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Dolce Roulette
reja vu

Okay size has been changed. Tell me if it's too small for you

It's perfect, thank you. I'll be sure to come back for more! ~
Glad you liked it and please do c:

Here is your coding link
Dolce Roulette
there's the actual link towards the picture.
I'm surprised it's not working on my photobucket account.
Aly x Cakes

This is what your header looks like Link

-Your Personal Disguise-

Sometimes photobucket is slow. Very slow D:
Thanks for the link though!
Dolce Roulette
Aly x Cakes

This is what your header looks like Link

I love it! ~
Aly x Cakes

Glad to hear. I was worried that I got the wrong shade of blue >.>
Dolce Roulette

Nope! It's perfect ~
I'm excited to see the whole thing put together!
Aly x Cakes

Hopefully it doesn't clutter anything >.>
coding wise D;
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Revered Seeker

User Image
┆♚┆Post layout, sigmap, thread layout? : Thread Layout
┆♚┆ Coding?: Nah.
┆♚┆Color Scheme: The colors in the photo provided
┆♚┆ Theme/look going for: Vintage/20s gangster
┆♚┆ Pictures: link
┆♚┆ Font: Beside the photo, it should say "TIASU" and in smaller text underneath that it should say a sign boutique
┆♚┆ Anything else?: Could you have it done by tonight?. also, i was wanting the BG to be transparent. the graphic would run vertical and horizontal, but not be horribly large. something to where the text can be right below and next to it.
┆♚┆ Offer: Inky Wisp
A s t o r i a Edition

So you want like multiples of the picture running left to right. Almost like a wallpaper with a design on it that repeats?
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Obsessive Consumer

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