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        » 01. username - FriskyCrunch
        » 02. image - detailed
        » 03. theme - Warm, mysterious, and a touch of religious
        » 04. pictures - pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 Pic 4
        » 05. colors - sky blue, golden, pastel green
        » 06. text - font
        » 07. information - Can you insert the Character name ( SISTER AGNESE DANIELA CATALDO)
        Addition text: My Faith led me into the wilderness, my faith in the Lord will see me through (top)
        Surrender onto the Lord, and He will never forsaken you. Let me aid you in your journey to seek onto Him once again (bottom)
        » 08. additional graphics - none
        » 09. anything else - I love to see your artist spin on this request :3
        » 10. coding -post layout, please
        » 11. tips - I always tip, and well ;3
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Dapper Genius

everything has just been really hectic,
since school starts on Monday. just
a lot of preparing going on, so yeah.
Sorry I've been MIA.
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Dapper Genius

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        » 01. username - dude im blazed
        » 02. image - detailed, detailed, detailed. an 'L' shaped graphic or a really large top banner (not exceeding 800x600) would be nice.~
        » 03. theme - futuristic & technology.
        » 04. pictures - anything cole mohr related. if you can use gifs then please do- but if you can't, don't worry about it. these are my favorite pictures for him: x x x x x
        » 05. colors - here
        » 06. text - use any pretty, fancy lookin' cursive fonts you want.~ "fatale" and "milou d'artois" should be the two important pieces of text on the picture. 'fatale' is more a nickname/alias than anything though.
        » 07. information - erg, look above. the character is made for an 'mmo' type roleplay, and fatale is his in game name. he's a cocky rich kid that steals people's s**t. yup.
        » 08. additional graphics - a time skip would be fantastic.~
        » 09. anything else - lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off is the song i'd prefer that you use for his layout/graphic.~ lyrics are already in the description for the video. c:
        » 10. coding - post layout, s'il vous plait.
        » 11. tips - how does 110k + tip for everything, sound? (;
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Sparkly Spirit

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User Image

        » 01. username - Artificial Stars
        » 02. image - I'd like a really nice Wyn's King Salmon (You can use that one if you'd like, I just don't want that background with it.) with my username in all uppercase letters that are the color white straight in the middle of the flower. Make 'STARS' on a second line instead of it being on the same line.
        » 03. theme - elegant and serious
        » 04. pictures - Wyn's King Salmon
        » 05. colors - Surprise me!
        » 06. text - Font
        » 07. information - erg, look above. the character is made for an 'mmo' type roleplay, and fatale is his in game name. he's a cocky rich kid that steals people's s**t. yup.
        » 08. additional graphics - a footer or something to make it look less empty...
        » 09. anything else - Edit the flower and add something under it and blur it just a tad. I only have a visualization so I'll ask for edits when I get the starting graphics to me. c:
        » 10. coding - How about a post layout? I'm paying about 15k...
        » 11. tips - Probably. c:
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        » 01. username - sakura parfait
        » 02. image - detailed, L-shaped
        » 03. theme - angelic, sophisticated
        » 04. pictures - x x
        » 05. colors - x
        » 06. text - Angel Tears
        » 07. information - could you insert her name Kanami Amane in, along with Student Council Vice-President and Photography Club Captain? I would also like these lyrics to be included:

        My heart awakes in order to depict the future
        Even if I come to a halt on a tough road
        The beautiful blue sky always waits for me
        Therefore I'm not afraid
        I won't be disheartened anymore no matter what happens

        Going round-and-round and flowing, time is ever-changing.
        I can't remember what happened anymore, but
        If I try and close my eyes, I can hear someone's laughing voice
        For some reason, now, that is my most precious treasure

        » 08. additional graphics - time skip, please.
        » 09. anything else - none
        » 10. coding - yes (post layout)
        » 11. tips - maybe
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User Image

        » 01. username - hormonal hitler
        » 02. image - detailed
        » 03. theme - serious yet cute + calm with a hint of flair ( I quite like what you did for Dei Akatsu on page 1 and Drystan Lucas Rieno on page 2. )
        » 04. pictures - uno dos
        » 05. colors - le palette
        » 06. text - granted freedom of choosing text font. c:
        » 07. information - title: The Phoenix; name: Cecelia " Ember " Gray; and to the format, can you add these lyrics:

        What a shame we all became such fragile, broken things.
        A memory remains just a tiny spark.
        I give it all my oxygen,
        To let the flames begin
        To let the flames begin.

