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Lmao. I will do your blinkies <3 Then the shop is closed for quite a long time ;] Unless I feel like making blinkies again.

- On Hiatus -

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{ Welcome to FlashyTangerine, a simple
blinkie making shop. ]

Decided to make this shop because people were asking me to make blinkies && I decided to start a blinkie business (;

Grrr. All the other blinkie shops use blocks in their blinkies. Don't compare me to them ;o I use just fonts. Haha.

Simple yet nice looking blinkies. Heckyes. <3

No one reads this section nowadays so I'll stop typing now x]



Free Blinkie on Page 100

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None right now D;
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//2)Table Of Contents
//7)To Do List
// cool Affiliates
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// 3.10/07 SHOP'S GRAND OPENING [ haha. I wasn't lazy at 1:06 AM xD ]
// 2.25.07 Shop Was Created
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Chh, no one reads these nowadays either xD

//1) Follow Gaia's TOS
//2) Read some important stuff I wrote
//3) Be respectful and patient.
//4) Do not PM me unless I tell you to.
//5)Please stay, chat, and revisit!
//6) Buy a Blinkie ;]

User Image

User Image

//1) Fill Out Order Form Below

//2) Post Your Order

//3) User Image Send the trade to me with the page number of your order in the title.


Order Form:

[align=center][color=yellow][size=18]LOOKY! AN ORDER[/size] [/color]

[color=hotpink][size=9]Your Username:
Starting Color:
Ending Color:
What your blinkie says:
How many letters in your blinkie:
Extras: ( The object and color of it. If none just erase this part)
Total Amount Of Gold:[/align][/size] [/color]

Example of an Order Form:

Your Username: DevilFaerie
Font: Font 1
Style: 4
Starting Color: Black
Ending Color: Red
What your blinkie says: Example
How many letters in your blinkie: 7
Extras: Red Heart
Total Amount Of Gold: 120g
User Image

User Image

Stuff you Need ToKnow:

- Charging15g. per letter in your blinkie
- You must read this or I'm not going to pay attention to you.
- There are 6 different styles of blinkies you can choose from (for now)
- Two kinds of fonts I'm using to make these blinkies
- You choose two colors that are in your blinkie
- You can add little accessories from my selection or of your choice (see extra accessories under)

User Image

Information of a Blinkie (PleaseRead)

User Image
Starting Color: Black
Ending Color: Red
Font: Font 1
Style: #4
Letters: 7
Extras: No. (ex: heart, strawberry, star)
Total Amount of Blinkie: 105g.

User Image


1)If you have any suggestions on some font that I should use, feel free to PM me.
2) I will choose the size of your font to make it look nice legible.
3) -cough- Redensek is usually what I use for blinkies. :] Nice font.
4) In the order form, write the NAME OF THE FONT, instead of saying font 1 or 2.

User Image

User Image


1// User Image

2//User Image

3//User Image

4//User Image

5//User Image

6//User Image

7//User Image

8// Coming soon.

User Image

Starting Color & Ending Color

Just pick a color. Any colors fine.

If you can show me a picture of the color you want, that's fine too.

If you just say blue, your blinkie is going to have plain blue.

If you say light pink, your blinkie is going to have light pink.

If you say seagreen, your blinkie will have sea green.

Got it? <3 [ Descriptions of these colors are always good unless you just want it to be a solid color or colors of your avatar. ]

User Image

Extras (Accessories)

User Image

User Image

Examples of Blinkies:

User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image

User Image

]I guess that about covers it ;] <33
User Image

User Image


Once again, please be patient >.> I'm going to be really busy this month so.. Yeah >;D


O n e W i s h (pg.22)
`t h a i (pg.22) (Completed Trade)
Shortyyyy (pg.22)
Askikage (pg.23)
x__TYBALLA.! (pg.29)
Heiny (pg.29) (two orders)
unwielding (pg.37) (HI UNWIEDLING <33)
FAKE SM!LE (pg.40)
Miku` (pg.44)
N y o r k g i r l (pg.45)
Ladii_Breezii (pg.47)
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User Image

I'd love to affiliate with anyone! Just PM me your code or just post your code here and put mine in your shop ;]


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.



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User Image

1. xRed Ninja {tipped<3]
2. eternally dusk {2 Blinkies & tipped <3}
3. KivaYamada {tipped <3}
4. ButterflyxMadness
5. st4rri3
6.` SURPR!SE SEX {tipped <3}
7. Comma Dot


Blacklist & Whitelist

1st poster PWNED xD
Oshite oshite. <33

Posted when I haven't even finished making my shop. Skills bro, skills (;

&_x I'll make you a blinkie first.
Dammit. Need to wait for Connie to finish my banner XD
xDDD W00t! *glomples*

how much dos i have to pays
for one for your awesome
blinkies??? :]
[ . P a n d a . ]
xDDD W00t! *glomples*

how much dos i have to pays
for one for your awesome
blinkies??? :]

-huggles- ;D

Aiyo! I will get better! I have different kinds I guess x.x

Different styles ;o From now on, to make it easier for me, I'm going to make blinkies without blocks xD!

All I have to do is just type them now ;]

Hmm. No idea how much my blinkies are going to be.. Depends how many letters you want in your blinkie.

Like each letter is maybe 10g... Hmm. I don't know, I'm going to ask my friend about the price xD!

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