gaia_angelleft Hi there artists. Found this website years ago and decided to come back looking for help. I've seen plenty of good work/images made on the arenas, now I'm looking for YOUR help as a artist to help me design my card game. gaia_angelright

I cant fully explain the card game rules and play method as it is still in it's beginning phase.Why look for help then? Well I believe if I can design few cards along the way it'll help me develop the game by using the cards as demonstrations and test as i play and add rules. I made a few quick demo cards and will add them later, but i don't feel rite using images i got from the internet or those who are copyrighted and not original art drawn by bad i can't draw that good.That's why i;m looking for awesome artists like you to help me draw some characters,effects and even fonts if needed.

gaia_nitemareleft One problem though, I can't afford any workers or staff in this project, so I;m asking you if I may use your images for this purpose and for free. Also known as Pro bono publico.If any profit will be made all artists will be informed and asked for there help and the use of there art for costs. gaia_nitemareright

So please reply what you think and if you could help. I will reply asking what i need from you and what i;m busy with.