        Oh, glory.
        Oh, glory.
        This is how we'll dance when,
        When they try to take us down.
        This is what will be oh glory.

        » 08. additional graphics - a nice footer to match and a time skip would be lovely.
        » 09. anything else - Ember is supposed to be a feisty, hot headed, sadistic fire elemental who is in a Hunger Games - esque competition amongst other elementals. So maybe if it suits the graphic, you could add a bit of flame - like textures in the background, that would be splendid.
        » 10. coding - post layout, please !
        » 11. tips - of course i will. will a 30k tip be good ?
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Familiar Fatcat

Are you still taking orders surprised ? You do the best graphics work I've seen on Gaia.
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User Image

        » 01. username - Official Jason Black
        » 02. image - Detailed
        » 03. theme - Darkish, Mysterious
        » 04. pictures - x | x | x | x | x | x | x
        » 05. colors -
        █████ #cc1010
        █████ #A52A2A
        █████ maroon
        █████ black
        █████ firebrick
        █████ darkred
        (basically, just use black and shades of dark red)
        » 06. text - the first on this page
        » 07. information - name: Alexander Steele // role: son of Hades
        You must be a sorceress 'cause you just
        Did the impossible
        Gained my trust don't play games it'll be dangerous
        If you fuck me over
        'Cause if I get burnt imma show you what it's like to hurt
        'Cause I've been treated like dirt before you
        And love is "evol"
        Spell it backwards I'll show you
        » 08. additional graphics - an outfit image and a time skip image
        » 09. anything else - this is for my friend Brave Burrito, not me. So if you see him using it, don't kill him. It's a present for him.
        » 10. coding - yes (lyrics above in info)
        » 11. tips - 10k (total: 40k-50k?)
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Dapper Genius

oh, gosh, I haven't been on here in forever O.O
but anyway, I'll make a proposition for people who are still around.
I will make your graphics, but not during weekdays. School is taking
up a lot of my time lately, so it's hard for me to work on things on gaia.
so, instead, I will make graphics during the weekends, BUT I will only
accept two graphic orders. If someone requests a thread layout, then that
is all I will do. My life has gotten rather hectic, so I can't be on as often.
plus, graphics take a lot of work XD

so yeah, that's my offer for you guys, If you don't take it, then I'll
have to shut this shop down until I go on break.
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User Image

        » 01. username - eagle bby, used to be flightless eagle but i changed accounts. <33
        » 02. image - detailed pleassee. <33
        » 03. theme - like. . .uhm, let's see. make it badass. i really like those gfx you make where it looks like one of the pictures is a paper cut out or something.
        » 04. pictures - main one dos third
        » 05. colors - this please. c:
        » 06. text - uno
        » 07. information - the dude's name is rutta, but his real name is ruizaki takao. can you put in that he's the rebellious delinquent somewhere.
        » 08. additional graphics - maybe a little small banner on the bottom.
        » 09. anything else - i'd like this asap! pleaasse. v n v ;;
        » 10. coding - uhm, nahh.
        » 11. tips - like hell i will, 2Ok tip bro.
i m p a t i e n c e - - x's avatar

Dapper Genius

eagle bby

I'll see what I can do c:
i m p a t i e n c e - - x's avatar

Dapper Genius

eagle bby

you got lucky that I was sick today so I could finish your order XD
but yeah, just go to the pick-up and you're set

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