flower children type of clothes (ex: jackets, skirts, necklaces, headbands and the works). And maybe the Old Cans can be turned into a Robot? *gasp* That'd be cool.

Im Betsy^^
Maybe gaia could come up with other uses for the flowers or make the bouquets more attractive.

I know this is a little off topic, but they should add new trash, like ABC Gum. The description would read "A-B-C. Already Been Chewed." and Peyo could illustrate an artistic bent and make little pictures with it, like the guy who does th "Bubblegum Blondes", (Look it up) that you could hang behind your avatar, or he could use it as an adhesive for new and exciting paper creations, like paper mache[`](?) stuff.

x_Bella Luna_xx
i must say however, that some of the bugs you have listed may be hard to add because of their size, color, or any other things. for example, the cockroaches would blend into the trees.

if no new uses to flowers are added too, just adding more flowers types will create a more problem in our stock, cos actually few uses we can give to flowers.

Yummy Fire Muffin
it would be so cool to be able to actually do things with these flowers. like make a headband or a sash...SOMETHING. im tired of bouquets...it gets old and fast.

Night King Lestat
you know what they need? food plants (maybe potatoes, apples from trees, and strawberries).

When I first came to this thread I wasn't too crazy about the idea, I was
just gona say I'll agree to having more bugs, but see no point to having new
flowers when there's nothing worthwhile to do with the ones we have now.
While I still feel that way, I have to say I *love* your art -- having a
visual of what you had in mind definately made me reconsider signing
the petition. I'll add my name to it, but I stand firm in saying we should
be allowed to do more with our game items, especially the flowers.

I don't know what they are called, but those flowers that look kind of like upside down hearts.
Jannette Passions Flowers are very pretty! <3
Or perhaps adding cherry blossom trees to gaian towns and sometimes when you shake that tree you either get gold or blossoms.
I think worms are a great idea, and having them tie into fishing!
Oh what about maggots or mealworms, and earthworms, and having them have a different rating, like fishing bait has ratings, perhaps there can be different types of worms with different ratings.

Give me orchids! We have an orchid pin but no root from whence it came! I want moar!
Oh and while your at it~ let us do more with flowers than make some damned bouquets!

i think they should have inks hidden in the towns, not loads, cos that would make the market price fall too much, but hidden like sometimes the flowers are behind trees etc.

Maybe diffrent trees make diffrent leaves change al the trees there BORING and you should be able to collect rocks to

ooohh i;d love to see new stuff in towns..i hoard stuff on my mule accoiunt

Make flowers do more things, rather than that stupid, make a bouquet out of me, I mean, I just want to be able to have a flower wreathe, necklace (those things that the Hawaii natives wear, I forget what they're called) or flower fields (but you have to gather a lot of flowers for these, like...5000 ish) just something other than bouquets!

Philip The 1 And Only
I also think that all items sould be wearal on ur character! like the butterfly and flowers dont need to be made into bouquets

there should be more things you can do with them, even just be able to sell them for gold, that wouldn't be hard to change

I'm tired of the same boring flowers right now (Not to mention the uselessness of them OTL). And for god's sake, WHY DON'T WE HAVE ROSES?!?!?! The MC can only do so much and only so few members can have them as the item's getting older by the month.

I usually offer some kind of suggestion whenever I sign a petition, but I'm not sure if this would work or not. What if there were some kind of made up bug like fireflys but that glowed with a white or silver color. They would be rare bugs and the ink they made would glow. Certain tattoos could glow if you added this ink plus another color (to determine what color it would be). I guess the ink could be silver, with maybe a kind of silver aura around it.
Like I said I don't know if it could be done or not, but does anyone think this would be a good idea?

I'd love to shake trees and find a caterpillar on my head and my avatar panicking afterwards.

Beatrice Lee
I totally sign. There are so few types of flowers and bugs, and in so few colors as well. This will really spice up towns, which will probably have decreased users on it once the MMO opens up.

I can see the bees happening! If only we could shake the tree and the hive would fall out. Then we could get stung....Somehow it reminds me of Animal Crossing

Ame no Yanagi
I like your idea, especially the hydrangeas, so I'll sign (even though I don't go to Towns anymore and get 100% of my game items--which I don't really need--from Daily Chance).

