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i'm so bored in this town
take me away from here
play some kind of new sounds
something true and sincere
none of dese boys can dance
not a single one of dem stands a chance
all dem girls a mess
i've seen it all b4 i'm not impressed
i just have so many feels
idek i don't see the need to always type all purrfekt

typing like this expresses my feels ok goddamn

this is my mind

free-flowing right through my finger tips to you, bb
ugh idek i don't like to roleplay with people who don't like chatspeak.

like, i won't use it in roleplay but sometimes

you need chat speak

you ******** need it
my friend said this avatar makes me look intimidating

all my avatars are weird and kinda ugly

i like it tho
idk i think i'd like to donate more

the very first awesome item donated to me was a coco kitty

i wanted it so bad and i had just got here and started roleplaying and one of my buddies gave it to me

idk i don't really use it anymore but i'm never gonna sell it because ~~~memories ok

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