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                                            XXstatus -XXXhiatus
                                            XXslots -XXX0
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                                            XX01 -XXXFollow the TOS.
                                            XX02 -XXXGive me some respect. I respect you.
                                            XX03 -XXXDon't steal my work. Just don't.
                                            XX04 -XXXYou must be specific in what you want. I will not edit several times.
                                            XX05 -XXXRush me, and I will drop your order.
                                            XX06 -XXXYou must save your images to your own server. I will not be responsible for any deleted or lost images.
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                                            XXsamples -
                                            ┇█XXsamples -XXXAll of my samples can be found, here - x
                                            XXprices -
                                            ┇█XXprices -XXXI'm a firm believer of not having set prices. Sometimes people can't afford 100k+ for just one layout. That being said, pay with whatever you can, at whatever price you think is good. You can offer gold, items, or any kinds of work ( i.e. art, pixel items, writing, music, etc. ). It's all up to you.
                                            XXslots -
                                            ┇█XXslots -XXX01. crayon a saurus rex
                                            ┇█XXslots -XXX02. iRu3
                                            XXform -
                                            ┇█XXform -XXX

                                            [list][b][size=18][color=#869696]ORDER[/color] ::[/size][/b]
                                            ⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯[list][list][list][list][list][size=11][b][color=#071916]Username -[/color][/b][color=white]XX[/color]text text
                                            [size=11][b][color=#869696]What you want -[/color][/b][color=white]XX[/color]text text
                                            [size=11][b][color=#607272]Details -[/color][/b][color=white]XX[/color]text text
                                            [size=11][b][color=#76857d]Due Date -[/color][/b][color=white]XX[/color]text text
                                            [size=11][b][color=#2f3f3f]Extras -[/color][/b][color=white]XX[/color]text text
                                            [size=11][b][color=#071916]Offer -[/color][/b][color=white]XX[/color]text text[/size]

                                            XXcustomers -
                                            ┇█XXcustomers -XXXBeautifully done, Ararelia, Demoness_Alethiras, xX _ikkiteru_shadow_Xx, blackxm00n, Dawn Morningstar
                                            XXearnings -
                                            ┇█XXearnings -XXX372k
                                            Sheriff Law
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                                            XXlinks out -

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