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                                          █ ▌ S A M P L E S - click H E R E :

                                                Thought I just link you all to my samples before we go on to rules and stuff like that.
                                                Need more samples? Here are past Customer orders

                                                So, if you're still interested in ordering, continue on ^_^

                                          █ ▌ Disclaimer:

                                                Where I get everything goes as followed -
                                                    Images: Google, Zero Chan and tumblr
                                                    Font: DaFont
                                                    Brushes: Respective owners on Deviantart

                                              █ ▌ Status:

                                                    1 slot open // Free giveaway info way down below // Post away

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                                  █ ▌General stuff:

                                        You know the TOS so I'm not going to list the details. Instead, if you're unsure of the rules and regulations set by gaia, I'd suggest you go back to the main forum and look it up.

                                  █ ▌Respect:

                                        I'd rather not deal with haters. So, if you have something bad, insulting, or degrading to say, please just refrain from posting anything

                                        Don't steal my stuff, don't resell them, or even think of editing them. Thanks ^_^

                                  █ ▌Me:

                                        lol Yes I'm a rule lol jk...But, just a warning, please don't rush me. I will get your order done as soon as possible. You have to keep in mind that I do have school and a life so please, unless you state you need a layout by a specific date and I accepted that, don't PM me or ask me when your orders going to be done...that is, unless it's been like 4 days or something and your progress hasn't change in the 'The progress' post below ^_^

                                  █ ▌Other stuff:

                                        I'm not sure what else I should say but if I do think of other rules, I'll jot them down. :3

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                                  █ ▌ P R I C I N G:

                                            I don't have set pricings on anything so just offer me something.

                                  █ ▌About RP layouts:

                                        I'm sorry, but I can't do chat layouts.
                                            Believe me when I say that I suck at them. I just suck... I am so bad at it that I don't even want to try it XD So sorry, but I'm not providing that kind of service.

                                        I will only do graphics. I can't do lyrics unless you want me to write it on photoshop.

                                        The more pictures the better
                                            The more pictures you provide the better, I think, the layout will turn out. I kind of want to see what works for me, and when I say that I kind of mean like inspiration wise. Sometimes pictures, poses, colors and even the characters personality inspires me to create a layout faster.

                                        If I decline your order please don't get offended.
                                            The only reason I would decline an order is if the pay is too low, if the pictures you provide me doesn't hit me with an idea for a format, and if I don't have any slots...Unless you bribe me than there's always slots open for ya ; )

                                        PM me or Post in the thread if you have any questions 8D

                                  █ ▌Threads:

                                        Threads will be a little 'iffy' for me
                                            I haven't done a lot, in fact, I only have one example of it and that's the thread you see right now lol. I don't think it'll be that hard to make one, but it really does depend on the pictures you give me whether or not I accept your thread order. I'm more picky on this one. Maybe, later on down the road, I'll do 'free-bees' (yea, I so don't know how to spell that word lol)

                                  █ ▌Graphics and other stuff:

                                            ○ Here are some examples
                                              ○ Note: Some of my graphics says 'by nanari uchiha'...just so you know, that's my other account so don't worry, I don't steal stuff xD. If, for some reason, you need some kind of proof these are my graphics then I'll provide whatever you need for you. ^_^

                                            ○If you want to order one, just fill out the form below and leave anything that doesn't involve your order blank.

                                        Chibi Drawings/AVI - OC art

                                            ○ If you want to order one, you don't need to fill a form, just give me some info on the character you want drawn and we can take the Q&A from there.

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                                  █ ▌For RP & THREAD Layouts:

                                        [list][list][list][list][list][img]http://i1259.photobucket.com/albums/ii558/kamui_kiriyu/shop shop shop/hahahha_zpse7328531.jpg[/img][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list]
                                        [size=10][color=#5d4e70][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][color=#c5d9f2]█ ▌[/color][size=9.5][b]T H R E A D S/RP layout[/b][/size]:

                                        [list][list][list][color=#1b1f22]●[/color] [b]USERNAME[/b]
                                        [list][list][i] type here[/i][/list][/list]

                                        [color=#1b1f22]●[/color] [b]TYPE OF FORMAT[/b]
                                        [list][list][i] Type here… To explain the ‘type of format‘ you want, you can go to my sample thread and there‘s number listed below each post. So you can say ‘can I have my format look like #7‘ or something like that…other than that, I know what a L format is and you can address whatever you want in this section[/i][/list][/list]

                                        [color=#1b1f22]●[/color] [b]PICTURES[/b]
                                        [list][list][i] Typle here[/i][/list][/list]