Frauline Five
We totally need some bees. Haha.

Bucktoothd Space Munkee
i'll sign .....diversity is great..not much of a flower fan myself.....but i always love options

Table of Contents
1. Rules/Introduction/Examples
yum_puddi 2. Comments
3. Signatures
4. Black/White List
5. Banners and Other Game Item Related Petitions
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1. WildOkapi
2. Miranija
3. _Chi_Chan_94
4. Yami Takashi
5. Ame no Yanagi
6. FullmetalEDlover
7. Needless Fury
8. -Mrs Yuffie Kisaragi-
9. Bikki Kobayashi V
10. Second Hand Rose
11. Frauline Five
12. Miss Pokey
13. pkmnfan7
14. [D.A.M.N.]
15. xXOStaceyOXx
16. Bucktoothd Space Munkee
17. -FableXWisher-
19. Mysterio-87
20. demon child me
21. Fiction1119
22. n0k3
23. Anei Nushi
24. Mystical Rain Drop
25. Keruseyu-Kun
26. EveeLover4
27. Beatrice Lee
28. GS Sailor Fluorescence
29. alikat11
30. Lunaki3
31. kgirl1992
32. Marion-san
33. Whitescrubs
34. 77_The Fifth Element_99
35. Hikaru Hitachiin -Devil-
36. singsongfly
37. BloodyBlackCat113
38. Pegasus Jay Crawford
39. MilyCrayola
40. Sharywolf
41. Choclat
42. Sylvatica Atropunicea
43. Bari Anjura
44. Daremora
45. I Am Amzy
46. Mio Njord
47. star_light07
48. Namnoai
49. FlufflyBunneh_
50. Jace Quin
51. alien_dreamer
52. Chibi-peanut
53. Piko Piko Princess
54. Caterfree10
55. Pheroic
56. Whiskers And Whispers
57. lil_sweet_huni
58. Teh Queen Jade
59. CattLazy
60. Alizarin Crimson
61. Fairy_of_forest_celebii
62. corianna lynn
63. Love in a Thunderstorm
64. Danielle Levi
65. lVI i l k
66. Panda Clan Mage
67. Turtwig12
68. PatrickStumpKoala
69. The Sweet Mango
70. Miss_Rowen
71. liveeie
72. [Insert ACDC-ish Name]
73. Indigo Kitsune
74. HellsBrokenAngelicDreams
75. thedemonrocker
76. hyperneko
77. 99luftbalons
78. Paranoia and Pandemonium
79. Dreamy_hunter
80. xOxPoisonIvyxOx
81. FrenchBananaHorn
82. OriginalScript
83. Kotoko Ayumi Usagi
84. Lady Okori
85. ilovebadboyz
86. Elven Warrior Maiden
87. joker panic
88. emuthesuperhero
89. Caramel Faboo
90. Uma_Deadly-Kiss
91. the_faces
92. BlackRoseMaiden
93. Hailstorm_Hero
94. TtheHero
95. SaitohNoOokami
96. wampia0
97. BlackDraconian
98. Espeon152
99. K a n k y o M a i k o
100. Shmiffy
101. Kinomi Kasuimiko
102. AntiTwitard
103. holysashimaru
104. chocobo jockey
105. J i b r i l
106. Free_to_Dream
107. Angelic Muffin Hill
108. ToshiAyame
109. GatoGirl12345
110. Philip The 1 And Only
111. Tiahna_44
112. Anabelle
113. queen_zeppelin69
114. Nichya Navsegda
115. Wahya
116. Mistress-sora506
117. crystalrubi
118. conner_pwnnoobs
119. Abagail_21
120. Si1ver Streak
121. Casca 7
122. Joey Belle
123. undertakerlookalike
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125. Weiss_fenrir
126. myusikah
127. Prince of Buzz
128. Xerack
129. Latopazora
130. Maimira
131. meztli_16
132. Katherina Bathory
133. XxHunnieLovexX
134. Sinfullone
135. BeverlyAngel
136. alhemra_idleheart
137. CL4M9
138. Yaneci DeNovi
139. Azurae Skye
140. NiChangelo
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142. Azerix
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144. _B e t t y B u r p -_-
145. mistiesunshine
146. Haku_Is_Love
147. RainbowBubbles
148. Demon queen of mists
149. Wish_on_a_Cloud
150. Skylara
151. Small Sakura
152. pianista
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156. Shinny Kitten
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200. b a l e i n e
