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Rose of all Roses

oh i got my tablet for christmas c:
And oooh~
Man, i would get photoshop, but the really good ones come with a price.
Did you have to pay for yours?

and thanks c:

ugh, unfortunately, when i fade it more, the effects turn out all gritty and
bad. (blame the lack of colors it can hold! ahh : p phooey~)

yeah. they cost so much T_T
nah. well, technically no. it came with my mom's laptop. so my dad just
transferred the program over to my laptop. yay! or else i would have been
using photoshop elements. which meant that i couldn't do a LOT of the
things i can in my version. i wouldn't be able to make your thread layout
with elements. so c:
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Hilarious Genius

Rose of all Roses

Ah, it's okay c:
It looks totally cool right now!

And oh, lucky!
I want to get some type of photoshop but i don't want to pay for it.
Im so cheap, aha.

:/ lol ok XD

hahahahaha I KNOW RIGHT?!?!
well... you probably could download the trial versions.
my friend did that. and technically she had 30 times where she could
open it. so she just left it open for as long as possible and never closed
out of it. maybe that would work? XD
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Hilarious Genius

Rose of all Roses

Your friend
I'm gonna try that x)

bahahahaha yes she issssssss! XD
by all means c: hope it goes well~

also, for the reserved post. did you want it like the main banner,
except... smaller? and it says "reserved" and also, do you want
one like that but it says "open"?
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Hilarious Genius

Rose of all Roses

My, i seem to have forgotten things... x)
Yes, i'd like it to be like that and with one that says open
Also, could you add a "Directory" post w/ this photo and one gif?
i forgot about that, omg.
I'm sorry D;

and i'm so brain dead on how to put, like the text for the story, characters, etc.
asfhaskjhfas, omg.
I really suck at coding, lol.

want me to code it? or at least attempt?
it'll take longer though. hm :/
your choice XD

and sure thing c:

i'm going to have to upload them tomorrow because my internet's being as slow as a herd of turtles.
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Hilarious Genius

Rose of all Roses

code them?
t-that'd be nice emotion_kirakira
i just need, like for the main banner i need creator, links, literacy, etc.
Introduction, i just need a story headline
Rules, i need a rules headline, and a way to interpret rules such as posting, literacy, reserving/profiles, etc.
the heroes and villains are the roleplayers.
powers possessed, i just need a headline for each God/Goddess.
Schedule, i need Calendar, Weather, Date, Time.
Directory, i just need headlines like for the docks and stuff that are all in the map.
I don't mind waiting, since i'm still recruiting people.
here's the [recruitment thread] for any more details.
thanks though!
i haven't made my own roleplay in like...two years.
Rose of all Roses & CHAIRMAN M3OW

Well both of you make great layouts so whichever of you thinks you can make it the fastest works for me. Sorry for causing a divide lol

here is the album.
it's easier than giving you individual links. LOL
and the password is camphalfblood
i hope it looks ok XD
i feel bad because the one you have so far is all nice and stuff.
and really is modern looking. and mine is just like... a bunch of
blobs put together LOL


uhh no problem.
i can probably take it on. but i just need time to finish my thread layout first.
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Hilarious Genius

Rose of all Roses

I love it!
They look amazing c:
And don't worrry, that's just for recruitment~
I just need to worry about what i'm gonna write oh dear.
But i'll go and send trade.
How much though?


Edit: oh and price, whatever you think it's worth c: I don't really care~

                                                Hey CHAIRMAN M3OW!
                                                    i'm KLMMYCAT & i want a graphic

                                                i'd love some words mixed in like EXO in EXO font
                                                i love the words n/a
                                                oh and by the way, horizontal o uo
                                                you should use these: EXO
                                                i want these colors: #423f5e #9e8c72 #ffe3b0
                                                i need it n/a
                                                also, this is for a profile. (as you can see on my profile, i have the same image, i just want it to be more fancy.)
                                                i`m also willing to pay 25k?

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