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and here. ;D
and another heree.

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Check out my quest thread? c;
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Liberal Capitalist

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Username: T h e L4M3 DUCKii
Type of graphic: Character Posting Format
Image: one two three four
Size: 600 x 500
Colors: here
Text: Mary Anne Benson "The Honey Bee"
Font: main font subfont
Other Details: this is for a 1950s roleplay c;
Bribe : 20k??
Tip? (optional):
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Ruthless Hunter

T h e L4M3 DUCKii

Would you like a square one? ;o
A square graphic, I mean.
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Liberal Capitalist

7,500 Points
  • Timid 100
  • Tycoon 200
  • Generous 100
T h e L4M3 DUCKii

Would you like a square one? ;o
A square graphic, I mean.

Have at it c;
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  • Forum Sophomore 300
  • Clambake 200
Username: UltraaV1olet
Type of graphic: main banner
Image: [this] and [this]
Size: up to you..
Colors: pastel colors tht match the pictures
Text: A Thousand Miles, farewell message
Font: up to you..
Other Details: theme is light kawaii, and traveling whee
Bribe [if bribe slot] : 5k
Tip? (optional):

should i send trade now?
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Feral Fairy

Username: BibbityBoppityPOW
Type of graphic: Roleplay Post Layout
Image: 1 & 2
Size: Large enough to wrap around the upper left of the text.
Colors: Black, Mediumpurple & Cornflowerblue
Text: Accidents aren't just Accidents ~ Azalea
Font: Something flowy. Nothing blocky or digital looking.
Other Details: Give it a little attitude.
Bribe [if bribe slot] : 10k
Tip? (optional): Depends on the work done
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Ruthless Hunter


Accepted. :">

Hmm, something like Lena Tune's ? It's on my sample page.
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O.G. Fatcat

7,950 Points
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  • Friendly 100
  • Forum Regular 100
Username: BananaSquiggles
Type of graphic: character posting format
Image: uno dos
Size: not a page stretcher but big enough to where you can actually see the faces c:
Colors: pastel pink and blue colors ~
Text: You gave me a reason to live
A "faith" called captivity
You are not alone
When you're lost "here"
I am... "forever" with your soul
Font: the one from your sample, 'vanilla request'
Other Details: Nothing really~
Bribe [if bribe slot] : I thought it was free .____. 10k
Tip? (optional): 5k
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Ruthless Hunter


You only fill up the "Bribe" part if you want a bribe slot. ;o
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Hygienic Flatterer

Username: ultimate fusion
Type of graphic: banner
Image: pic [:
Size: not too big, not too small? It's a signature
Colors: this combined with any of these
Text: Martha+Alyssa Carrying a baby is the most rewarding experience a woman can enjoy.
Font: Reliant (the first type)
Other Details: our names before the quote and the quote under our names and under the quote Jayne Mansfield (and you can crop the pic however you want! Or change the shape of the cropped pic)
Bribe [if bribe slot] :
Tip? (optional):

- - -

It's okay if I'm not chosen 3nodding
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Feral Fairy


I don't know which one that is. xD
But I would like something with both images that I provided.
Is that too much?
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Ruthless Hunter


I mean, you want something like a post layout?
BibbityBoppityPOW's avatar

Feral Fairy

Something similar to that.

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