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                                                      __ So, what is this shop for and what are you selling?

                                                          I make mostly RP layouts and threads but I can make those for just about anything you need. As long
                                                          as you provide me with the specifics I can do pretty much whatever you need me to, be it banners,
                                                          icons, layouts, whatever. I'm going to be reserved the right to pick and choose which orders I want to
                                                          do. My school term is winding to an end and I'd like to have some stuff to occupy my time. I also need
                                                          some funds for certain items I'm questing for. Besides that, I've developed a craving for graphic-making
                                                          and I felt like making a shop.

                                                      __ Do you accept items for payment?

                                                          Payment can be in either pure gold or items or a combination. The higher the bribe the better quality the
                                                          work will be, obviously. Any items below are ones I'd love in particular:

                                                          User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

                                                      __ Obviously you have rules, right?

                                                          All the typical boring rules like follow the Gaia ToS, etc. Don't steal my images or claim them as your own
                                                          or I will hunt you down and make you suffer. Credit my work wherever you use it and don't edit anything
                                                          without my permission. Just ask and I'll change things for you if you need it, but after more than two weeks
                                                          of your order you might find that I've already deleted your file. Host your own images. Don't quote anything
                                                          from the first page or stretch the pages.

                                                      __ Alright, so how does this ordering work?

                                                          Everything you need to order what you want is down in the 'ordering' post below. Do not PM me your orders,
                                                          it's annoying and I'll ignore you. Be specific in your order, or else I'll just assume you're giving me artistic
                                                          freedom with whatever. Once I've accepted your order, send me a trade with the number of the page you
                                                          posted on. Don't be offended if I deny your order, I'm going to be picky about what I want to do. Bribe me
                                                          more and I'll likely accept.
                                                          Reference pictures help, you can also tell me if you want your graphics to look
                                                          like something I've done before. I don't do orders without pictures, pure brush images are irritating to make
                                                          and don't end up looking good at all.

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                                                          __ CALMYOURTITSBlTCH // PG. 11 // post lyt // 30k

                                                          __ CALMYOURTITSBlTCH // PG. 13 // post lyt // 40k

                                                          __ sakura parfait // PG. 15 // post lyt // 30k

                                                      User Image
                                                          __ hearing on mute // PG. 10 // post lyt // <3

                                                          __ Damoiselle Shi // PG. 10 // thrd lyt // 260k

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                                                          Bribe me with however much you want. The price matters less if I like your order. As a starting point,
                                                          thread layouts from 50k, post styles from 15k, rp layouts from 25k and banners from 10k.

                                                                User Image

                                                          Fill out the appropriate form from the link above and post it here. If I accept your order send me a trade
                                                          with the title of the page number you posted on. Thread layouts take around a week, post layouts and
                                                          everything else from two to five days. I pick orders based around 40% concept, 40% bribe and 20%
                                                          complexity. If you want a rush order then bribe me well.

                                                          I'm especially good at making stuff for RPs, seeing as I love RPing myself. But graphics, post layouts,
                                                          thread layouts for other stuff is also cool with me.

                                                          If I've already said something in these posts, don't ask me again. I really haven't written all that much
                                                          so just read everything through before making yourself look illiterate. Also, don't order things when I'm
                                                          full, unless you're super-bribing me. I don't work in any particular order, I'll go with whatever I feel like
                                                          doing first.

                                                          You can ask me to change things but any later than a week and I won't respond, it's simply too much
                                                          of a hassle to change something at that point. PLEASE SAVE YOUR GRAPHICS TO YOUR OWN SERVER.
                                                          I have no guarantee of how long they will last on my photobucket. Any images will be deleted
                                                          in about two weeks.

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                                                          If you want to affiliate post your code in here or PM me. 88 x 31 icons only.

                                                                User Image

                                                          [url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/personalized-graphics/fascinating-uc/t.78659081_1/#15][img]http://i1249.photobucket.com/albums/hh506/zerebralicious/infinitely fascinating/button.png[/img][/url]

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                                                          Everything I make is done on Adobe Photoshop CS4. I get my fonts from dafont, brushes
                                                          from brusheezy, 123photoshopbrushes, brushking, freephotoshop brushes, textures from
                                                          swimchick, 99mockingbirds and graphicmania. all other miscellaneous stuff from livejournal,
                                                          tumblr or weheartit.

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