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Dark_Metal_X's Avi Sprites (Closed)

I don't charge much, due to that sprites are very simple for me, even animations. So just post what you would like done, and send the trade with the money, with the following choice(s):

-Head shot 200g
-Top half 300g
-Full body 500g

-Head shot 400g
-Top half 600g
-Full body 1200g

-Couples are: x/2+x (x being the sprite choice)
-Extras are +30g ea. if non-animated, +40g ea. if animated.

If you want customs, all extra customs are +15g ea. if non-animated, +20g ea. if animated. Such as backgrounds, words, animal extras, items, each animation indication (like extra movements), etc.. (Extras are pieces for your Avi Sprite that are not included in the avi you want done, but don't ask for anything like items from gaia you have not equipped to the avi)

Examples will be established in the next post along with requests.

(taking a waiting list, whoever fills up the list will get their sprites tomorrow. But plz remember to pay, otherwise you won't be on the waiting list..)
Waiting List
1.aerith-jewels + clouded-xx heart
2. player slayer heart
3. BlueShadowSoul heart

Refunds will be established, I will be giving 3k to everyone who has paid! Sorry for the inconvenience, consider the extra as a little New Years gift. I'm very sorry guys, newer problems come up, this thread will be shut down until everything gets resolved. I need alittle alone time with my life, it hasn't been easy.

ninja - Hasn't paid
heart - Paid
(Payment is needed in order for the sprite work to commence)

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(Feeling ill)
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Did you create the one in your signature?
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Wheezing Fatcat

I buy the 1200 one but I need you to do the avi in my porfile "paper bag man" and I need it to have the word above it saying "paper bag man"so 1220?

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