201. azian156
202. Game Items
203. XxXTorn_RoseXxX
204. xoxRainbow
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207. Ryo_Moto
208. Deribinan
209. shnooplepoop
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212. experiment two-zero-nine
213. nissafairy109
214. Xander Happyface
215. Mintie_Cakie
216. Night King Lestat
217. Lesser Arcana
218. SuperBiznoth4206
219. -x- Happy Nightmare -x-
220. River Tam Is A Terminator
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238. Sexy Candy Girl
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277. Erotic Nightmares
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316. AfterMidnightTranqility
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318. iiKatalyna
319. xo AnimeAngel ox
320. Dweezal
321. M-u-t-t-e-l-l-a
322. Ghosty Pie
323. CuT3 CuddL3 P3n-GuN
324. t Idealistic Identity t
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328. OrangeOrenji
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335. Im Betsy^^
336. L e x i e in wonderland
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482. iBlairz
483. Contemporary_Jenny
484. StarFaller NovaVoid
485. Pumpkin Meister
486. seriously_me
487. Xcolorful_kitten_foreverX
488. Tobi is NOT a good boy
489. WoahIntensity
490. | His Michiko-Kun |
491. Lady March Hare
492. p i x i e d r e a m 7
493. NeonBlueX
494. Sultry Kitsune
495. o0youdontknowme0o
496. xBladePhoenix
497. x-TinaTekChek-x
498. The Tenth Muse
499. Teh Froggeh Artist
500. Nyx Nux
501. Dewi Don
502. l2adio Hysteria
503. snoopythechinchilla
504. GrafinGothicwar
505. Solyd
506. Purple-eyed Dreamer
507. Sandraugiga
508. Hello Kisty
509. Lady Gothica1
510. Kara Winters
511. DandayoCloud
512. the~STD~fairy
513. XxShelbyDemonaxX
514. Tranzendental Trumpet Man
515. XuxaRuiXi
516. iPokemon Chann
517. Communism bird
518. PixieTai
519. InkBalloon
520. i iz teh neko
521. Kabuki Kyoshiro
522. Ryseia
523. Goldenstar Sands
524. AmericaBlanco
525. iGothicYaoiSupporter
526. Lady Anarchy
527. grilltime
528. Vay Vanyor
529. Witch_Kitty666
530. Astounded Thrill
531. Adharra
532. Owlie
533. Skyailia
534. v-V A S H U za Stampedo
535. Mina Mathews
536. FairyOfGrace
537. iShortPerson0182
538. Black.Une
539. Secretly Dead Inside
540. rockstar135105423
541. FlowerFaerie1216
542. ErinTringa
543. S u i c i d a l C o o k i
544. Hikaru-Chyo
545. Disco 6a6a
546. Black Death Goddess
547. warzisback
548. Poppycock Nightmare
549. leafstar5
550. NinjaQtee
551. Annie-morphs
552. UMG Slain
553. Deliciously S w e e t
554. IIphae
555. CherryChews
556. Lady_Mao
557. RavEr MachiNe
558. Samaura
559. Arox123
560. ymPsiegetanK
561. Aiyoku Tenma
562. BabyReiko
563. Xm3x3
564. M o c h i i B e a r x
565. Zilleyl
566. xX Haru Haru Xx
567. shissou stick
568. sheepluvr
569. Kitsune Michiyo
570. Akiko-infinity
571. Annasay
572. eden-of-mine
573. ~Sapphire Rose Wolf~
574. x_Prince Pierrot_x
575. silently2dieing2
576. blondautumnangel
577. Lady__Miko
578. she collects dreams
579. Black Squirrel Alchemist
580. D i a
581. Big-Missy1114
582. bluekatz1012000
583. Midnights_Song
584. televisionmania
585. baby_cakes_876
586. lovelykandance_thediva
587. dragon craft
588. onlylexie
589. Arisa Takera
590. dustibunni
591. xPrettyRaverx
592. Autumne255
593. pug6666
594. KittyNoMore
595. moses700
596. A Random Horrible Mess
