Any other collegiate vocal performance majors on gaia? What rep do you guys study? What are your vocal goals?

I haven't been singing classical music long, but I have been lucky in my audition process for both my freshman year and my recent transfer application. I was recently accepted into Temple, University of Kansas, Ithica, and University of Illinois as a vocal performance major in college. However I chose to attend a small college that my voice teacher works at because I trust her and the program so much and I got a full scholarship. And I will have 3 hours of private voice a week AND the head coach of LA opera is coming to coach performance majors (she will teach 1 of the 3 hours of private instruction). I want definitely want to go to a big name school for my graduate degree like Indiana or Eastman and then I want to do a artist diploma degree in a big conservatory in Germany, UK, or Austria.

If you haven't applied to schools yet, here is some advice.

1. Have a voice lesson with any teacher before you chose that school.
- Ask what rep they would give you. (I left my first school because she gave me rep for a 35 year old woman.)
2. For undergrad, do not rely on a name for a school. Undergrad is all about getting proper technique and learning a lot of rep. It is all about your relationship with your teacher and if they are teaching you in a healthy way.
3. Listen to the other voice majors. Do they sound healthy? What are they singing?
4. Most importantly, and obviously, MAKE SURE YOU GET AT LEAST 1 HOUR OF PRIVATE STUDY WITH A FACULTY MEMBER! Big name sometimes pair you up with a grad student as a teacher because in the vocal student food chain you are still 2nd place. The basic chain is…
First, grad and doctoral students studying performance.
Second, undergrad vocal performance majors.
Third is all the therapy, ba, and music ed majors.

If you are a music education, BA, or music therapy major do not expect all of the above. At big schools you will probably work with a grad student or less notable teacher. You may not be able to be in opera workshop or have as many performance opportunities.