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Kamii on Youtube o u o

Hello! I'm Kamii who likes to do different kinds of covers of differents songs as long as I can.
I'm not a good singer but I'm trying my best. Please don't be too harsh on me I don't have a good mic and some of these songs here consists of just lipsing with an act or just a stopmotion or lyrics that I just like to share. See the label,if you choose to listen to my voice then you should click the one with the label "Cover" like that. -____-" By the way there's this Chipmunk version using this voice of mine.^^"

What's New? o u o

Justin Bieber - Down to Earth Tagalog Version

Together- Neyo [Tagalog Chipmunk Kamii Version]

My Heart Will Go On - Tagalog Version

Destiny [ Tagalog Version ]

Crazy Crazy - Pop Girls [ Cover ]

Oldies o u o

Hillsong - Still [Cover]

F(x) - Electric Shock - English Version [Cover]

Electric Shock Music Video Short

Princess Charming - Megan and Liz [Lipsing Act]

In The End - Kat de Luna - Tagalog Version

Gomenasai - T.A.T.U [Cover]

Di na Mababawi - Spongecola [Cover]

Lolita Strawberry in Summer [Duet Japanese Cover] - Monkey Typhoon ES

Caramelldansen English Version [Dance]

Caramelldansen Original Version [Dance]

Lonely in Gorgeous [English Version]

.Hack//Sign BGM Video

E.T Futuristic Lover Music Video

Safe & Sound Cover [Kazuu ft Kamii]

E.T Futuristic Lover (High Pitched Cover + Animation)

Bonamana -SuperJunior - [Tagalog Version]

Oh! - Girls Generation - [ Tagalog Version ]

Two is better than one - Cover - [Kazuu ft Kamii]

Right by my Side -Nicki Minaj [Cover]

Magkasama - Rydeen [Cover Raw Voice]

Overboard - Justin Bieber [LipSing]

Love Me - Justin Bieber - Stop Motion Video

Last Christmas - Cascada - Stop Motion + Dance c:

Magkasama 2kiva Lyrics c:


Padaba (Mahal ko) - [Original Song] Tagalog + Bicol Mix

Padaba - (Mahal ko) - With Second Voice
Kamii Inarii 's avatar

Friendly Seeker


Woah! I can say that your talented. That's nice. Yeah that's true. 3nodding
By the way sir what did you use to edit your video? emotion_kirakira I checked your youtube account your covers are really awesome and your name is Art that's a beautiful name. emotion_yatta
Kamii Inarii 's avatar

Friendly Seeker


Thank you very much! If you need any help I'll be glad to help you too biggrin

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