597. fire_and_ice_dragoness
598. Myna5194
599. psychoticwhitewolf
600. wizardwrocker
601. Cherry Kuro
602. YeenSilver
603. Psychadelic
604. pig_girl
605. Alice Loves Him
606. White Harmony
607. xXRed Moon VampiressXx
608. xXxStrawberry of LovexXx
609. 789DarkDragon
610. Queen Riah
611. Momsrascal92
612. Jessie Raine
613. Lil Insane Queen
614. Hai-Dragon
615. ThePsychoBitch
616. Lilim Sweet Kisses
617. Amentenshi Vlos Valsharess
618. tehstorm
619. kenzie1310
620. azi-maj
621. MENTALimages--- x
622. gatolover
623. falconty1
624. Flz
625. Dear Valentina
626. Epriolen
627. Lucretia2Nanaca
628. lumpkin96
629. snapxdragon
630. OriBear1984
631. Angel Lady Hinata
632. Stealth_Bomber_629
633. gaBberGeneTic
634. Kikurukina
635. cookies135
636. purplepokadoteater
637. Leader Clair
638. A Little Lamb
639. DerpLad
640. Bee Honing
641. Vv Hazel Uchiha vV
642. MTbrainz XD
643. My Distortion
644. Riyoushi Bloodfire
645. Etoile Celeste
646. Artimis_Night
647. trickfrance
648. Holy Funk Overlord
649. iceprincess1215
650. Old Geezer Man
651. Lucetta Dianella
652. Shahal Rainrix
653. Suzaku911
654. Newart
655. CheeseStickNinja
656. VisualSpiff
657. Mistic-_Liana
658. Dr Pepperoni
659. Cosmic Quark
660. Kakanji
661. Belladona beso
662. I Am So Sexy And Pretty
663. MoranaDragon
664. twister of shadows
665. Lady Mirror
666. Adamant Mirage
667. Panda Brownie
668. XxXMidnight_DeathXxX
669. Wahya
670. shans
671. Lil Orchid Jenny
672. x_StrawberrySparkles
673. Teletubby-x
674. 0b-Tasty
675. Hazardous Infection
676. Iggans Attack!!
677. Dr Senior Jr
678. Swe3t_Serenity
679. epc-cy
681. lost_angeles
682. strudelStrifer
683. Dashin_Sentient
684. Ms Sharra
685. FreakyYesIAm
686. Pawprintz
687. Theodora of shadows
688. Havoc_Kitten
689. AAnime18
690. T o x i c F o r k s
691. Parvani Symphony
692. Melodic_Madness
693. Always Inquiring
694. b u n n y w i s h e s
695. Radio Junk
696. SinnySpid
697. Captain Allister Caine
698. kurama_grl
699. Diabetic Meerkat
700. ventera
701. O_o-Dimensia_Juice-x_X
702. Lady big booty
703. Prince Anomie
704. Fluffy the Evil Villain
705. missfadingobsession
706. ll k a g a m i ll
707. Calliope_Lime
708. 808dude
709. Serkunet
710. Spandex Bunny Muncher
711. Vanilla-Parfait
712. nocturnal-requiem-by-star
713. Enydmion
714. theluckyduckie
715. Random by Nature
716. Basalias
717. Horace von Sterling
718. princess_pillow
719. Chouryou
720. crystal_blossoms
721. queen mula
722. SpendiferousMoments
723. Candy Cane Bunny
724. iAdorable Dollie
725. Orihime Inoue_ OuO
726. enma_ai1
727. Liberate The Zombies
728. l e t s waste t i m e
729. i H a n a Z a e l l e
730. iivybear
731. sliver_shadow1994
732. candy7825
733. Bankaiglade
734. IM4GIN4RY
735. SpecialAgentJKennedy
736. Subliminal Aftermath
737. Violently Blissful
738. Monochromic Haven
739. Fiction1119
740. Yooms
741. frozen crystal ice
742. SmugglingDreams
743. Kangit
744. Raine Kiyoshi
745. Octavia Weng
746. quietriver
747. The Hot Boxx
748. LadyDeath1213
749. Electro Feel
750. -EboniiSkinn-
751. Alarias
752. xXxSnakebites
753. Muste01
754. The Mystic Dragon -signs-
755. Miss-dark8607
756. She-who-loves-hyphens
757. Eye Laws Dug Aim
758. Leaden Disintegration
759. adios7oreador
760. Inner Cave
761. PhazonGrey
762. iiGen
763. MagiPuff
764. SuicidalxDolly
765. Flitters
766. Passion not Perfection
767. Princess Pudddenpop
768. Koohii Monsutaa
