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750g (2005-06 price) 0.19638826185102 19.6% [ 87 ]
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Owner :: Colibee.
Helpers :: Jessyta & Best Chosen.

Welcome to DeadStar v4
This minishop celebrates your favourite songs with an animated mp3 player for your gaia signitures, journals and profiles. The shop is owned and run by Colibee. Feel free to take a look around, chat, order, whatever. If you have any queries please ask, no-one will bite your head off and a lot of the regular visitors are more than happy to help out. Failing that feel free to PM Devilux (our shop account) & a member of staff will reply as soon as possible. In the mean-time, all I ask is that you play by the rules and have fun.

All of the graphics sold in this shop are created using Photoshop CS and animated with ImageReady. All of the graphics in this shop are created from scratch by Colibee (besides the credited brush and font creators).

I am afraid to say that since my last appearance here, I have been overwhelmed by real life and other online responsibilties which mean I can no longer afford to continue devoting the majority of my time and effort to this minishop, or Gaia itself. I've long had to juggle my priorities, Gaia just isn't one of them anymore. I (Coli) would very much like to keep in contact with my friends that I have made over the past 4 years on Gaia and running this place. So please if you are interested in keeping in touch, please add or message me on myspace.

ALL PENDING ORDER TRADES have been canceled.

[ 1 | Welcome & Navigation]
[ 2 | News]
[ 3 | Rules & FAQ]
[ 4 | Selling]
[ 5 | Ordering & Pending Orders]
[ 6 | Archive]
[ 7 | Customs]
[ 8 | DeadStaff]
[ 9 | Credits]
[ 10 | Links]

The time this shop runs by is below. Why? Because I live in London! Hope it helps.

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9th January 2008 :: February!
My beloved has just told me that he's taking me to Florida for two weeks to celebrate my 21st birthday! So from the 4th to the 15th of February I will be absent and no orders will be taken!

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7th January 2008 :: Shop Changes
Details can be found on page 5934.

12th December 2007 :: DDR is back!
Jennger has reopened her DDR doll shop, go check her out!
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7th November 2007 :: There goes my lungs!
I am so ill. I hate being ill. I'm still coming into the office, therefore posting, but my time at home when I deal with orders I'm spending mainly in bed. I've been ill since before I went to Italy a month ago and it hasn't really cleared up since. I've probably decimated a small rainforest with my tissue consumption, but I just can't settle for less than 2 ply lol. Your orders aren't forgotten I've still been attending to mail and clearing up old edits I owe people. Orders will be dealt with in the next few days, I'm sick of sitting in bed oozing to be honest. I want to get stuff done!

28th September 2007 :: Take THAT Mr. Examiner!
You and your stupid haircut, pulling that face at me. Thinking you're all big with your purely fictional audit exam which mainly consisted of logic that no doubt had been pulled out of your arse. PASS. Thank you very much.

26th September 2007 :: Happy Birthday Jessyta!
Jess is officially one year cooler, smarter, prettier and generally better than she was yesterday. Deal with it.

11th September 2007 :: Just so you know!
As of the 17th of September I will have limited net access for a week. I will only be able to get online for a few hours each evening. I will have no office access due to an accountancy course I have to attend.

10th September 2007 :: General update!
As many of you have noticed there has been a certain lack of activity here over the last month. Whether or not you are aware of my situation of late depends on how well you know me, but I would like to say everything seems to be back on track and I started dealing with the backlog of orders last week and intend to clear them all this week! So if you're waiting on an order you have placed, expect it in the next few days, if you're waiting to place orders, check out the first post for updated opening times.
Thanks for your patience everyone ♥

6th August 2007 :: Event announcement!
The times and prizes are being announced for the contests, which will span Thursday the 9th, Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th of August!

19th July 2007 :: Happy Birthday Narcissaa!
********. I adore you, the shop adores you. Deal with it.

20th June 2007 :: Happy Domination Day!
Here's to another year of taking over the world, or at least the exchange forum.

