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I'm so happy!!! My dad is sooo cool. I get to start taking lessons in voice and drama really soon. My dad is the COOLEST! He finally said yes after me begging. I only get a measly 2 hours a week but I guess I really shouldn't be complaining.
So I'm psyched... my school is doing Batboy the Musical and 4 of my most favorite people in the world (I absolutely adore them all) are playing Batboy and the Parkers!!! And my best friend is Meredith Parker! Hurrah for them!

... Nothing for me, but I'm a techie. I just wanted to crow about my favs... Hurrah!!!
I'm so happy!!! My dad is sooo cool. I get to start taking lessons in voice and drama really soon. My dad is the COOLEST! He finally said yes after me begging. I only get a measly 2 hours a week but I guess I really shouldn't be complaining.

Everyones always like, 2 hours omigod it's so short, but i only get 45 minutes of voice lessons per week. It's hard for me to practice alone. For some reazon i'v been doing something wrong when i warm up and my throught gets scratchy. I think i might be mildly elergic to something. sad cry

I'm gonna read for the role of Ana in a play called "Vincent In Brixton"- I'm a year too young and the wrong look for the part, the director said, but he'll read me anyhow. I really, really want to be in it, but I know I'm not gonna make it...

Wish me luck or broken legs?

Break legs! And arms! And necks, while you're at it. I'm sure you'll do awesome! =D

As for me, two days ago I tried out for the school play. Against fifty other people. Tommorow I get the cast list, but I dunno what to expect. Yoiu see, they didn't tell us exactly what play we'll be doing. Isn't that...odd? Anyway, I'm hoping for the best. Hopefuly I won't be the horse's butt!

Wish me luck, lovies, and I'll tell you the play and what part I got tommorow!
Annnnnnnnddddd....The play is Hamlet, by William Shakesphere, and I got the role of....HAMLET! Ah-ha-ha! I'm so happy! On to rehersals! =D
I'm going to be in a small (very small) production of Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992 (about the LA riots which took place 13 years ago), and will perform on Oct. 3rd. I'm nervous for two reasons:
1. I only know 2/3 of my lines so far! crying
2. There is a small chance that the author of the play, Anna Deveare Smith, may come to see us perform it! eek
Ah, at last. Actors. Don't ya love 'em? ... stare

So, my most recent role is Aysha in Children of Eden by Stephen Schwartz. Rehearsals have been underway for about three weeks now...and we're making progress. Kinda.

It's all these blasted harmonies (it's a musical, by the way). I can get 'em if I work at 'em, of course. But we're a community theatre in a 30,000 people town. Our talent pool is awfully shallow. So as an ensemble, we're sort of suffering.

But you know what? Now that I think about it, I'm probably just being pessimistic. We're all right. Heh! 4laugh

We have WAY too many sopranos, though. And one of them's a wannabe pop star solo artist! Don't you just hate that? With all that scooping and sliding and nasal-ness. Drives me nuts. (Not that I hate sopranos or anything... My sister's a soprano.)

But our cast is sort of crumbling in numbers. We've had NINE people drop out or be forced to quit already! Make it stop. It's especially hard on us altos. We only have, like, six left. crying

Anyway, that's enough of that. Aysha in Children of Eden. That's all I wanted to say. biggrin
heart YAY!! First one to congratulate myself!!! I get to be a pirate in the play "Pirates of Penzance"!!! I was hoping so hard to get this part!!! *Does a dance* Not only that, but my boyfriend gets to be a pirate too so I get to see him at rehersals a lot!!! (This is nice cuz he lives about 20 minutes away and goes to a different school than me...) The only sad part is that I have to miss about three weeks worth of rehersals because of family vacations and stuff... crying *Sobs* But I'll live...=^_^=


I was in the Pirates of Penzance last year! ^_^ I was in the female chorus and understudied Edith. I love that show. So much fun! biggrin
I'm going to be in Patience this coming spring as .... Lady Saphir! I'm so very much excited. It's one of the roles I auditioned for and a pretty decent secondary lead. Yay!

It's by the same authors as HMS Pinafore, Pirates of Penzance, The Mikado, etc. xd
Next week I'll be "auditioning" to be either the assisstant stage manager or lighting director in our school's production of House Arrest, and ^Akela Haimi^ (a couple of posts above me) will be auditioning for an actual part. It'd be so cool if we actually got to work together...
Hello there, fellow actors and actresses! Broken legs must go out to all those who've already posted, and a thousand broken legs to all those who shall post after me!

I had auditions last week for To Kill a Mockingbird, and I just found out today that I'm on the list for callbacks! Hey, that's not too bad, is it? ^^

How about a little thespian love my way?
I'm auditioning for the Etobicoke School of the Arts. go me! I have to bring my average up to like honour roll so its hard..

I got the part of King Charlemagne in a production of Pippin.

*dances around and has people hung*
Well, I get to play the part of Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins{dur}. Which is really weird, since I don't have a serious bone in my body and I'm completely blonde >.<

oh well. Wish me luck!

Oh ya! and i get to be a statue of Queen Victoria! woopie rolleyes Attempted humor...
I recently got done with You Can't Take it With You (Recently meaning, a month ago) as Rheba the maid. For some reason, I and a few of the other cast memebers believed there was some kind of curse on the play because we couldn't keep an Ed. (We eventually got our stage manager to do it. Amazing because he learned his lines in three days), it took us a week before the play to find a Henderson (Mrs. Williams wouldn't let me because of the stupid 'Play the sex of which we are' rule), we got our Donald a week after we started rehearsals and our Paul was pulled in by force. On Novemeber 2nd, my drama II class is performing a bunch of scenes form different plays because the district screwed up our scheduling so we wouldn't be able to learn a one-act in time. My group is doing the last scene in Steel Magnolias and I myself am Clairee.

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