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      bby are you still taking orders ? heart
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Dapper Genius

Okarie Tsuruya

Yes, but since you're ordering during a weekday, it may take awhile c:
but I can still get a head start on it if you want
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hello, buddy. c:

i'm about to submit an order (or two, if that's allowed...), but i thought i'd send you real quickly to my search of desperation, where you'll find pre-made forms for what i'm looking for. i just wanted to see if my hopes for these layouts look doable to you (as regarding gifs, etc.).

i'll shoot you the first order anyhow (using your loverly form, of course), but i thought i might see what you thought beforehand.

( your stuff is really lovely, by the way! )
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Dapper Genius

- - la nuit blanche

hello, darling.

and I think what you're looking for is pretty doable.
but like I said to the last person, it might take awhile,
considering it's a weekday, and everything.
but I could get a head start on it if you want ^_^
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User Image

        » 01. username - --lanuitblanche
        » 02. image - detailed, please, but not too fancy.
        » 03. theme - elegant, wispy, dreamy.
        » 04. pictures - o1. | o2. | o3. | o4. | o5. | o6. | gifs
        » 05. colors - palette
        » 06. text - something handwritten and pretty, but not overly curly and stuff..? i'm sorry, i've scoured dafont but haven't found something specific i like, so i'll leave this to your best judgement. c:
        » 07. information - character's name is "isabel lareine". i'm toying with the idea of adding the text je vis dans un conte de fées... in there as well. however, could you also possibly send me a copy of the graphic without those words? silly request, but the thing is that i'll probably use the graphic/character multiple times and the words may not always be appropriate.
        » 08. additional graphics - maybe a happy little footer? though it's not necessary. c:
        » 09. anything else - it definitely isn't necessary to use all the pics! just choose a few that you like and can arrange to look pretty. (: also, this roleplay will be via pms, so i'd prefer not to go "L"-shaped on this one since it won't fit properly. also, i don't know how you feel about working with gifs, but if you'd be willing to work in a couple of the ones from that tumblr post, that would be awesome. one transitioning into the other, if you please.
        » 10. coding - naw, just the graphic should be fine, i think.
        » 11. tips - if you can whip this up as i've asked for it, gifs and all, and get it to me within a week, I WILL TIP YOU WITH MY SOUL. you've no idea how long it's taken me to find someone to get this done for me; peeps keep going on hiatus and bailing on me.
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oh my gosh, thank you so much! you are an angel.

i totally understand if you've got to work a bit slower. honestly i'd rather have someone reliable to give me quality work that might take a little longer, than ask someone to rush me a graphic only for the artist to turn out something sub-par, or ditch out entirely.

in any case, expect a large and happy tip. c: also, could i put in a second order now..? or would that be too overwhelming for you at the moment? it looks to me like you may only have one open slot at the moment.
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Dapper Genius

- - la nuit blanche

astrid berges-frisbey. me gusta c:

but yes, I shall get a head start on this.....now
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Dapper Genius

- - la nuit blanche

as for the second order....can you hold off on it for a little bit?
just until the other person replies to me. I don't want to be too overbooked,
even though I hate denying a person their graphic. but if they still want one,
would you mind waiting a bit for the second order? just until the weekend,
when I actually have time
i m p a t i e n c e - - x

right?! what is with her stupid lovely face? she is excellent. cx

edit:: not a problem at all! i don't want to sneak in and take someone else's spot. i don't mind posting the format and just letting it chill here 'til you have the time to work on it, though. that one is a fair bit simpler, i think, and less pressing. but if you'd like me to just hang off on posting the order entirely, that's totally fine as well. c:
i m p a t i e n c e - - x
Okarie Tsuruya

Yes, but since you're ordering during a weekday, it may take awhile c:
but I can still get a head start on it if you want

thank you so very much heart I'll be filling out the form now dear <3
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i m p a t i e n c e - - x
Okarie Tsuruya

Yes, but since you're ordering during a weekday, it may take awhile c:
but I can still get a head start on it if you want

do u have a form?sorry i cant find it
i want a banner saying kawaii pixels
price 7k+
do i need any images?
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User Image

        » 01. username - ii P 4 N D 4 H
        » 02. image - Detailed?
        » 03. theme - Spacey , Galaxy , Stars ..yup c;
        » 04. pictures - one. two. three. , you could also find other starry pictures c;
        » 05. colors -palette
        » 06. text - font
        Main Banner - Little Star ~ A Charity
        Sub Banners - Rules, About Me , Our Staff , Poeple, How to get a Donation , Donations , Donatees , Support Us , Affiliate , Announcements, Art Shop , Contests , Catch a Star , Free Item/Gold Grants
        Sub Sub Banners - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star... , Staff , Everyone , My Quest , Owner , Moderator , Regular , How to become a Regular , Black List , White List , How to Play , Bump Contest , Art Contest , Apply to be a Moderator , Bumps, Raffle
        » 07. information - well under each sub banner , i want it to say "Little Star - A Charity"
        » 08. additional graphics - Divider , Sidebar , Footer/Corner Fob (bottom right) , 2x Affilate Buttons ; "Little Star ~ A Charity" (one big , one small) , and another 2 medium buttons that say "Donate to ii P 4 N D 4 H" & "Donate to Little Star Charity
        » 09. anything else -Well if you could use star brushes it woulb be amazing . Also , this is a rush order , hopefully to be done in a few days or 2 weeks . I'll add another 80k , as a add-on to the bribe
        » 10. coding - thread layout coding
        » 11. tips - well i'm offering 300k + 80k(rush) + 20k tip = 400k ♥
        If not enough bribe ,just let me know c;
User Image
User Image

        » 01. username - lovely ebony
        » 02. image - detailed pls c:
        » 03. theme - i sort of want this sexy vibe emanating from it <u<
        » 04. pictures - first (i definitely want the middle picture in there) second
        » 05. colors - heRE
        » 06. text - something like this, i suppose
        » 07. information - shiori kenta is his name, but nicknamed shio. he's sort of a sex addict LOL.
        » 08. additional graphics - i would love something like this for the bottom
        » 09. anything else - deadline is like, the middle of november, lol.
        » 10. coding - no thank you~
        » 11. tips - when i see it, i'll tell you, but i'll definitely tip anyways CB
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your graphics are so stunning. <3
unf, want to order something but there's like
a bajillion people. ;A; ( / dies )

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