19th June 2007 :: Happy Birthday Perry!
Perry / Best Chosen turns 16 today! He's an amazing guy so if you could all tell him that & shower him with gifts (and gold for his nitemare scarf quest) that would leave me a very happy Coli.

12th June 2007 :: Coli's back!
I've been at a festival from last Wednesday until Monday. Drinkng, dancing and generally being shibby. It was AWESOME!

1st June 2007 :: New mule outfit!
I've decided it's time for a switchup, so the DeadStar mule has had an expensive make-over, the thread theme has been updated to match.

30th March 2007 :: Coli's name change!
Coli just changed her username from Swanibee to Colibee. Just so you know wink

20 March 07 :: Traders beware!
We will no longer tolerate the trade or giving away of your own graphics/art in this thread. If you want to do it, take it to PMs, start your own minishop or freebies thread. We do not want to see orders being offered or taken by users in this thread (other than by me obviously). I would also like to re-iterate that we do not allow advertising your own shops in here, just like the majority of minishop threads.

16 March 07 :: Thread redesign!
Again! This is version 4, the posts have been tidied and restructured to make things clearer.

9 February 07 :: Panda Player!
For charity! Help out Jess with her quest for a panda hat, and get a cute panda player in return!

12 January 07 :: New premades!
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Do not PM members of staff personal accounts.
Thats what we have a shop mule for. We all have access to it, so please refrain from mailing our personal accounts.

Do not PM us your order forms.
Just dont do it. I neither have the inbox capacity nor the tolerance for it.

Do not use these graphics outside of Gaia without permission.
These are for your gaia signatures, profiles, journals, toyboxes (etc.) only.

No refunds.
If I screw up, you'll get a free edit, so theres no excuse for wanting a refund. However I will not take responsibility for mistakes made in your order form. If I give you what you ask for...I get paid, kapeesh.

Do not remove/edit the shop credit, the owners name, nor any other part of any items in order to claim it for yourself.
People recognize my style straight away, so theres not much point tyring to pass them off as your own work. Illegal editing to steal another persons purchased player for your own use is also easily spotted. The shop keeps a very detailed list of orders and owners, so if it doesn't belong to you, we will know.

Do not edit the design or text in any way.
It is completely unacceptable to edit items you buy from any minishop without permission. Please for the love of god do not edit the graphics I make you. I put a hell of a lot of hard work into this shop, I slave my guts over creating graphics that I am proud of, don't ruin that for me please.

Use your own host.
We only host orders temporarily. If you dont host for yourself and it disappears, it's nobodies fault but your own and I am not obliged to resend you your order as you have not followed my shop rules.

Causing drama.
Do not post publicly anything in this thread that will cause drama (aka 'trolling'). This includes reporting users to us & bitching about similar graphics shops. If there is information or an issue you want us to deal with as shop staff, please contact this shop account by PM. Starting s**t in here is not acceptable conduct.

Advertising / Self-promoting.
You may not offer your services around in my thread. My shop is not where you do business. This includes offering people free stuff, linking your shop or thread. Use PMs.

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Do your mp3 players play real music?
No they are just graphics. Purely to look pretty and showcase your musical tastes.

Do they link to iTunes/Media Player and show the song im currently listening to?
These are not interactive, they do not link to any playlists.

Can I buy one for a friend?
Sure thing. Just put your friends username on the form instead of your own.

Im [questing/poor/noob/lazy/tight] can I have a freebie? *sobsob*

Can I have the song changed in the future for free seeing as I already purchased the player?
Nope. Sowwie.

How do I save them?
When your order is delivered by PM, right click on the player and choose 'Save Picture As...'. Save it to your PC as a .gif file, anything else will break the animation. Upload it to your own host (eg. photobucket). If your computer can't save the file as a .gif you can always see if you can get a trusted friend to upload it to a host for you, or try using a different computer like at school or in a library. If you're still having trouble let us know.

