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Question: If I use tektek to make dream avatars for people is this ok? I'm not totally sure if that applies to any of the rules seeing as how most of them are drawn avatars. What i kinda undestand is that yes it is ok because it is all Gaia grpahics because its making a Gaia avatar...am I right or no? Thank you for taking time to reading this.

          The Dream Avis made on Tektek belong to the 'Dressing Room Forum'. There you will find lots of 'Tektek me' topics, Tektek Dream Avi's shops, and other things like that.

          I'm not a Gaia Mod or anything like that; just a fellow gaian trying to help (:
I'm a little conflicted.

I purchased some avatar-art from a friend a while back, but she has been absent from Gaia for a few months. Unable to reach her, I was wondering if just showing the proof-of-purchase thing would be enough?

That is, the email she sent me when my order was complete. I just wanted to find out before I completed an order form. <3



I was going to open an art shop , telling the customers to supply their own picture . Would I get reported if that customer gave me a picture that wasn`t copyrighted and I already made the banner ?
ummm... help me pplez
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If we can't use photoshop images without permission of the owner, then y do they have it on the editing background/pictures?
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i like it thanks! blaugh
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l SOS Brigade l
These are the stupidest freaking rules. EVER.
They are just photos.
Do you know how many pictures are used on other websites not asking if they can use them?

If the owner of the image didn't want it used, they wouldn't of put it on the computer anyway.

And how the hell do you expect to contact a big company like Fox or Disney?
Not gonna happen. Don't think they'd respond that quickly or if at all.
And it's stupid sh-t like this, that prevent me from getting a freaking profile layout.

Don't bother replying to me on this thread, I'm getting off it.

if someone doesn't want you to use their picture then don't put it on the internet when everyone can see it and save it and ******** print it, wtf i am not going to call the company so i can tell them
hi i want your premonition to use this small heart image! yeh because they have no life but to sit beside the phone and give premonition to ppl to use their pictures.

WAKE THE ******** UP AND GO LOOK AT GAIA FORMS everyone has pictures that they don't own!!! and they still use it and if you are going to block threads/shops like min the go ******** your self!

gaia put that rule, saraum because of legal issues.
people put up images for FREE USE. meaning you're not allowed to sell anything with their pictures in it.
since this is personalized graphics, we're technically SELLING their work for our OWN gain.
we're asked to get permission from them because of the fact that they can actually sue gaia for OUR mistakes.

so think first before you go around bashing gaia's rules.
As stated in the main Mini Shops sticky, commercial images are not allowed in anything you sell without explicit permission from the people that own them.
  • If you wanted to use an image with Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy, you would need to contact Fox.
  • If you wanted to use an image of Naruto, you will need to contact Kishimoto Masashi, Scott / Shueisha - TV Tokyo -Pierrot.
Just stating "I did not make this, this belongs to Fox" is not good enough. This also includes offering to use images customers want you to use. This is also applicable to non-commercial images that you do not own. E.g. fanart or drawings your next door neighbour did. Permission is required from the person who drew them. If you drew fanart, then you can use that.

Shop samples should reflect what you're selling. If your samples show copyright images, then you should explicitly state that you will not use such images in your actual images. Better yet, make samples which don't have copyright images.

You are allowed to use drawings you made yourself, photos or art you have gotten permission for. Permission must be shown in clear text. Note that the admins have given permission for users to make and sell items containing Gaian graphics. So feel free to use avatars, the Mochi puppy etc.

In short, you CAN:
  • Use drawings including fanart you made yourself

  • Use drawings including fanart that others have drawn if you have their permission

  • Use images off Gaia, e.g. official Kiki images, banner images, NPC images etc. This includes the usage of any Gaia avatar makers as they utilise Gaia's graphics.

  • Use drawings, stocks etc for your own personal use or for others for free. You must not charge them anything in this case. Please make such shops in the Art Freebies sub-forum.

  • Use brushes available in software programs such as Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. If you download extra brushes, it is preferred that you credit and link back to where you got them from.

  • Use fonts available in software programs such as Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. If you download extra fonts, it is preferred that you credit and link back to where you got them from.

  • Use public domain images (it is preferable to link back) , e.g.
    - http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/

You may NOT:
  • Use banner makers, blinkie makers or any other makers, except Gaia avatar makers since they make use of Gaia's graphics.

  • Use or offer to use images eg. anime, movie, game characters without permission from the copyright holder or the artist who drew them. Just stating "Images owned by Fox" or similar is not good enough.

      - this includes scans, screenshots or other similar images, even if you took the screenshot yourself or bought the book/magazine etc that you scanned the image from, you STILL need permission.

      - this also includes sites such as animewallpaper.com or animerender.com. You need the permission of the artist/company that owns it. Just because it's free to download does not mean you can make a profit off of them.

  • Use stock images without permission from the person who took them

  • Use any photobucket, google or other similar images without permission of the artist/company that owns them. Asking the person who uploaded it does not count as they do not have the authority to give you permission, unless they made the image themselves.

  • Use traced, copied or eyeballed images

We encourage users to sell items which they have made themselves 100% in Mini Shops.

Please help moderators out by reporting shops which are misplaced or which violate the rules. More information here:

Please refer back to this for clarification and other rules which apply:

This Announcement thread is open for users to post in because some may have legitimate questions about how to avoid breaking the rules.

It is not open for the sake of debating about the rules or complaining amongst yourselves.

The reasons for the rules have been stated. The moderators and admins, having many different backgrounds and viewpoints, have put a great deal of thought into the rules. Any well-contrived example, analogy, or criticism that you can think of has been brought up and been dealt with behind the scenes, and therefore the rules are not up for questioning or debate. It is simply unproductive to argue.

The administrators and mods want Gaia to be a friendly place and wish to be as helpful and understanding as possible. The staff welcomes feedback, in the feedback forum.

If you continue to use this thread to complain about the rule and argue, the thread will be locked.

Questions about how to follow the rule, and is your shop OK, are welcome.
do you like what you posted
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