769. pandexX
770. Taistar1661
771. purplealmighty
772. magiju
773. colanah
774. Hidakei
775. Dragon - tis me
776. Unguarded Beauties
777. Flammable Rainbowz
778. Saphiree2
779. BaybeeBloodRed
780. Chrysanthis
781. I c e e - t a n
782. Niomo
783. Chibi-Chibi Sorami
784. Archaic Lullabies
785. icallitparadise
786. adumundead
787. JennLuz
788. Lady big booty
789. Lace_Gaara
790. Iris Shadow
791. masterfocus
792. poiisu
793. prizzy455
794. Satanic Shadow Kitten
795. flutterbyxbutterfly
796. VampireDraculina
797. Malicious PowderPuff
798. spongebob1418
799. E v o S t i c k
800. Zetta Slow Momo
801. wovey2
802. xxxKirakishou
803. bird uyen
804. Dakarov (formerly Zweizi Galon)
805. Kohaku0827
806. Pseudopathogen
807. -Strawberry Odangos-
808. Saori Synmatsu
809. minaminolover
810. Mimi Wildhart
811. Scenic Attraction
812. Cara MiaKitty
813. AnonymousInsaneInsomnia
814. Minxku
815. Matthew Jason Foxx
816. oEUZ
817. ShamanYami
818. 1eyeliner1
819. NishFets
820. Summer Memory
821. Popperly
822. Duskheaven
823. nefret2011
824. Power of the Ganja
825. Channercorn
826. penguindude42
827. Regine Masilang
828. She-who-loves-hyphens
829. Lillalla
830. Princess Mi Amore Cadenza
831. Magician of Ice
832. Regine Masilang
833. Karen McKormick
834. zigguchingchang
835. Kuttlez
836. Ninten Earthbound Zero
837. JRandom18
838. Piscaries
839. chocolate kingkong
840. Pidgeons Go Meow X3
841. dragonslord8o
842. dorkpride
843. Logically Unacceptable
844. Cece Dusk
845. EmilyAlexandraParis
846. _Mya_Kohler_
847. Pia Austin
848. komoxchan
849. AEonCJyo
850. Swiss Cheese Moon
851. Cyber Clown Giggles
852. Ootori_Kyouya
853. functional disorders
854. Princely Rabbit
855. II Samwise II
856. TragicMistakexo
857. Neko Music Lover
858. Pugnacious Peace
859. Natalin Hosaki
860. Kitt Koneko
861. Majestic Banana
862. Keja Oshiro
863. CumbrianRedFox
864. underbears
865. Trapeze Swinger
866. Jaz Neko
867. Lady mewcat
868. Ramielion
869. a wolf in the rain
870. Tinned Sugar
871. HerAddiction
872. Fatal Whale
873. Crunchy Fetus
874. Lady Eveissa
875. o-HANAKO-o
876. I Sync I
877. APH-Fem Canada-APH
878. Euthalene
879. Dielle Levine
881. Hip Hop Junky
882. HisKittyBoton
883. PinkGirl02
884. CryPixels
885. Tru Klarity
886. Reiima
887. Love Walks In
888. x_DivineDesire_x
889. Hinari Higuchi
890. E.Beth
891. Kehreeztine
892. samantha bunny
893. cutester
894. Zathura Raine
895. sweetkittycupcake
896. LeafyNitemare
897. Lockoko
898. vvaniloquence
899. Bionisch
900. Mereluna
901. Nyx Khaos
902. Yunizilla
903. SuddenlyPolski
904. Clasela
905. Vicky Brooks
906. Love Renewed
907. Night Melody181
908. DRN-002
909. team gerbil
910. Etheziel
911. Nyx Xyan
912. Mister Oogie Boogie Man
913. This Is A Shark Attack
914. j justine95
915. Beautiful Rejection
916. Mimaku
917. B e a r i s a l
918. Suzerain of All
919. RaspberryCherry
920. Kind Of A Jinx
921. Oakydeer
922. lydrea
923. Jill4ChrisRedfeild
924. Amour Belle et Deces
925. QTcutie
926. HisNekoNeko
927. Beautiful x Mayhem
928. Super Doper Cookie
929. Lemetia
930. The Forbidden Soul
931. punk otaku mom
932. Chie Hitoko
933. piercethebands
934. Electric Teal Chinchilla
935. Sugar Cookiiez
936. xiao t u t u
937. Hope Legacy
938. queenofsleepingforest
939. [Chocolate Apple]
940. Darkwolfe15
941. Sparkle Gems
942. Joannosaur
943. Baja
944. Kari Twilight Mist
945. Embry Z
946. mahouu