                                        [color=#1b1f22]●[/color] [b]COLORS[/b]
                                        [list][list][i] Typle here[/i][/list][/list]

                                        [color=#1b1f22]●[/color] [b]THEME[/b]
                                        [list][list][i] Typle here[/i][/list][/list]

                                        [color=#1b1f22]●[/color] [b]FONT[/b]
                                        [list][list][i] Typle here[/i][/list][/list]

                                        [color=#1b1f22]●[/color] [b]CHARACTER NAME[/b]
                                        [list][list][i] Typle here…If you don‘t want your character‘s name a part of the format then say so.[/i][/list][/list]

                                        [color=#1b1f22]●[/color] [b]ETC.[/b]
                                        [list][list][i] type here…other things you want to add?[/i][/list][/list]

                                        [color=#1b1f22]●[/color] [b]PRICE[/b]
                                        [list][list][i] Typle here[/i][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list]

                                        Should look like this
                                                  User Image

                                                                        █ ▌T H R E A D S/RP layout:

                                                                                  type here

                                                                              TYPE OF FORMAT
                                                                                  Type here… To explain the ‘type of format‘ you want, you can go to my sample thread and there‘s number listed below each post. So you can say ‘can I have my format look like #7‘ or something like that…other than that, I know what a L format is and you can address whatever you want in this section

                                                                                  Typle here

                                                                                  Typle here

                                                                                  Typle here

                                                                                  Typle here

                                                                              CHARACTER NAME
                                                                                  Typle here…If you don‘t want your character‘s name a part of the format then say so.

                                                                                  type here…other things you want to add?

                                                                                  Typle here

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                        █ ▌Here's what I have to say:

                              I just got rendering done ;u; I should be putting it all together by tomorrow if I don't get busy :3

                                  D e s p a r t e i

                                      User Image

            User Image

                                  █ ▌Note:

                                        All Free graphics will not be my first priority. All paid orders will come first so keep that in mind. But, of course, I'll try my best to finish them as soon as possible.

                                  █ ▌ OH NA NA WHAT'S MY NAME!!:

                                        As you may or may not have noticed, my thread headers/banners or whatever you want to call it has different pics of different animes, ulzzangs, and video games I favor the most.
                                        To win either a free thread layout or a RP post layout, you have to

                                            Name: 15/18 squares

                                        So, using the banner below as an example:

                                        User Image

                                        You'll have to name:

                                          First square: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura
                                          Second square: Itachi and Sasuke
                                          Third square: Kakashi

                                        Yes, I know it's going to be kind of hard for some of you who don't know kpop stars and all that jazz, and yes I understand there is a lot but don't worry, as days goes on and no one has yet to answer all 18, I'll decrease the numbers that you have to find...so, after like 4 days and no one has come up with all the answers I'll say find 17/18...and after 3 or 4 days after that it'll be 16/18 and so on and so forth until the first person gets it.

                                        Also, if the pics are too small, you can click on the banner and it'll direct you to a bigger picture of all three squares.

                                        You can try to guess as much as you like by posting it in the thread but I won't tell you what you got right or wrong, I'll just say "sorry, but you got a few incorrect" and you'll have to go back and decide from there.

                                        If you have any questions, post it in the thread.

                                  █ ▌ Hide and Seek...coming soon:

                                        Somewhere in this thread Leon S. Kennedy and Jake Muller lurks. In -late- celebration of Halloween and the Resident Evil 6 release, find Leon and Jake by copying the url of the two pictures and post it in the thread. You'll get a free thread layout if you find them ^_^

Chibi the Cat's avatar

Friendly Fatcat

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                                  █ ▌T H R E A D S/RP layout:

                                            Chibi Daydreamer

                                        TYPE OF FORMAT
                                            I'd like something similar to layout eight without the cross necklace and just the dashed outline around the pictures. Also instead of outfit written on the bottom graphic I'd like the word "Animator"



                                            I'd say cute and girly but also a bit reserved and tranquil. She's got a very shy and reserved personality but she enjoys cute things like stuffed animals, hello kitty, and dresses.

                                            whatever you think works.

                                        CHARACTER NAME
                                            Jun Oshiro



Chibi Daydreamer

          Accepted, pls send trade, that way I can get started once the trade is sent.
          I won't accept it until I give you a watermark and you like it ^_^
Would you do some pretty font over some photos for me? I will pay fairly to have them done by tonight
Lumina de Printesa

          Yeah, sure. I can finish them in about 6 hours or so. Just tell me the specifics/details of what you want me to do and I'll get started asap :3

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