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ahahaha me too. but, i have to sign up for something as well.
and i wanna be FIRST! mwuahaha XD


lolol no problem c:
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Rose of all Roses

I'm guessing you like being first?

LOLOL usually, i could care less in a race.
but it's for signing up for these mini courses. and they fill
up so quickly. so i'm like "GOGOGOGOGO"
until i couldn't find it and then i was like "WTF YOU LIARS!"
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Hello peeps

hmmm how does it look?
if there's nothing else you'd like done, i'll break it up for you~
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looks amazing! Can you break it please ? :3

here you go c:
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                                                Hey Roses of all Roses!
                                                    i'm Escenses & i want a thread layout

                                                i'd love some words mixed in like I love how you did the graphics for this new shop you've made, so something similar for my banners? c: I'd also like it to look all greek and roman with a modern twist to it, so if you could incorporate that, that would be great! I trust in you, since i've ordered TONS from you before and i've been and always been, happy with what i'm received with c: Also, the title of the roleplay "CAMP HALF BLOOD: DETERMINATE."
                                                i love the words Please put these [lyrics] as the coding c: I'd like it to be based on being at home, so if you find any lyrics that you think would suit it, that would be splendid.
                                                oh and by the way, I really really love how you did the layout for this shop, so maybe a graphic like that but with a modern greek twist to it? Erm, i'd like the rest of the banners(beside the main banners) to be a type of L-shape/Horizontal(totally your choice) kind of thing c: Thank you!
                                                you should use these: [main banner]. [introduction] [rules] [the heroes] [the villains] [powers to possess] [schedule, events and rumors]
                                                [reserved] and please use one gif in each banner from [here]
                                                i want these colors: [this] or [this]
                                                i need it I'm in no rush c: So, whenever you can get it done? I'd actually like to be done by three-five days if you could~ I have school so..eheh.
                                                also, this is for a A roleplay i'm about to make based on the series Percy Jackson and the olympians. Basically, there are some 'rebels' in the camp and they're forming an alliance to destroy camp half blood and Mount Olympusss. I'm such a geek for these kinds of things, ahah.
                                                i`m also willing to pay i'm not sure how much...20k? 50k? Shoot the price c: I'm in a really good range in between 20k-50k but if it needs to be higher, just tell me. And can you give me information about the employee thingy? I'm thinking of joining..

ok i'll work on it!
i have one more order and i'll try to get it to you by your time~
i've got school as well, so cx

and work here? just send your samples and you're in! haha
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Rose of all Roses

Oh thanks! c:
Yeah school is such a paiiiin :c
Ou really? I'll send in my samps nao emotion_kirakira
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                                                Hey CHAIRMAN M3OW!
                                                    i'm ChristandJackel & i want a post layout

                                                i'd love some words mixed in like "Kengai, Fukitsu" however you think would look best.
                                                i love the words "When the Devil is too busy, and Death's a bit too much... the call on me... by name you see... for my special touch..."
                                                oh and by the way, Set it up like this
                                                you should use these: img1 / img2 / img3
                                                i want these colors: Darkred, Yellow Green
                                                i need it 9-20-2012
                                                also, this is for a guild and thread?
                                                i`m also willing to pay 30k (15k Thread & 15k Guild
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                                                CHAIRMAN M3OW

                                                    i'm sakura parfait & i want a post layout

                                                i'd love some words mixed in like character's name is Kanami Amane. She is the Student Council Vice-President and Photography Club Captain. I'd like the roles to be part of the coding instead of on the graphics, please. For font, I'd like Angel Tears to be used.
                                                i love the words
                                                My heart awakes in order to depict the future
                                                Even if I come to a halt on a tough road
                                                The beautiful blue sky always waits for me
                                                Therefore I'm not afraid
                                                I won't be disheartened anymore no matter what happens

                                                Going round-and-round and flowing, time is ever-changing.
                                                I can't remember what happened anymore, but
                                                If I try and close my eyes, I can hear someone's laughing voice
                                                For some reason, now, that is my most precious treasure

                                                oh and by the way, I would like the lyrics coding to be like this. For the graphics, I'd like it to be like this, with pic #1 being the horizontal pic, and without the huge bracket. I'd also like the name to be displayed horizontally across the top instead of on the side like in the sample
                                                you should use these: 1 2 3
                                                i want these colors: palette
                                                i need it no rush, but I'd like to at least have it by the end of the month
                                                also, this is for a thread
                                                i`m also willing to pay 10k

LOL yeah. it really is. T_T

ugh sorry my parents just took me out of the house and LITERALLY told me last minute that we're going to the lake house and my dad didn't bring internet. so i'm finally home. T_T

everyone who ordered from meow

hmm i know she's here somewhere. not sure if she's been on lately, but she did tell me she was busy but would still be around~

lol idk if you guys will see this...
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Roseee. emotion_c8

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