Why was my trade cancelled?
Failure to use a form or fill it out correctly, PMing the order, ordering something that isn't currently available, you may have been blacklisted for previous actions...or it could be that the trade sent was incorrect (but in that case, I'd usually notify you with a courtesy PM to fix it first).

How many am I allowed to order?
You may order as many of the current week's players as you want, put all your forms in one post. When they are available you may only order one custom at a time.

I already have an outstanding order, can I order again?
No. You can only have one outstanding order at a time. That one order can be for multiple players though. As long as it's all in ONE post with ONE trade, I'm happy.

I found an mp3 shop ripping you off!?
First thing is first: there is no such thing as 'concept theft' or stealing someone's idea on Gaia. I wasn't the first user to sell mp3 graphics, and I'd hate to be the last! Only ever bring image thefts to me. With screen caps. Coli loves the caps.

You must follow these rules and guidelines at all times in this thread, unless you have been told otherwise by a member of staff.
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D e l i r i o u s
Lorelei Yeager


1 :: Jessyta shop credit (9500g left)
2 :: Awards customs (locked in my mule until admin sort it out)
3 :: Treasure hunt prizes (locked in my mule until admin sort it out)
User Image

Here's all of our retired players. You cannot buy these players except when we decide to put an old design up in the 'selling' post, this will happen now and again so keep a look out!

User Image
Tempest Player
Pretty sure it wont conduct electricity but try not to wave it around in thunderstorms.


User Image
Demonic Player
Our very first design, it's been revamped through the years and still remains up to standards to be sold. Be a little daring and take a walk on the dark side. Rock out to the sleek and fiery Demonic Player. Is it evil or just hardcore? We can't decide.


User Image
Angelic Player
Dream on in peace. Cleanse your mind with music. Made of clouds and the essence of the heavens, the Angelic Player brings you into a higher sense of being. It is so soft to the touch you wont ever want to put it down.

User Image
Lunar Player
Ever wanted to travel to the stars? Get a little bit closer and listen to your favourite heavenly songs on the lunar player. It's celestial blue glow will light up the darkest of places for you. Probably our best selling design.


User Image
AFK Player
This design was chosen by our customers in a poll back in 2005. Styled after Gaia's very own AFK hat.


User Image
OMG Player
This design was chosen by our customers in a poll back in 2005. Styled after Gaia's very own OMG hat.


User Image
Heartless Player
This lightweight and stylish player is seemingly cold, cutting, and emotionless. Only the warmth of your hand will unleash its hidden tune.


User Image
Elemental Players
Have the power of nature at your fingertips. We've captured the four elements in these players for you. If you listen closely, you might hear the crash of the ocean, the whisper of the wind, the roar of fire, or the hum of the earth. The example shown above is 'Air'.
Flame Water Earth


User Image
Fruit Players
Whoa! Is that music coming from my popsicle?! Wait, never mind, it's the Fruit Player. A fun and tasty alternative to the regular premade players, they slip right into your pocket. It's not advisable to lick or attempt to digest these. The example shown above is 'Banana'.
Cherry Strawberry Orange Berry Apple


User Image
Bone Player
Whittled from an unsuspecting customers rib-bone. Never turn your back on us!


User Image
Tiger Player
No animals were harmed in the making. Except the tiger.


User Image
Zebra Player
We found this in the Tiger's belly, why shouldn't we profit from by-products!


Pirate Player - September 05
ARR! What's that bulge? Be there booty in your pants?
Nay, but there be a Deadstar!
This player contains the spirit of a once-hallowed, music-savvy pirate. Don't sail the seas without it.

Jacked Up Player - October 05
Blah. Blah.

Inverted Jacked Up Player - October 05
Blah. Blah.

Shadow Player - October 05
Mysterious and easily hidden, this player follows you like a shadow. What lurks in the depths of your heart? Turn it on and drown in the dark.

Radioactive Player - November 05
Adding a dose of danger to your daily music selection, the effect of this player on your health and the environment is questionable.
WARNING: This player is not meant to be used as a weapon of mass destruction.

