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forever being a kat's avatar

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          why hello there hunny c:!
          XXXXXX I AM - KannibalKatherine
          XXXXXX I'D LIKE TO BE CALLED - Katherine
          XXXXXX I'D LIKE - A Graphic for a Roleplay
          XXXXXX PICTURES - x x x
          XXXXXX 'Alison White'
          XXXXXX this font please x
          XXXXXX x
          XXXXXX Grungry please
          XXXXXX You're so good at graphics, i'm sort of jealous :]
          Have a lovely day : D!
The Life of A Lazy Panda's avatar

Dapper Prophet


Sorry, I decided to cancel my order >.<
I love your graphics though soi will be back
Sorry again...
xingpathways's avatar

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B1A4 Hwaiting

jiasuu's avatar

Super Junior

Shimmering H E A R T

Your signature still makes me go loco
forever being a kat's avatar

700 Points
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I'm going to cancel my order, sorry : )

You make really good graphics so I might be back

Thank you anyway
BabyShawol's avatar

Rainbow Fairy

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are you taking orders right now?
yeppeoyo's avatar

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                          Unfortunately, no. Sorry.
The Coffee Creeper's avatar

Gracious Noob

User ImageUser Image

Excuse me, I have already ordered, and you accepted the trade already. I noticed your shop is now on hiatus, so I wonder if I would get my order or not. Sorry to sound rude or anything, but that was almost two weeks ago. So yeah, I hope you don't forget me.
Infinite Fantasy's avatar

Hygienic Smoker

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hello, i don't mean to be rude.
but have you started on my order yet?
because if you're not gonna do it, i want
my gold back. because i really need some
graphics. i love your graphics, and was hoping
you could try to reach my expectations.
like i said again, i don't mean to be rude.

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