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yum_puddi 3. Signatures
4. Black/White List
5. Banners and Other Game Item Related Petitions
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Black/White List

Black List:
None (yet... ninja )

White List:
All of my signers biggrin
Love in a Thunderstorm for the amazing example flowers
Zweizi Galon for the unreleased flowers

Table of Contents
1. Rules/Introduction/Examples
3. Signatures
yum_puddi 4. Black/White List
5. Banners and Other Game Item Related Petitions
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Banners and Other Petitions/Suggestions


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Table of Contents
1. Rules/Introduction/Examples
3. Signatures
4. Black/White List
yum_puddi 5. Banners and Other Game Item Related Petitions
I think people want less bugs not more in towns, they can be quite anoyying, maybe you can make a picture of what they woud look like?
Miranija's avatar

Anxious Smoker

I, Miranija, SIGN!
_Chi_Chan_94_'s avatar

Tipsy Millionaire

8,250 Points
  • Big Tipper 100
  • Ultimate Player 200
  • Millionaire 200
WildOkapi's avatar

Dapper Man-Lover

I think people want less bugs not more in towns, they can be quite anoyying, maybe you can make a picture of what they woud look like?

I'll try but the whole reason I put pictures in lieu of what they could possibly look like is I am no good with pixel art.

And what is meant by "they can be quite annoying"?
WildOkapi's avatar

Dapper Man-Lover

Yamitora1's avatar

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lol hey there not use to seeing you outside the guild, anyways I once had a petition to add Black Widows, Scorpions and Tarantulas to Towns. It failed so i dropped it.

I Yami Takashi Sign & Support This Petition

By the way, here are some of my petitions, if they interest you come for a visit and sign. No pressure.

Good luck on your own Petition ^_^

User ImageUser ImageUser Image
WildOkapi's avatar

Dapper Man-Lover

Yami Takashi
lol hey there not use to seeing you outside the guild, anyways I once had a petition to add Black Widows, Scorpions and Tarantulas to Towns. It failed so i dropped it.

I Yami Takashi Sign & Support This Petition

By the way, here are some of my petitions, if they interest you come for a visit and sign. No pressure.

Good luck on your own Petition ^_^

LOL I signed these quite some time ago biggrin I'll add your "remove inks and bugs" banner though.
I like your idea, especially the hydrangeas, so I'll sign (even though I don't go to Towns anymore and get 100% of my game items--which I don't really need--from Daily Chance).
FullmetalEDlover's avatar

6,300 Points
  • Elocutionist 200
  • Invisibility 100
I, FullmetalEDlover, sign this petition.
WildOkapi's avatar

Dapper Man-Lover

Thanks to all my signers biggrin

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