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you're the heat in my bones

but you break me with stones 1 100.0% [ 22 ]
Total Votes:[ 22 ]
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Tipsy Humorist

sailing through space

                          Awesome c: Oh, that graphic has three pictures in it, I don't want that xD
sailing through space
flightless eagle

          hope you like it! and i hope you don't mind the leaves
          and stuff

I Love it.
thank you.
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Sparkly Wench

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                                          username⇡ xRian
                                          format⇡ one piece
                                          picturesthis & this as a background
                                          name⇡ Min Eun Ho
                                          role⇡ n/a
                                          theme⇡ military, bitchy?
                                          other⇡ is there anything else i need to know?
                                          payment⇡ 13k+tip

          ohhhhh, this sparks my interest, i'll work on it later~
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Fashionable Businesswoman

ollie........I love you okay? okay. pretty shop is very pretty.
User Image

                                          username⇡ Arashi Manifesto
                                          format⇡ One Piece [ I quite like the circle-y one c: ]
                                          picturesMika Kailes' Album ; My favorite picture of him c:
                                          name⇡ Skyler Avery Foxx
                                          role⇡ ---
                                          theme⇡ Whimsical, Flowy, Happy, Wish-ful (He represents the genie from Aladdin, in case that gives you any ideas)
                                          other⇡ ILOVEYOUOLLIE<3
                                          payment⇡ 15k + 5k tip = 20k? [ Sorry, it's all I have at the moment :c ]

                                          sailing through space
User Image

                                          username⇡ zombie with me
                                          format⇡┏ shaped please, and thank you?
                                          picturesx x x
                                          name⇡ Summer Lynn Carter
                                          role⇡ The Tired Rebel
                                          theme⇡Just uh flowery.
                                          colorsColours here.
                                          other⇡ Take your time, love. oh and if you can use the song Lights By Ellie Goulding
                                          payment⇡ i'll give you 100k. c:
User Image

                                          username⇡ flightless eagle
                                          format⇡ a plain 1 piece graphic. c;
                                          pictures one two three four
                                          name⇡ Arissa Ru Takagi
                                          role⇡ that snobby b***h
                                          theme⇡ classy, and elegant.
                                          other⇡ ohhh, can i have it asap? if not then by Monday would be great. ^^
                                          payment⇡ 3Ok, `cause your awesome. haha.
your shop is gorgeous fjdfka
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700 Points
  • Hygienic 200
  • Dressed Up 200
User Image

                                          username⇡ KannibalKatherine
                                          format⇡ ┏ shaped please
                                          picturesx x x x
                                          name⇡ Thilda Bennet
                                          role⇡ N/A
                                          theme⇡ grungy please c:
                                          other⇡ i leave you to be as creative as you want c:
                                          payment⇡ 20k
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Tipsy Gekko

Amazing layouts.

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