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It's not too late, but you will have to work hard if you want to be serious about it.
Never EVER too late to start something! I started dancing and singing for the first time two years ago at the age of 18. Last year I got into the second best musical theatre university program in Canada. It's never too late to follow a dream.
not at all! when you get older you may not be able to pick up the dancing as fast, but it doesn mean learning it later will make you not good at the dance! dedication, practice, and heart is what you need. good luck darling heart
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Ballerinas are not very lean with narrow hips and petite figures--I don't know where you are getting that stereotype from. o.O; My ballet instructor was nowhere near lean or petite at all.

That said, it's not too late for you to take ballet; however, you won't be at the same level as those your age that started when they were young.

i dont think its to l8 as long as u work hard
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        I really liked that article you wrote!

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The people here were very helpful. I'm 13 and I want to start ballet soon too. sweatdrop
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I'm turning 16 in the next 5 months, and really wish I had took on Ballet at a young age~
I've thought of starting now, but on the same not, is it really too late? I adore ballet so much... It's incredibly graceful, and yet is probably a much more exhausting type of sport/dance than something such as two full rugby games~

I'm at a height of 5"3, medium boned, and a curvy size 8~ wouldn't my body shape also be the wrong type for ballet? Ballerinas are very lean, with narrow hips and petite figures~

Is there any chance of me being able to do it? I need some kind of advice on whether it is too late to start or not, or what I could do otherwise~

At least try there's no harm in it and though ballerinas are tall and lean being shorter make you seem more graceful. Just look up positions and learn the names then start intermediate. I actually used to do ballet but stopped dancing to learn music.

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