Frost Player - December 05
Bring this with your everywhere this winter. Durable enough to withstand temperatures down to -30 degrees C, the Frost Player makes a fine companion on snowboarding and skiing excursions.

Spirited Player - December 05
Christmas gets a fashionable update in the Spirited Player. Whether you've been naughty or nice, it continues to pump out your favorite tunes.

Candy Player - January 06

Blah. Blah.
strawberry orange lemon lime cherry berry

Valentine Player - February 06

The Valentine Player is surronded by an aura of sentimentality, bliss, and plain ol' warm-fuzzies. Aww, look, honey! It's our song.

Hallow Player - October 06

Blah, blah.

Magik Player - October 06

Blah, blah.

Winter Player - December 06

This chilly design is cold to the touch and when you listen to it's mellow tones a shiver travels down your spine. Wrap up warm, it's the winter player.

Jolly Player - December 06

Santa has personally instructed us to put together this design, he oversaw production and lent us some elves to get them all out in time.

Toadstool Player - Summer 07

Inspired by the fabulous Narcissaa and her winning design contest entry. She loves Alice in Wonderland a little too hard perhaps.

Cheshire Player - Summer 07

Alongside Narcissaa's toadstool design, we produced a cheshire design (using the colour scheme from the disney film).

Panda Player - 2007

This was sold to raise funds for Jessyta's panda hat quest. Over all we donated 3 dark halos and 2 katanas thanks to you guys! As her quest is over, the design is now retired.

Fang Player - October 2007
Our 2k7 halloween player.
User Image
User Image User Image
Colibee / Coliboo
Coli is the owner of DeadStar, she is ultimately responsible for what goes on here and her say is final. She makes the orders, manages the thread, designs the graphics and runs events.

Minishops has been my home from the start I guess. I've frequented in the R&C, Auctions and the Minishops Assistance forums in my time but settled down in the main forum with DeadStar, which in 2007 was subsequently moved to the Personalized Graphics subforum.

The Music I Love:: SikTh, Soilwork, Mnemic, Deftones, Tool, Lamb of God, Machine Head Chidren of Bodom, Celldweller, This Is Menace...etcetc...

User Image
Jess is a thread assistant. One of my original members of staff, she's stuck with us through the busiest of events to long-term haituses. An exchanger at heart, but equally loved here in the minishops she is a true credit to this place. She's quite capable of handling any questions or situations that arise.

Hi my name is Jessyta, but you can call me the pink goddess. 4laugh I am a custom player collector and I adore Coli to bits. <33

The Music I Love:: Tool. Tool. And more Tool. Deftones. A Perfect Circle. Nine Inch Nails. Beastie Boys.

User Image
Best Chosen
Best was officially hired mid-2006 as a mail-monkey. A faithful and helpful regular we finally let him have a little responsibility round here. He took the role of managing the shops inbox and affiliates, keeping Coli sane & helping out with the general running of the shop.

Hey! biggrin I've been a regular here for over a year now, and obviously, I love this shop! heart Call me "Best" or "Perry." PM the mule if you have a question, or post it in the thread when staff or regulars are around. Got it? Great. whee
The Music I Love:: t.A.T.u. ; Laura Pausini ; Three Days Grace ; Evanescence ; Utada Hikaru ; -Lots More- heart
User Image
Some of the screen patterns, logos & thread graphics have been produced with resources from some pretty ******** talented artists. I find most of my bits on deviantart. I am careful that the resources I use are all allowed to be used for commercial purposes (even though I sell for internet currency it is still counted as commercial use). So if you want to look these sites & artists up and get some good bits for yourself, I very much recommend them.


Papersweets - Ca-Pris.
AK-Pro - AK-Productions.
Drenched-In-Wine - Spiritsighs.

Deviantart - Deviantart. No-one specific yet.

Dafont - pretty much the only place I go for fonts.
User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Please help yourself to our link banner, we'd be more than happy to link in exchange.
Please feel free to PM Devilux about your link being listed below.
Every now and again we will check affiliated shops and delete any affiliates that are dead.

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