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                    User Image
                                              USERNAME: sakura parfait
                                              FORMAT: ┏ shaped
                                              IMAGES: 1 2
                                              FONTS: Porcelain
                                              MAIN TEXT: Momoko Ishiyuki
                                              SUBTEXT: The Quiet Songstress; Power: Animation (to be put underneath "the quiet songstress" text)
                                              CODING: N/A
                                              COLORS: x
                                              THEME: Cute. She's also shy and quiet, but loves to sing, so could you make the theme fit her personality as well?
                                              SIZE: small
                                              OTHER: n/a edit: I would like these brushes to be included, please: 1 2 3
                                              PAYMENT: 30k
bumpity bump! (:
the 2013 post is mine. (x


            you didn't give me a posting color so i just picked
            one i liked. this is the layout i figure it went with
            the whole 'power' thing, and red always looks good
            with nina dobrev xD if you don't want me picking
            your main colors then you'll need to give me the
            posting colors for the rest of your orders. let me
            know if you want anything else changed, e.g. the
            size. if not, please send the trade c:

lols. (x I really don't mind if you pick my posting colors. & can you change the size?


            it's fixed on the original link.
            send the trade.

            a pet dino

            here's the first layout. i didn't use the image you wanted
            because it didn't really fit but i made the middle one more
            ghostly, so i hope it's alright.

            andddd, the second layout. i think i managed to get them
            in under 4 days? xD unless you need anything fixed,
            please send the trade c:

I remember how we know each other. I ordered an X-Men layout and never really followed up I think. But now I want one again! Especially since you made me such a lovely post layout.

                    User Image
                                              USERNAME: SwanAmber
                                              IMAGES: heterochromia
                                              FONTS: X-Men ish? Comic Book maybe.
                                              MAIN HEADER: Groovy Mutations
                                              MAIN SUBTEXT: An X-Men Roleplay
                                              SUBHEADERS: Ten
                                                  Brotherhood of Mutants

                                              SUBHEADER SUBTEXT: Mutant and Proud
                                              MISCELLANEOUS: Banners for IC, OC, and PT
                                              CODING: Eh, not necessary if that's too much.
                                              COLORS: Anything that goes with the photo really, #AFDCEC, #805817, #FAF8CC, #657383, #302217
                                              THEME: X-Men, it's going to be between First Class and the old trilogy.
                                              SIZE: Middle
                                              OTHER: Come join us ;D
                                              PAYMENT: 275k

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Sorry! I'm going to have to cancel my order due to time restrictions.
Thank you for your consideration!

    Hallo! Are you still open to taking requests?

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the little zerebra

                    User Image
                                              USERNAME: Lady Savi
                                              FORMAT: I dun care! Do whatever you want missy! n .nb
                                              IMAGES: I have a Zerochan link, it's the red haired girl C: here ya go<3
                                              FONTS: don't matta
                                              MAIN TEXT: Jigme Fujita
                                              SUBTEXT: -------
                                              CODING: uhmm..simple please C:
                                              COLORS: palette
                                              THEME: kinda messy, but in a good way xD
                                              SIZE: medium
                                              OTHER: nada C:
                                              PAYMENT: 50k+ I tip well, it may end up being more.

I know you already made me this, but I was
wondering if you could do one again for me! :D
I just changed two things xD that's it

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