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Your Username: Rotten Odor
Ordering From: Graphikuh
Profile Type: I want the profile to be a little smaller than my current but the about me section the same size.
Colors: X
You can also mix in grey or anything other color that you think might look good.
Theme: I don't want anything too girly. No quotes or anything like that.
The feel of the second sample profile is sorta what I want. Simplicity.
Hover Status Bar?: no
--- Online / Offline Buttons? yes
Sections: about, media, and wishlist.
Show Avatar: no
Custom Section: no
Type of Scroll Bar: hidden
Image(s): none
Section Names: nope
Add/message/trade buttons please. A place for the media button.
Can I have my username somewhere on it in a nice font?
If I didn't explain what I want well please let me know. sweatdrop
Offer: 250k + tip
Password: seasons change
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Lady Cressida
Thanks you two. I wish I had this code earlier lol

Youre welcome!
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Rotten Odor
▅▅▅ ▅▅▅▅▅▅ ▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅

      sorry dear, i'm full on regular slots atm
      and i'm about to go out of town
      however i will let you know when my slots are empty
      in case you're still interested
      thank you!

▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅✿ ✿ ✿
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Your Username: Drugstep
Ordering From: K I T T E N..P I E..C H A N
Profile Type: Complex
Colors: ColurLovers Palette
Theme: Coffee Shop/Vintage/Sail
Hover Status Bar?: Yes
--- Online / Offline Buttons? Yes
Sections: About, Media(Please Hide)
Show Avatar: Yes.
Custom Section: No.
--- What do you want it for: n/a
Type of Scroll Bar: None.
Image(s): Can this be the background? Link, X, n, Coffee Stains?
Permission for Image: I pulled the last two off of the website called Mayhem & Muse and the others from Weheartit.com. Not personal artists.
Section Names: About-Who is Drug?
and i want the media hidden.
Additional: Can you please add the contat butons? (Add me, Trade, Comment, ect)

Offer: 100k+Tip
Password: Seasons Change
The Darkened One II

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Your Username: xx MisoHai
Ordering From: The Darkened One II
Profile Type: Simple
Colors: Any that match up with the picture.
Theme: Trippy, Fractals
Hover Status Bar?: If you want, I'm not really sure what this is, sorry.><
--- Online / Offline Buttons? Sure
Sections: About, Comments, Details, Media
Show Avatar: Yes
Custom Section: No
--- What do you want it for: (art, links, etc.)
Type of Scroll Bar: Hidden
Image(s): Here
Permission for Image: I'm assuming you can use it since it was made to be used as a wallpaper. Here is where I got it.
Section Names: I'm not good with this stuff, so you can either just name it what you'd like or not worry about putting titles.><
Additional: Username visible somewhere and please include the friend, message, trade buttons.

Offer: 85k
Password: Seasons Change
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//so tempted
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xx MisoHai

no thanks.
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Quiet around here...
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Pale Melodies
Quiet around here...

Yes it is.
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Your Username: Pixelated Rarity
Ordering From: Darky
Profile Type: Simple
Colors:black, white, light blue (like the colour of my av is eyes) and a small dash of very light pink
Theme: I really enjoy you 2nd sample in the simple section, so around that. But I would like a classy look....maybe like a masquerade type...victorian as well.
Hover Status Bar?: yes
--- Online / Offline Buttons? no
Sections:about me, media
Show Avatar: yes
Custom Section: no
Type of Scroll Bar: hover
Image(s): none
Permission for Image:
Section Names: My story (about me), I would like the media to be hidden if possible
Additional:reat. If you could base the profile off my avi that would be g

Offer: 90k
Password: seasons change (highlight to see hehe)

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