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ARTIST }} phoenixbasilisk
Name }} Ab3yant
Theme }} gothic/escaping reality: roses, gothic clock, anything else you think goes with the theme
Links to Pics}} don't have any
Sections }} avatar, about me (My Reality), wish list (Unfulfilled Dreams), friends list (Acquaintances)
Media }} video that plays automatiically
Contact Links }} buttons for add, trade, message
Text }} Ab3yant
Colors }} black, red, white, grey
Deadline }} asap
Payment }} 10mil

This is my order reposted, you had already accepted a few months ago. Hopefully you can get around doing/finishing it this summer?
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Amorous Sex Symbol

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For some reason my profile image isn't showing up. sad
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Sweet Bunny


PREVIOUS CUSTOMERS: I am so very very sorry that your orders have been delayed for such a long time. I apologize that I no longer have enough time to keep up with making them. You are also welcome to cancel any ongoing trade if you wish.

If you would still like a profile, please REPOST your order, and I will definitely reconsider it. Again I apologize for this inconvenience.

So does this mean outstanding orders are cancelled or just delayed?
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Magical Cat

DAMMIT I NEED ART OMG, Free profiles and I don't have pretty art yet for a profile cat_gonk I feel like it's been a long time since I bought my most recent XD
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I'm actually having the same issues alot of people are having right now. My content is saved but when I individually go to an image to try and grab it so I can save and upload them, they appear to have been removed. =/
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            err hello there <3

            User Image
            ARTIST }} phoenixbasilisk
            Name }} bpcc
            Theme }} oriental, rain, umbrellas/clouds/etc
            Links to Pics}} here's a gallery of art you can choose from
            they're allowed to be used, I'll just credit them 3nodding
            Sections }} about me, wishlist, comments
            Media }} N/A
            Contact Links }} Add, Trade, Mail, Ignore <3 (any chance you could add a dA + soundcloud? fkjsdjfsdj)
            Text }} "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."
            and that quote is from Vivian Greene~
            Colors }} Red, Aqua, Teal, Black/Dark Gray, White or basically Raine's colors and stuff that would complement. ^_^
            Deadline }} none~!
            Payment }} I hear you're quitting so I'm not sure what I could offer D:

            awesome post style by Mischievous Michael~!
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Hello there, long time!

It's been awhile since you made my profile, but recently I noticed the images on it disappeared. I was wondering if you could resend me the images (if you still have them) and I'll just upload them myself. Thank you!
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do you still make layouts? <3

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